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Production Services Morocco 

Morocco offers great possibilities to carry out any audiovisual production. With a pleasant climate and a privileged position in the world, you can find impressive locations all around the Country. Many are the civilizations that have left their imprint in Morocco along history: Jews, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, etc...

Furthermore, the Country has a wide variety of extensive beaches, large mountains, deserts, ancestral cities and other natural landscapes.production-services-marocco

In Camaleon Cinema Services we offer complete audiovisual production service packs in Morocco. We have all the technical and artistic facilities for a video, commercial, TV or film production. Our highly qualified staff is willing to help you with anything you may need to have the most comfortable and fluent film shoot possible.

Spectacular locations all over Morocco


The main destinations in Morocco are: "Rabat", "Casablanca", "Marrakech", "Fez" and "Tangier".

Located in the strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is a multicultural city where many well-known personalities have lived. It has a great craft industry based on wood, silver and leather. The great Mosque, the "Medina" or the Grand "Socco" are some of the most visited places. Many films and TV series have been filmed in Tangier.


"Casablanca" is the biggest city of Morocco and the country’s economic engine. With great European influences, it is a city full of contrasts. The most notable elements are the "Hassan II" Mosque, the new and old "Medina", the Arab League park, the Central Market and the "Villa des Arts" Museum among many other places with a great artistic, cultural and architectonic value.


"Rabat" is the capital of the Country. Its historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The most interesting places of the city are the "Oudayas Kasbah", the "Hassan Tower", the "Medina" and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.


Marrakech is known by many as “the red city” because of the ochre color of its buildings, and it's divided in two areas: the old city or big "Medina" (located inside the old city walls), and the new city (which is in a permanent expansion process). The "Medina" is full of palaces and mosques. Here, you can find the "Jemaa el Fna" Square. In the evening, this famous square is full of food stands, musicians, snake charmers and jugglers that create a unique atmosphere.

"Fez" is a city divided into three areas: the old area (which is the biggest pedestrian precinct in the world), the new area (where the Jewish quarter is) and the "Ville Nouvelle" (founded in French colonization times). This city is a symbol in Morocco, considered the Islam capital of the Country.


Morocco has a 1825km long coastline. One side is bathed by Atlantic Ocean and the other by the Mediterranean Sea. These waters are of great relevance for fishing. "Legzira" Beach, near "Sidi Ifni", has been chosen as one of the best beaches in the world.


Moreover, the country has four mountain ranges, the Atlas, the Anti Atlas, the Middle Atlas and the "Rif". The highest mountain is located in the "Toubkal" and has a 4160m hight.


Morocco has a film production centre in "Ouarzazate" (Atlas Corporation Studios), where great movies like "Lawrence of Arabia", "Babel", "Gladiator" or "The Mummy" have been filmed.


Stable weather throughout the year

Morocco has a mediterranean climate in the coast and a continental climate inland; with average annual temperatures around 12ºC in winter, 25ºC in summer and large differences between the coast and the inland area. In the mountains, rainfall is more abundant and temperatures are cooler, while Sahara has desert climate with high temperatures.


Why filming your project in Morocco with Camaleon Cinema?

  • In Camaleon Cinema, we have production coordinators ready to manage any kind of film project: videos, TV films or commercials. We will advise you about incentives, recruitment and other important aspects of your film project

  • Our location managers with wide location portfolios, will help you to manage the needed permits to film anywhere in Morocco.

  • We have access to experienced technicians in all kinds of film shoots.

  • Camera, lighting and grip equipment in-house! Without intermediaries. To have our own equipment is a competitive advantage that allows us to offer the best assistance and price.