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ARRI ORBITER RENTAL The ARRI Orbiter Open Face LED Light...

ARRI ORBITER HIRE - RENTAL | Camaleon Rental ™




Orbiter is an ultra-bright, tunable, directional LED spotlight from ARRI. Every system in Orbiter is brand new and designed with versatility in mind. Interchangeable optics is Orbiter's main innovation. With a wide variety of optics to choose from, Orbiter transforms into the perfect light for your application without sacrificing beam quality, output, or color. The Quick Illumination Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows optics with very different properties to be attached to the device.

Open face optics produce a high-performance directional beam of light at a number of different beam angles including 15º, 30º and 60º. Perfect for casting light over long distances or providing a wide swath of light. The high-quality projection optics contain high-end lenses that provide uniform illumination and color throughout the beam field for superior results. Fixed beam angles available are 15º, 25º, 35º (wider angles may be added in the future). Zoom projection optics allow flexibility in all kinds of applications

Dome optics are fabric spheres available in three different diameters: small, medium and large, ranging from 30cm (12″) to 100cm (39″) in diameter. The dome emits omnidirectional light, excellent for illuminating a large area with a beautiful, soft quality of light. The softbox adapter creates a direct mounting point for Chimera and DoPchoice products. With easy connection and no need for additional optics, the softboxes allow for controlled soft light with amazing performance.

Orbiter includes a lightweight internal power supply and a 3-pin XLR battery input for 48V batteries. The Orbiter's casing is weather resistant. To ensure that there are no defects, the Orbiter's ports (such as the power or XLR (for DMX)) require additional protection. The waterproof cover is mandatory when the Orbiter is tilted at a horizontal or downward angle, and is recommended from 0° to 75° upwards.