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Leica Thalia Lens Set for sale. Look and cinematic appearance in the 9 lenses that make up the set. We offer a complete set of 9 lenses with double 30mm, 45mm and 180mm. This results in a set of 12 lenses.

* Focal Range of the set: 24mm | 180mm
* Mount: PL
* Aperture: T2.2 | T3.6
* Focus rotation: 270º
* Front Diameter: 95mm
* Sensor Coverage: 60mm (ARRI ALEXA 65)

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Leica Thalia For sale. Although these are not old goals, Leica Thalia lenses offer many of the features that have led filmmakers to combine older lenses with digital sensors.

The set has an image circle of 60 mm. The lenses are incredibly light and compact, front diameter of 95 mm and available in PL mount with metadata contacts of technology i. Its unique, always round iris design creates a soft and distinctive bokeh effect.

Images captured with Leica Thalia prime lenses appear to have added depth, especially on larger sensors, due to a gradual approach that deviates from the curve.

Thalia lenses make the image stand out, being more similar to human vision and different from most images created with modern lenses. Our Leica Thalia set is in perfect condition. Check out the Leica Thalia set at hello@camaleonrental.com


Leica CW Sonderoptic Thalia lenses offer a large image circle covering sensors up to ARRI ALEXA 65, but can also be used to create stunning images with all types of media
CW Sonderoptic Leica Thalia lenses can work with Panavision DXL, RED 8K VV, Full Frame and Super35.
The first Leica Thalia have been manufactured with stainless steel PL mount. An XPL version will be available for ARRI Rental and its new Alexa LF camera.
Thalia lenses have 95mm front diameters, as Leica Summilux-C and Leica Summicron-C lenses.
They work with the same front accessories, such as the Leica Cine MacroLux clamp +0.5, +1, +2 diopters.

Thalia accepts 92mm thread front filters and has a rear net support just like the Summilux-C. Incredibly, most large-format Thalias are actually lighter and shorter than Summicron-C. They are extremely light and small. The mechanical design is consistently, robust and ergonomic.
The 15 blades of iris are completely round at each aperture and create the same bokehs throughout the set of targets. The iris ring is linear: the marks are evenly spaced at all T stops.
Leica Thalia has a new approach mechanism design with soft cams and focus barrels that rotate 270 °. Focus and iris gears are 0.8m standard.

The lens metadata is provided with the / i technology through standard contacts at the 12 o'clock position on the back of the PL mount. The metadata will include shading, distortion mapping and geometric correction at a later date. The mechanical design seems to accommodate the mounting adapters and the possibility of additional future mounting options. Ideas about interchangeable lens mounts are under consideration.

The 55 mm T2.8 Leica Thalia Cinema Lens is completely new, built entirely from scratch, to fill the space between 45 and 70 mm. And, above all, the appearance is soft, silky and cinematic.

Leica Thalia lens set for sale:

24mm for sale

* Aperture: T 3.6
* Weight: 1.42
* Length: 124.5mm
* CF: 0.20m

30mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.9
* Weight: 1.50
* Length: 131.5mm
* CF: 0.50m

35mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.6
* Weight: 1.40
* Length: 131.5mm
* CF: 0.55m

45mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.9
* Weight: 1.46
* Length: 131.5mm
* CF: 0.60m

55mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.8
* Weight: 1.64
* Length: 154.5mm
* CF: 0.30m

70mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.6
* Weight: 1.06
* Length: 124.5mm
* CF: 0.50m

100mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.2
* Weight: 1.16
* Length: 124.5mm
* CF: 0.70m

120mm for sale

* Aperture: T 2.6
* Weight: 1.66
* Length: 175mm
* CF: 0.57m

180mm for sale

* Aperture: T 3.6
* Weight: 1.62
* Length: 154.5mm
* CF: 1.5m

Also, there are three more lenses (30mm, 45mm and 180mm) that bring the possibility to shoot the project with more than one camera. This way, you can record simultaneously with two cameras with the 30mm, 45mm or 180mm prime lenses.


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