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Compact, lightweight and self-contained, the ARRI ALEXA Mini is a versatile additional tool in the ALEXA camera range. These include highly integrated and sealed electronics, a lightweight carbon housing and a solid titanium PL mount that connects directly with the new internal sensor mount.

  • Sensor: 35mm ARRI ALEV III CMOS
  • Resolución: Up to 4k UHD
  • Workflow: ProRes & ARRIRAW
  • Sensitivity: 800 base sensitivity
  • Recording Frame rates: Up to 200 fps
  • Mount: PL / EF
  • Weight: 2.3 kg with pl mount
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Alexa Mini is a compact and lightweight camera, one of the lightest cinema cameras on the market (2.3 kg). Thanks to its cubic design, the Arri Alexa Mini offers easy handling and the possibility of multiple camera configurations.It has internal ND filters (0.6, 1.2 and 2.1) and has an interchangeable PL mount that connects directly with the new internal sensor mount – also made of titanium – to ensure a super-stable flange focal distance, even when using large lenses. You can also configure the camera to Canon EF or B4 mount.It records up to 200 frames per second with a large dynamic range (14 stops) and the characteristic look of the Alexas. It also allows ARRIRAW recording and placing the ratio in 4: 3 format.
Alexa Mini is a reliable solution for all types of productions being a perfect camera in different shooting situations like cranes, steadicam or movi, aerial planes, underwater or hand held.

  • K1.0003873 ALEXA Mini Body with preinstalled licenses for full 4:3, MXF/ARRIRAW and OpenGate functionality.
    • 10.0008147 1x ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key
    • 10.0008148 1x ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key
    • 10.0014640 1x ALEXA Mini ARRI Look Library License Key
  • K2.0003216 ALEXA Mini Titanium mount for PL mount lenses with L-Bus connector 
  • K2.0005861 ALEXA Mini Viewfinder ALEXA Mini labeled MVF-1 (AMIRA EVF) and
  • (2) 75cm viewfinder cable with connector for 
  • K2.0006171 ARRI Alexa Mini Audio Connector With Cable
  • K2.0006140 ARRI MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
  • K2.0008982 ARRI Bebob Vmount Power Splitting Box
  • BEBOB Vmount Hot Swap adapter
  • K2.72007.0 ARRI Center Camera Handle (CCH-1)
  • (2) K2.0014957 ARRI MSB-2 Mounting Side Brackets
  • (2) K2.0006347 ARRI MAP-2 Adapter Plate (15mm Rods)
  • (2) K2.0006334 ARRI MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter Plate
  • K2.0006352 BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter for the ALEXA Mini
  • K2.47090.0 ARRI Bridge Plate BP-8 Set (19mm Rods)
  • K2.0000324 ARRI Bottom Dovetail Plate / Slidding plate 12''
  • (4) LEXAR 256GB Professional 3600x CFast 2.0 Memory Card 
  • LEXAR Workflow CR2 Thunderbolt 2 CFast 2.0 Reader + Cables

USE : around 1030 HOURS 


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