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Andalusia is probably the best place in Spain to carry out all kinds of film production services due to its climate and its spectacular locations. You'll find beaches, deserts, rivers, forests, natural parks, mountains, historical cities, etc. At Camaleón Production Services we offer complete film production services for cinema, video, advertising or television in Andalusia. We advise our clients in each production process in order to film production services the best possible way. In addition, we have our own camera, lighting and grip equipment, without intermediaries from the production services industry.


What locations does Andalusia offer to film production services?

The Andalusian culture is the result of the imprint different civilizations and cultures left over the centuries. This cultural diversity makes Andalusia one of the most diverse communities in Spain, where you can find many magical places. Andalusia offers cultural areas and monuments, sun and beaches. Andalusia is the ideal place to spend your holidays and a reference for international tourism. Perfect for film production services. The Andalusian coast is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. On the Mediterranean side, you'll find the famous "Costa del Sol", the "Costa Tropical" and the "Costa de Almeria". The "Costa de la Luz" is located on the Atlantic side of Andalusia. The whole Andalusia coastline is full of stunning beaches, and more than 60 of them have a "blue flag" quality label.


Andalusia's cultural heritage is incalculable. It has great architectural landscapes where you can contemplate different styles: Islamic, Baroque, Renaissance, etc... Among the infinity of monuments that can be found in Andalusia, we highlight: "Cordoba's Mosque", the "Alhambra" in Granada, the "Giralda" of Seville, the "Alcazabas" in Malaga and Almeria, the Cathedral of "La Merced" in Huelva, and the monumental complex of "Úbeda" and "Baeza", declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

You will also find many natural areas in Andalusia. Among these, we thought it was important to mention: the Natural Park of "Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas" (which is the second largest natural park in Europe), the National Park of "Sierra Nevada", the "Doñana" Natural Park, the sub-desert areas in the Desert of "Tabernas" and the Natural Park in "Cabo de Gata-Níjar".


Andalusia is one of the most visited destinations due to its climate, being one of the warmest places in Europe. It has a Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures and dry summers. Due to its territory length, there are great contrasts between some areas and others. Rainfall is mainly concentrated in autumn and winter. The average annual precipitations are more copious in the east than in the west of Andalusia. In general, most of Andalusia has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. "Almeria" and "Malaga" are the Spanish cities that have more light, exceeding 3000 hours of light per year.



Andalusia has five international airports: in Malaga, Seville, Granada, Almeria and Jerez. The Malaga and Seville airports are the ones with a higher number of passengers. Due to its proximity to Africa, Andalusia has great harbour infrastructures to transport passengers and cargo. The main ports are in Huelva, Algeciras, Málaga, Cádiz, Sevilla and Almería.

Andalusia is connected to Madrid through the A-4 highway (Madrid-Cadiz). The A-49 road connects Seville with Huelva and Portugal, and the A-66 connects Sevilla with Gijón. Moreover, the A-7 runs through the entire Mediterranean coast from Algeciras to Barcelona.  Railway transport is highly developed throughout Andalusia. The Madrid-Seville connection was the first high-speed train line in Spain. Nowadays, Seville, Cordoba and Malaga have regular high-speed trains going back and forth. Furthermore, Andalusia has a great hotel industry where you can find accommodation and restaurants with different categories and prices.


What tax deductions can film production services obtain in Andalusia?

Andalusia has the same tax benefits as the rest of the Spanish territory, with the exception of the Canary Islands, Navarre and the Basque Country. Therefore, the regulation on film productions in Andalusia is established in Article 36, paragraphs 1 and 2, of Law 27/2014, of November 27, about Corporation Tax. This article explains the criteria and necessary requirements to get tax benefits for Spanish and foreign audiovisual productions that take place in Andalusia (Spain) and whose complete information is included in our section dedicated to Spain.

What subsidies can film companies obtain for their film production in Andalusia?

The Andalusian Cultural Institutions Agency, announces each year the grant of subsidies under the regime of a competitive basis for feature films in Andalusia. The competitive system compares each submitted application, choosing the ones that obtain the highest value according to the agreements that have been stipulated in the call. The selection process will use the same criteria in every application, so all submitted applications will have the same selection opportunities. This call is published in the Official Gazette of the "Junta de Andalucia".


What feature films can obtain subsidies in Andalusia?

There are some subsidy lines to qualify for:

a) Line 1: Subsidies for fiction feature films directed by professionals who are beginning in the field of Andalusian authorship and creation, who promote creative talent and with a clear vocation for commercialization.

b) Line 2: Subsidies for feature films, television and/or animation films that promote the Andalusian audiovisual sector.

c) Line 3: Subsidies for fiction feature films that promote cinematographic activity in Andalusia.

The most relevant aspects that affect these subsidy lines are the following:

The film production services that opt ​​for these modalities, must specify the tasks of creation, production and postproduction, and the duration of the end result must be 60 minutes or more.  There must be an intention to commercialize its exploitation in cinemas, television or other media sources.

All film production services must have cultural character, so they must meet at least two of the eight cultural criteria elements contemplated in the basis. The concepts to be subsidized include the preproduction, production, distribution and promotion expenses of the feature film. A time limit is established to apply for the subsidy. The film shooting may not have begun before the date of the grant.

The applicants may opt for three grants maximum, this is possible if the three projects are proven to be different and have nothing to do with each other.  Each project's essential element should be clearly exposed in the application sheet. Only independent legal entities with residency in a European Union State are eligible for aid.


What requirements must film production services meet to apply for a subsidy in Andalusia?

The requirements film production services must meet to apply for a grant are the following:

a) In the case of co-productions, the beneficiary entity must have a participation in the project, also ownership rights to at least 20% of the total.

b) Entities that have been sanctioned by an administrative decision or a final judicial sentence for encouraging or tolerating discriminatory labour practices, will not be eligible for aid.

c) Those entities that are not up to date in the payment of contracted obligations with the creative, artistic, technical personnel or technical industries; and those who have been condemned by an administrative decision or a judicial sentence may not benefit from the subsidies. These requirements must be fulfilled prior to the publication of each annual grant call, with completion and justification of the activity subject to the grant.

What amounts can subsidies grant in Andalusia?

The maximum amount of subsidy for a fiction feature film, directed by professionals who are beginning in the field of Andalusian authorship and promote creative talent with a clear vocation for commercialization, will be 250,000 euros. This amount will be provided if it does not exceed 40% of the eligible expenses. This amount can change each annual call.

The consideration of beginning professionals will apply to those who are starting in the audiovisual field and have not directed or co-directed more than two feature films qualified for commercial exploitation in cinematic exhibition halls. In addition, projects that apply for this aid should meet the following requirement: at least two of these staff positions (director, scriptwriter and executive producer) should have permanent headquarters in Andalusia and/or must prove they develop their professional activity in Andalusia.

The maximum subsidy amount for fiction, animation or television films that promote the Andalusian audiovisual sector will be 300,000 euros. This amount will be provided if it does not exceed 35% of the eligible costs. This amount may be reviewed in each annual call.

For more detail on eligibility for subsidy expenses, necessary documentation, submission deadlines and evaluation criteria, as well as the rest of the regulated aspects you can be informed in the following link BOJA 151 of August 8, 2016.