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Located in the source of Douro river, "Porto" is considered the capital of the north of Portugal due to its culture and the powerful economic activity. The city has a great historic heritage and a bohemian atmosphere that attracts many visitors.


Film Production in Porto

In Camaleon Cinema Services, we will help you from the pre-production phase to post-production in order to make the best film production.

Why shooting your film in Porto?

Among the many attractions Porto has, we highlight its historic centre with crisscrossed alleys that were declared World Heritage in 1996 by Unesco. The "Clerigos" Tower, the "Bolsa" Palace and the "Serralves" Foundation are also very interesting filming sites.

The "Aliados" avenue in the centre of Porto, is full of modernist style buildings like City Council, built with granite and marble. Along this avenue, the best known city square is located: the "Libertad" square. Very close by, you'll find the "San Benito Railway Station", with large pictorial panels made out of more than 20.000 "azulejo" tiles representing historic images of Portugal.


The "Lello and Irmao" library, with Neo-Gothic style design, is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Near this library is the Majestic Cafe, a stylish "cafe" built in the 1920's that was, and still is, a source of inspiration for writers and artists. A few meters away, the emblematic "Bolhao" Market is located, full of fresh food stands, it's a place where you'll feel like time doesn't go by.

Along Douro's riverbank, there are many restaurants with terraces where you can have typical Portuguese cuisine. On the other side of the river, you'll find the wineries where the famous "Port" wine is aged.


Close to Porto is "Guimaraes" and "Braga". "Guimaraes" is a historic city with Gothic monuments and houses. It has a Castle and the "Dukes of Braganca" Palace, decorated with furniture from the XVII Century. Another very attractive spot is the beautiful "da Penha" Park.


"Braga" is a very religious city full of churches and baroque buildings. It has the oldest Cathedral in Portugal. Also, it is a city with a lot of university students from all around the world.



The climate in Porto is mild and wet, without extreme temperatures due to its proximity with the Atlantic ocean. In summer, the temperatures vary between 18 and 30ºC. In winter it varies between 5º and 15ºC. It's extremely rare if temperatures go lower than 0ºC. The climate is most stable from April to October.



Porto has been widely modernized in the last years. It has the largest metro subway network in Portugal and covers the metropolitan area too. The "Sa Carneiro" international airport is close to the city. Furthermore, Porto has a wide highway network that connects the city with Spain and the rest of the Country.

Due to Portugal's touristic boom, Porto has a great hotel and catering infrastructure allowing a good crew management for any kind of film, commercial or television production.