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OLED technology began to develop around 1970, but it has not been until these last years when the big brands such as Sony, Tvlogic, Transvido, Apple, Astro ... have made the leap to OLED technology, bringing to the professional market a great variety of monitors that could technology and have even released their own variants such as (AMOLED, QLED, Super Retina ...) on their video monitors.
The monitors include getting perfect blacks because they are capable of generating their own light and do not backlight like LCDs, which allows you to get completely black pixels, getting more contrasted images and with greater color depth.
OLED TVs offer a better viewing angle without losing quality from any position, and the response time is reduced to 0.002 milliseconds almost completely eliminated blurry images and such a dreaded ghost effect in action or sports scenes, so common in many LED LCD TVs.
Another positive feature that OLED Technology brings us is a better display of monitors in bright environments that do not have backlighting pixels, are much more visible under sunlight than LCD monitors.
This technology offers many benefits over standard flat panel designs, including the widest possible color gamut, a 100,000: 1 contrast ratio, an incredibly fast image response and a 180 ° viewing angle.
The technology offers a lower energy consumption, something valuable in the shootings that we have to feed the monitors with batteries, since its duration is multiplied.
  •  Tvlogic OLED Monitors Rental
TVLogic presented its first OLED monitor in 2010. It was selected from LEM-150 HD resolution monitors with a size of 15 inches. The monitors detected great possibilities for the new display technology. TVLogic presents its second AM-OLED monitor model, the LEM-250A. The LEM-250A Monitors are 24.5 "Full HD resolution monitors that use the best OLED displays. It is equipped with all the functions of the XVM series reference monitors of the TVLogic house. A root of these two Tvlogic monitors has taken Several UHD, 4K, HDR, 3D models and will soon present their 8K models.
  • TvLogic 5.5 "VFM-055A monitor rental
  • TvLogic 24.5 LEM-250A monitor rental


  • OLED SONY Monitors Rental
OLED technology and Sony signal processing techniques guarantee truly extraordinary results on sony monitors in reference monitoring applications in the ciny and tv professional sector. The color change associated with the viewing angle has been reduced to less than half compared to conventional OLED panels. It allows several people to evaluate the image at the same time with extraordinary precision.
Super Top Emission technology increases intrinsic advantages to offer enhanced black reproduction, high response speed with almost no blurring and a wide range of colors. A digital signal processing engine with 12-bit output provides a color management system through non-linear cubic conversion that offers accurate color reproduction, impressive image uniformity, smoother gamma performance than ever, and quality consistency of image.
  • Sony Trimaster 17 "PVM-A170 Rental Monitors


  • OLED Convergent Design Monitor Rental
Convergent Design monitors are recorder monitors with true black technology, precise colors, extended color gamut and a 176 degree viewing angle.
  • Monitors Rental /  Odyssey 7Q + recorder