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Panasonic Varicam 35-4K rental - hire camera: The VariCam 35-4K has been used in several documentary and advertising productions. It offers good workflows with AVC-ULTRA or AVC-intra files. It also stands out for its dual ISO capabilities and high speed recording: up to 120fps in 4K. With an OLED viewfinder, it also offers Apple ProRes recoding through its ATOMOS Global Pty license. VariCam 35-4K available in Camaleon.

  • Sensor: Super 35mm MOS
  • Resolution: 4K, UHD, 2K and HD
  • Recording formats: AVC-Intra | Apple ProRes | RAW (Codex V-RAW 2.0)
  • Native ISO: 800 / 5000 ISO
  • Latitude: 14+ Stops
  • HFR: Up to 120fps (4K RAW)
  • Mount: PL
  • Weight: 5Kg


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The new VariCam 35-4K rental - hire camera provides a superb workflow, no matter which format you decide to work with. It could be used as a high-end film camera or as a commercial, TV, and documentaries camera. The VariCam 35-4K rental - hire camera has a modular design, meaning it has two separate parts: the camera body and an external recorder. These modules can either work together or function separately (using a cable or wirelessly), allowing easier handling when working with stabilizers and cranes. The standard Varicam 35-4K external recorder module could be replaced by a Codex 4K uncompressed RAW recorder module, specifically designed for this camera.


VariCam 35-4K Sensor. The new 8,9 megapixel Super 35 MOS sensor has been developed specifically for this camera. With a 26.7mm height and 14.1mm width, it obtains 4448x2308 effective pixels and provides more than 14 stops of dynamic range.

Also, this new Panasonic sensor has been designed with a dual analog amplifying circuit that delivers the picture signal in two different ways, relating signal with noise ratio: one with a native 800ISO and the other with a native 5000ISO. Therefore, the sensor performance at 5000ISO is excellent, with surprisingly low levels of noise.



VariCam 35-4K Recording formats (RAW, Apple ProRes, and AVC-Intra). The VariCam 35-4K has two independent recorders that allow simultaneous recording in two different clips with different codecs, formats or resolutions. In addition, the camera allows uncompressed RAW recording thanks to the Codex V-RAW 2.0 and delivers 120fps 4K recording with a color depth of 10 bits and V-log color profile.

The VariCam 35-4K rental - hire camera offers the AVC-Intra codec, and with the Atomos Global Pty license, it is possible to record ProRes 4444 XQ, 4444 HQ, 422, and 422 LT at 2K and HD. As for recording times, the camera reaches 45 minutes at 4K 444 @24fps using expressP2 memory cards (256GB).

Equipped with the new V-gamma curve, the Varicam 35-4K offers a wider and richer range of colors that enlarges the dynamic range, offering more than 14 stops. It also features 7 HD-SDI outputs – four of them are 3G HD-SDI outputs that support 4K external recording, two of them are designed for monitoring purposes and the last one is a viewfinder SDI output.



The VariCam 35-4K camera supports new recording media, specifically designed for high frame rate recordings: expressP2 cards and micro P2. It also features a 3.5” LCD control panel module that can be attached to both sides of the camera and a bright and sharp OLED 1280x720 viewfinder.

The video camera module (AU-V35C1G) comes with a PL Mount and has several neutral density built-in filters (Clear, ND6, ND1.2, ND1.8). Even though the camera and the recorder module together are not very heavy (less than 5kg), a more lightweight configuration can be achieved (as we stated previously) via the UA-VCBL05G cable.

As a high-end camera rental, the Varicam 35-4K is built to last, with a robust and solid aluminum alloy construction to disperse heat. This design allows it to endure temperatures ranging between 40ºC and as low as 0ºC.



  • Panasonic VariCam 35-4K Recording Module
  • OLED VF + Cables
  • BP to 15mm or 19mm
  • ShoulderRig 
  • Express P2 Cards
  • Micro P2 Card reader
  • 4x V-Lock Batteries
  • 4 way charger


Panasonic General Features:

  • Sensor: 26,7mm × 14,1mm
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Formats: RAW | Apple ProRes | AVC
  • Sensitivity: 800/5000 ISO
  • High Frame Rate: 120 fps
  • Mount: PL
  • Weight: 5 Kg

Panasonic VariCam 35-4K Supports:

  • Express P2 Cards | 256GB
  • P2 Cards | 64GB
  • P2 Micro Cards | 32GB | 64GB

VariCam 35-4K Formats | Resolution:

VariCam 35-4K AVC-Intra

  • 4K | AVC-Intra 4K 444, 422, LT
  • UHD | AVC-Intra4K 444, 422, LT
  • 2K
  • AVC-Intra2K 444, 422
  • ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422 HQ, 422, 422 LT
  • HD
  • AVC-Intra 444, 422, 200, 100
  • ProRes 4444 XQ, 4444, 422 HQ, 422, 422 LT

VariCam 35-4K Max. FPS | Resolution

  • 4K | 120fps
  • UHD | 120fps
  • 2K | 120fps
  • HD | 120fps


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Varicam 35 Manual

Varicam 35 Manual

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