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  • Feature films | Documentaries | Videoclips | Televisión | Branded Contents | Video & Photo Shooting

  • Malaga has an almost tropical climate throughout the year. This, combined with spectacular architectural and geographical locations, makes it the ideal destination for any film production shooting service: films, documentaries or TV shows.
  • The province of Malaga has excellent accommodation and communication infrastructures, technical and artistic bilingual staff with experience in national and international filming.
  • Camaleon Cinema Service offers a global service for companies that want to shoot their film projects in the province of Malaga. We advise our clients from the pre-production starting point of the whole filming process, until the end (including film shooting and editing). That way we can get an accurate idea and give an efficient service. We are at your service to carry out the film shooting of your feature film, commercial or TV show in Malaga.
  • With beautiful beaches, mountains and so much History, the main filming destinations in Malaga are "Benalmádena", "Fuengirola", "Marbella" and "Estepona". These locations are perfect for any kind of film shooting.


  • Málaga, Historical city centre 

  • The city has more than 3.000 years of History, from its Phoenicians origins to the beautiful city that we know today.
  • The Roman theatre and the "Garum" pools from the Hispanic Rome period are open for any kind of filming or film shooting. The "Citadel" fortress is the best example of the Muslim domination. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Victory, reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs, and "San Agustin" street with the "Buenavista" Palace are very attractive sites for the filming of commercial productions all around the world.


  • Film shooting in Marbella

  • Marbella is located in "Costa del Sol". With more than 2900 hours of sun per year, it is one of the most important touristic cities in Spain. Marbella's weather and infrastructures attract all kind of tourists and filming crews. These qualities make film shooting life much easier.
  • In the city's historic centre you can find charming places like the "Plaza de los Naranjos", City Council, the "Ermita de Santiago" or the "Hospital Real de la Misericordia". In "Barrio Alto", we highlight its traditional houses with yards and gardens, and the "Ermita del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz".
  • Marbella’s historic quarter is connected with the beach through "Avenida del Mar", a landscaped promenade where you can find Salvador Dalí's sculptures.
  • "Puerto Banus" is an area with high buying power and great nightlife, where you can see famous people from around the world walking down its streets.
  • Furthermore, Marbella has 24 beaches. Among them, you have "Artola Beach", "Puerto Banus" Beach and "San Pedro de Alcántara" Beach.

  • Málaga, A natural filming set

  • The province of Malaga has many natural locations, very close to each other, ideal for any kind of filming or film production shooting. The Malaga Mountains, the Gaitanes Gorge in the town of "Ardales" and the natural park surrounding the reservoirs of the "Guadalhorce" river, are only 20km away from downtown Malaga. The cave that goes into the rock of the "Carmensita" Virgin is in the promenade of the "Rincon de la Victoria" town. The "Misericordia" beach and its spectacular sunsets are just 11km away from Malaga.
  • The Eagle’s Castle is 127km away from Malaga. It has amazing views and it's the perfect filming site for your wide angle shots, where you can see: "Genal" Valley, "Casares" town, Gibraltar or even the north of Africa on clear days.
  • On the west side of the "Huma" mountain you have the best sites in the whole province, with the "Chorro" village, the "Guadalhorce" reservoirs and the "Fuente de Piedra" lakes.
  • In the province of Malaga there are many options of beach landscapes for your filming or movie shooting: the "Maro" beach, just 5 minutes away from "Nerja" (very famous for its natural environment and the quality of its water). Very close by, the "Burriana" beach with blue and clear waters is located. This beach received the Touristic Quality 'Q' in 2004, from here, you'll get spectacular mountain and hill shots for your filming.
  • In "Ronda", the hanging houses near the New Bridge is another very interesting filming or movie shooting location to consider. We know each and every corner of the Malaga province. Ask us to find the best location for your filming project.


  • Málaga, Suitable climate to shoot your film with sun throughout the year

  • Malaga's climate is warm in winter and has soft minimum temperatures. Summers are mild by its proximity to the sea. Rainfall is not very frequent, and it concentrates from November to March.
  • Málaga has an average 2.901 hours of sun per year. The maximum value is in July with 354 hours and the minimum in December, with 167 hours. With these numbers, Malaga is the perfect filming or movie shooting place.

  • The power of its infrastructures in Málaga

  • Malaga’s port has had an important service modernization process. It has a cargo transportation capacity of 3,7 million tons per year and the advantage of being one of the main export points in Spain. Furthermore, its location in the city centre makes the harbor a strong commercial and entertainment attraction.
  • Malaga has a leading infrastructure network. The 161km of coastline can be travelled in one hour and a half. The north-south and east-west connections facilitate the access to the rest of the Country.
  • Furthermore, Malaga is connected with Cordoba, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia through high speed trains. The Malaga station (María Zambrano) is located less than 10 minutes walking distance from the historic centre. It has the capacity of receiving 24 million passengers a year.
  • Malaga's infrastructures are ready for any kind of filming or movie shooting, allowing easy travels between different locations in the same province or between Málaga and other Andalusian cities.
  • The service sector in Malaga is highly developed, its hotels and restaurants have excellent quality and reasonable prices. It is an ideal place to carry out any audiovisual filming/shooting service.


  • Why film an audiovisual service in Malaga with Camaleon Cinema Service?

  • We search for locations in Malaga and Andalusia to carry out your filming project or movie shooting. We also take care of the needed permits in the shortest time possible.
  • We look for available tax rebates on film production services.
  • We process the allowance, accommodations and trips you may need during filming.
  • From the pre-productions stage, we advise our clients in order to achieve the best local staff.
  • We choose the best Malaga models and actors for any kind of TV, commercial or film production.
  • We give the best camera, lighting and grip equipment price. We have it, you don’t need intermediaries.
  • The production managers we work with have more than 20 years of experience in the filming service industry.
  • Our audiovisual company will look after everything you need to carry out your project in Andalusia.


  • Film & Audiovisual equipment, shooting and transport vehicles
  • Shooting - filming in Malaga with Camaleón Cinema Service has benefits without competition.
  • We have all kinds of audiovisual equipment to offer a unique service. Best brands in digital cinema cameras, lighting equipment, lenses, vans, trucks, transport vehicles and an infrastructure that will make you feel at home while filming.

  • Málaga, a commercial and film productions stage
  • Malaga’s province receives many film productions from around the world every year. These last years, Malaga has welcomed the worldwide successful Game of Thrones filming team.

  • Audiovisual & Film Sector in Málaga
  • The filming service sector in Malaga is highly developed. The technical and artistic professionals have wide experience on national and international film shootings.
  • Furthermore, Málaga celebrates one of the most important film festivals in Spain. A meeting place for directors, producers and filming companies from around the world.
  • In Camaleon we help you carry out all kinds of film production services: cinema, video, TV, commercials and documentaries. We manage each filming process, from pre-productions to post-productions, with the highest quality.