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The Phantom flex 2k is one of the most popular cameras in the high speed world, reaching the astonishing framerates with in camera recording of 2000fps at 2K and 2500fps at full HD. Plus, it delivers vibrant colors and great dynamic which will never let you down. Get spectacular images by renting this amazing camera in pack with a wide choice of cinema primes sets. 


  • Sensor: Super 35mm 25.6 x 16mm
  • Resolution: Up to 2.5K
  • RAM: 32Gb
  • High speed: Up to 2564fps
  • Sensitivity: ISO 1000
  • Latitude: 10 stops
  • Weight: 5.4 Kg

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The Phantom Flex 2.5k camera belongs to the brand specialized in Vision Research ultra high speed cameras. This is the predecessor camera of the Phantom Flex 4k, the latest trend in slow motion today.
This camera is capable of capturing up to 2570 fps in 1920 x 1080 and 1455 fps in 2560 x 1600 (2.5k). The sensor of the Phantom 2.5k is a CMOS Super-35mm of 4 megapixels.
The area of ​​said sensor is modified in terms of size according to the resolution used. Therefore the sensor will cover 25.5mm x 16mm at 2.5k (2560 x 1600), 25.6mm x 14.4mm at 2.5k 16: 9 (2560 x 1440) ... and so on. This camera supports from Super-35mm optics using the entire sensor area to Super-16mm optics providing 720p files.
The shutter of the Phantom is of the global shutter type and it also has a Caping Shutter which is a mechanical element that completely covers the sensor to achieve 100% darkness. It is only used to perform black balance.
The Phantom Flex 2.5k provides 12-bit RAW Cinema files with a dynamic range of 11 steps and intended to provide little noise. These files are stored in CineMag II memories. These are non-volatile discs whose capacity ranges from 128 to 512Gb, reaching a transmission speed of up to 800Mpx / second.
To download the raw ones, you can use an ETHERNET cable to connect the camera to a computer or through the Phantom CineStation, which is a specific reader for these discs.
To download and transcode it is also necessary to use a computer program called PCC (Phantom Camera Controler).
The Phantom Flex 2.5k has two recording styles: HQ and SQ. These styles differ in the processing of information in such a way that the High Quality (HQ) style provides a frame-by-frame image analysis to minimize noise and prevent possible artifacts in the image. To make such an improvement in the image the processor has to have more processing time than in Standard Quality mode, and because of this it has less range in frames per second (approximately half) than in the standard quality style. To record in SQ mode it is necessary to perform black balance when making changes to the configuration. This prevents possible noise or artifacts in the final image.
On the other hand there are two recording modes: Loop or Rec / Stop:
Like its older sister, the Phantom Flex 4k, this camera can record in Loop or loop mode. This means that when the camera is activated, it starts recording the images in its internal storage (buffer). This storage is cyclic: the information is constantly rewritten in a cycle that lasts a few seconds. Pressing Trigger (aka REC) this loop stops and is stored in the Phantom CineMagII memory.
The duration of the loop is determined based on the camera's RAM, resolution and the frames to be used. The more RAM memory more loop seconds.
On the other hand is the recording in REC / STOP mode. This is the usual way of recording in the rest of the cameras: the Trigger (REC) button is pressed to start the capture and it is pressed again to finish the recording. In this mode the information goes directly to the CineMagII memory. Because of this, the REC / STOP mode is used to record for a greater amount of time but at fewer frames per second. Reach up to 222 fps at 2560 x 1440 (2.5k)
The camera includes:
  • Windows laptop computer camera control unit
  • PC ford Downloads - CineMag
  • Tvlogic 5.6 Onboard Monitor
  • Ethernet & Battery calbe kit
  • Sony color HD viewfinder
  • PL Mount.
  • 3x power supply.
  • 3x Cinemag + Station
  • BP Arri 19mm
  • Sliding plate.
  • 19mm bars
  • Tvlogic 5.6 Onboard Monitor
  • 2x Anton Bauer floor batteries.

Accessories availables:

  • BOLT arm
  • CineMagic Snorkel System
  • Oconnor 2575 or Arri Head
  • Dit Station (PC)
  • Tvlogic or Sony OLED address monitors
  • Teradek Bolt or Paralinx Tomahawk radio link
  • WCU4 or Scorpio wireless focus knobs.
  • Arri, Chrosziel or Tangerine filter holder
  • Tiffen or Schneider filters
Technical specifications:
  • Sensor: 25.6 x 16 mm CMOS Super-35mm
  • Resolution: 2.5k 2560 x 1600
  • Recording Formats: Raw Cinema
  • Sensitivity: 250 | 1250
  • Maximum SPF: 10750 (480p)
  • Frame: PL
  • Weight: 5.33 kg
  • Dimensions: 292 x 140 x 127 mm
Recording support:
  • Phantom CineMag II 144G, 256G and 512G
Resolution | Aspect Ratio:
  • 2.5k Full Frame (2560 x 1600) | 1.6: 1
  • 2.5k (2560 x 1440) | 16: 9
  • HD (1920 x 1080) | 16: 9
  • Resolution | SPF | Loop (Loop Mode)
  • 2.5k (2560 x 1600) | 1450 fps | 3.82 seconds
  • 2.5k (2560x 1440) | 1610 fps | 3.86 seconds
  • HD (1920 x 1080) | 2560 fps | 4.32 seconds
  • SD (1280 x 720) | 5350 fps | 4.65 seconds
  • Estimate made through Recording Data Calculator
  • from Vision Research for Phantom Flex 2K Standard Mode (32Gb) Cinema RAW 12-bit


Resolution | Fps (REC / STOP mode)
  • 2.5k (2560 x 1600) | 195 fps
  • 2.5k (2560x 1440) | 217 fps
  • HD (1920 x 1080) | 362 fps
  • SD (1280 x 720) | 868 fps
  • Estimate made through Recording Data Calculator
  • from Vision Research for Phantom Flex 2k with CineMag 512Gb Cine RAW 12-bit memory.


Recommended optics for this camera:
  • Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9 Set
  • Uniqoptics T1.9 Set
  • Zeiss Standard Prime T2.1 Set
  • Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm T2.8
  • Fujinon Cine Cabrio Premier T2.9

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