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MOVI XL Is a stabilizer with 3 axis. This stabilizer was created after MOVI PRO in order to be compatible with the heaviest camera configurations. Due to this, it is not a stabilizer designed to be held on hand but to attach to car mount systems, cranes or cablecam. 

  • Weight: 11kg 
  • Weight with batteries: 15.4kg 
  • Maximum load: 23kg 
  • MOVI XL dimension: 66.4x 50.7x 70cm 
  • Designated space to camera: 39.9x 25.5x 28.9cm 
  • Maximum speed: depending on the weight, it can work up to 160km/h 

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450,00 €

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MOVI XL sacrifices lightness in order to get power and strength if you compare it with MOVI PRO, although in the cablecam or crane head market it can be seen as a light stabilizer. 

The MOVI XL stabilizer is powered by 2 batteries. These batteries have the possibility of supplying the camera and accessories through different ports. Depending on the camera configuration weight and the devices powered by the MOVI XL batteries, the batteries can work up to 5 hours. Also, it features hot swap. 

MOVI XL is compatible with all FREEFLY accessories. Both lens motors and MOVI XL stabilizer can be controlled by Mimic, Pilot and MOVI Controller or configured via MOVI XL app. 

MOVI XL is designed to take few time at mounting. You can use a sliding plate at the bottom of the camera to be able to mount the camera on MOVI XL quickly. The MOVI XL boot takes only 2 seconds, and the autotune takes 10 seconds. FREEFLY provides a rigid case for MOVI XL so the transport between locations is save and fast. 

MOVI XL can be used with the Ultra Motocrane on car, just adding a Flowcine Tranquilizer to correct pendular movements that may be caused by Motocrane moves. These three elements together allow a big variety of camera moves to add creativity to the project. 

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