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What activities does a Production Assistant do?

The main quality of the Production Assistants is the versatility, they can overcome any necessary task of the audiovisual production. They are the basis of the production staff, headed by the producer. Their function is to fulfill any ordered task in each production stage. They are essential for any kind of audiovisual work to be carried out with all the guarantees of success in its development.

It is a position that demands a great capacity of sacrifice, initiative and resolution. It can be ungrateful, but it is also the gateway to audiovisual production field. It is a learning period that can be a springboard to advance to other higher categories.

In addition to daily usual tasks that are planned and distributed among the Production Assistants, there are innumerable unforeseen urgent needs that fall on them and they must comply with maximum readiness and diligence. These tasks can be as varied as acting as the public relations of the production company, the management of trips and itineraries, the collaboration in the location search and maintenance or  administrative tasks prior to the shoot. During the filming, they collaborate in any need that may arise, as well as any type of auxiliary work that the production may require. Finally, a wide range of functions that will test the ability and willingness to excel of all those people who want to start in the field of audiovisual production.

What is the profile of a "CAMALEON CINEMA SERVICES" Production Assistant?

At CAMALEON we carry out an exhaustive selection process of the aspirants who want to be part of our team, we consider the Production Assistants a fundamental bulwark of the production staff and that is why we strive to maintain a selection criteria that values ​​the attitude, the aptitude, the initiative and the personal effort and especially the implication and disposition work in team, fundamental and necessary characteristic in any audiovisual work.

This selection process translates into being able to offer a fully trained auxiliary staff to carry out all the tasks entrusted to them and to have the guarantee of the professional and responsible service that we offer. There are many and varied competences that we value in the selection of the production team, which begins with the Auxiliaries, and we fully trust that it will be transferred to the proper functioning of the shoot: the willingness to receive instructions, the passion and effort with which they perform their duties, the ability and initiative to solve unforeseen events, the ability to solve problems that arise, the organization in their tasks and to know how to work as a team are, among others, the skills we have evaluated to select our Production Assistants, and the result is a professional and competent auxiliary staff that will be able to cover all the necessities of an audiovisual production in any of its manifestations, cinematographic, advertising, television or video.