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Production Services Portugal

Portugal offers many possibilities for a film production. With a mild climate and a privileged position in recent history, it is easy to find impressive locations across the whole country. Jews, Muslims, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and other cultures have left their mark in Portugal over the course of centuries. Latin, Ca...

Production Services Portugal

Portugal offers many possibilities for a film production. With a mild climate and a privileged position in recent history, it is easy to find impressive locations across the whole country. Jews, Muslims, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and other cultures have left their mark in Portugal over the course of centuries. Latin, Caribbean and African influences make Portugal one of the richest culture in the world. Furthermore, the country has a lot of beaches, mountains, islands and other natural areas. A soft climate, where summers are hot and long and winters are mild, Portugal has a pleasant climate especially during spring and autumn. The main destinations with fantastic locations are: Lisbon, Port and the famous Algarve.

Servicio de produccion en Portugal

Spectacular locations in Lisbon, Faro, Porto and all over Portugal

Situated at the mouth of the Tagus River, Lisbon is the capital and the centre of the film production in Portugal. Considered by many as one of the beautiful city in the world, it is full of incredible places. Saint George's Castle, located on the highest hill of the city, offers an impressive views of the city. Alfama is the Lisbon oldest quarter, it is full of narrow streets with a special charm. In this neighborhood there are some of the main monuments of the city. The Jerònimos Monastery and the Belem Tower are on the eastern side of the city, on the Tagus bank.

Port is Portugal's second city. Located at the mouth of the Douro river it is a city full of contrasts. You can find stately neighbourhoods and houses next to old alleyways which have been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO. There are many monuments from different periods like Sé Cathedral, Clerigos tower or the Chamber of Commerce. In the city center is located the Lello and Irmao book shop, very popular since its appearance on Harry Potter films. In front of the city, on the other side of Douro river, there are many wineries where the popular Port wine is aged. The Algarve is a earthly paradise.

Pre Production Team in Lisbon, Faro and Porto

Here there are the best Portugal beaches with long stretches of sand, rock formations and cliffs. It is an area with a good hotel and gastronomic infrastructure combined with nature reserves and small cities that maintain a special charm and a traditional character. Faro, the Algarve´s main city, has an old walled quarter where the population live is concentrated.

Near Faro, It is the Ria Formosa Natural Park where it is possible to see a lot of bird species outstanding among them the flamingos. Apart from these main enclaves, it is important to mention the Azores and Madeira islands. They have a volcanic origin. Craters and abundant vegetation that remembers a tropical jungle can be seen. Also, there are other interesting places for film production like Évora, Sintra, Óbidos, Coimbra or Guimarães.

The small size of Portugal provides comfort to move around and find variety locations very close to each other. Finally, highlight that Portugal has a modern infrastructure with a good quality of hotels, restaurants, transports and international airports. In Camaleón cinema services we love to work in Portugal, for this reason we have the best human and technical resources in order to ensure the best film production service. From pre-production services like castings or location searching to post-production offices.

We offer a wide range of services for production companies and advertising agencies including rental of camera equipment, lighting and grip. In Camaleón we solve all your needs during the pre-production time: tax benefits research, permit applications, casting services, location searching accommodations, transports etc. We collaborate with the best local casting directors in order to find the character that you are looking for. Spacious and comfortable rooms are available for the casting process.

localizaciones en lisboa

Our crew includes high experienced location managers with a wide portfolio. Trey are very skilled in squeezing out of any given location the best from a technical, artistic and logistic point of view.

Film & Tv Studio in Lisbon

At the same time they take care of the negotiation with the owner, needed permits, accessibility, parking, and technical aspects. Furthermore, in Portugal we have two TV and film studios fully equipped with dressing room, hairdresser and make-up room, cloakroom and parking. One of them with 800m2 located in Loures (close to Lisbon) and the other with 1200m2 in Barroca (close to Porto).

Film Studios in Lisbon - Camaleon Rental

Our local production coordinators will make sure that your pre-production goes as smooth as possible with the best result, plus they will assure the well-being of the crew by managing accommodation, transports, allowance, permits, shooting plan, etc. Definitely, they make sure that everything is ok in order to have a perfect film production service.

In Camaleón Cinema Services we offer the best possible pack of camera, light and grip for your shooting. Also, our crew have more than twenty years of experience in the sector. They bring the effort and the necessary reliability to carry out a shooting from beginning to end. Specifically, in Portugal we have th e most innovative lighting mate rial with everything for a small, medium or big production: HMI, LED, fluorescence, generators, etc. Among our grip materials in Portugal, we can emphasize: Super Technocrane s30, Super Panther, Phoenix Crane, Jimmy Jib Triangle, Twister Dolly.

Camaleón Cinema Services has a wide range of technicians on its camera department. Our crew knows perfectly the audiovisual grammar and the equipments providing the best for your shooting. Directors of photography, Camera Operators, Steadicam, Movi, Ronin, Hot Head, Camera Assistants / Focus pullers, Camera Assistants, Video Assistants, Dit Technicians and Phantom Flex Camera Specialists.

We collaborate with a fair amount of experienced gaffers and lighting crew in order to provide the best possible lighting for each project. Aside of that, they will be more than happy to advise the director of photography on what gear to use and what solutions are available if something needed is missing. They also have a very big responsibility in matters such as health and safety on set.

When pre-production has been complete the production team incorporate to the shooting to supervise that the different departments have everything they could need. If there is a problem, during the shooting, they will solve it quickly and efficiently. Any kind of unexpected event or situation that can arise will be solved, thanks to its excellent communication skills, organization and a great ability to work under pressure. Our local Runners will provide the production of executive effectiveness in relation to transport and routes, which will facilitate the good workflow of the shooting.They are very enthusiastic and they will join the production team on the set helping in any task in which they could be useful. Ask us if you have any questions for your film production, we would like to hear it.