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Lisbon has amazing filming locations and good weather. It is one of the best places for any film shooting. In Camaleón Cinema, we offer a complete filming service experience with high end camera, grip and lighting equipment to make your film shooting as comfortable and fluent as possible.


We have a great expertise crew in order to give you the best feature film, commercial or TV production filming service. Our filming coordinators, runners and location managers are used to the process and will get any necessary permit to shoot your film in any kind of location.


Considered an excellent touristic location, Lisbon is one of the most charming European capitals and has many cultural and gastronomic possibilities.

Lisbon, a cosmopolitan city with many filming/film shooting possibilities.


In this city, many monuments from different eras and great architectural interest coexist. Numerous cultures have left their mark in Lisbon: Phoenicians, Celts, Romans, Muslims, Christians... Thanks to its history, it is a city full of filming locations where you can film any kind of shooting.



The historic centre was constructed over seven hills. On one of these hills, the "Alfama" neighborhood is located; it's one of the few constructions that survived the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. It is the most representative of the typical Portuguese neighborhood. It is full of typical restaurants, "Fado" houses and has the most amazing views of the whole city, ideal for the filming of aerial shots. Here you'll find the city's Cathedral, "Sao Estevao" and "Sao Vicente de Fora" churches. On the top of the hill, you have the "Sao Jorge Castle" with a very well preserved fortress.

The "Baixa" district is just in the centre of the city and has the biggest best known shopping area. It is the privileged area of the city and has a reticulum shape with well-kept XVIII-XIX Century pavements and houses. Here you can find the "Rossio", the "Comercio" Square and the "D.Maria II" National Theatre.

On the other side of the "Baixa", the Barrio Alto is located; an area full of bars, restaurants and clubs with a great evening atmosphere the tourists and locals use to disconnect from routine. Perfect for the crew when filming/film shooting day ends.

On the west side of the city we have numerous palaces, museums and other monuments: like the Belem tower or the "Jeronimos" monastery. Near this area,  the "Monsanto Forest Park" is located, it's one of the biggest urban parks in Europe.


Very close to Lisbon, "Estoril", "Cascais" and "Sintra" are located in a rural zone with natural parks, beaches and big palaces.

In "Estoril" there is a Motogp and Formula 1 circuit where racing championships have been celebrated for many years. Its casino, the "Casino Royale", is the biggest one in Europe and the one that inspired Ian Fleming in the writing of the first 007 saga novel.


"Sintra" city, declared Word Heritage by Unesco, has a high cultural and esthetic value because of its castles, churches and centenary palaces. Among them, we emphasize the "Quinta da Regaleira", the "da Pena" palace, the "Moros" castle and the "Capuchos" Convent. In "Sintra" you can see Gothic, "Mudejar", Baroque and Moorish style monuments. Perfect for "medieval-like" filming/film shooting projects.

Moreover, "Sintra" is surrounded by the "Sintra-Cascais" Natural Park that has an immeasurable landscape value. "Sintra" has a great touristic infrastructure and it is well known for its crafts and gastronomy: interesting factors to consider for your filming/shooting.



Thanks to being located in the south of Europe, Lisbon has an exceptional climate with soft temperatures throughout the year. In spring and summer, sunny days predominate; and in autumn and winter, wind and rain takes more prominence. The average is 100 rainy days and 2800 sunny hours per year.


Thanks to the Lisbon Expo 98, the city improved its infrastructures and communications. The extensive railway network has more than 100 stations, plus, two circular highways connect the city centre with the metropolitan area (where "Odivelas", "Amadora", "Oeiras" and "Loures" are). The "25th of April" and "Vasco da Gama" bridges connect both sides of the Tagus river. The "Portela" international airport is just 7km from the city centre.

Furthermore, the city has a great hotel and gastronomic infrastructure, with a good price-quality ratio, making Lisbon a perfect place to carry out any filming/shooting project.

Lisbon is a city that contributes with cinema development, three international cinema festivals are held every year: "DocLisboa" (for documentary filming/shooting projects), "Indie Lisboa" (for independent movies) and "MoteLX" (horror films).

If you are looking to carry out a filming/film shooting project in Lisbon, in Camaleon Cinema we will be happy to help you so that the filming/shooting goes perfect.