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Film & Tv Production Seville

  • In Seville you will find a great variety of locations to carry out any kind of film shooting. The impressive monuments and Seville's charm, make Seville the perfect place to carry out any kind of film shooting, you won't regret choosing it for your video filming!. Camaleon Cinema offers a complete filming service in Seville with our own camera, light and grip equipment. No intermediaries. Our highly qualified artistic and technical staff has extensive experience in feature film shooting, TV, commercial and corporate videos, short films, etc.


Which filming locations does Seville offer?

  • Seville is Andalusia's capital and has a great industrial and economic activity that has been developed throughout its history. The legacy of the different civilizations and cultural movements that have left their imprint in Seville can be seen in its monuments and buildings, where you can enjoy a fabulous mixture of architectural styles: Gothic, "Mudejar", Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, etc. The most visited monuments of the city are: the "Alcazar", the Cathedral of Seville, the "Giralda" and the "Archivo de Indias". All of them have been declared Human Heritage sites by Unesco. There are no better filming or video shooting sites for any kind of film project. The "Alcazar" is the earliest European Royal Palace, and it's still operational; Its beautiful gardens are also a great attraction for the palace visitors.
  • The Seville’s Cathedral has mainly a Gothic style. Over the centuries, Neogothic, Baroque and Renaissance elements have been added. It is one of the biggest cathedrals in the world, and its bell tower, the "Giralda", is one of Seville's main symbols. The "Archivo General de Indias", created to keep Spanish colonies' files, has the largest document archive on Spanish activity in America and The Philippines.


  • The "Palacio de Dueñas", Sevile’s Council, the "Alfonso XII" Hotel, the "Real Fabrica de Tabaco", the "Hospital de las Cinco Llagas", and the Andalucia's Parliament, are some of the other representative buildings in the city of Seville. These have great historical, artistic and architectonic value. The "Santa Cruz" neighborhood, located in Seville's historic centre, is full of houses with typical "patios" that have a special charm. In this neighborhood, you will also find the "Teresas" Convent. These locations are perfect for the filming of history feature films, commercial videos or really any kind of film shooting.
  • In Seville, you can also find contemporary buildings like Seville’s tower (with a 180m hight, ideal to film aerial shots) or the "Metropol Parasol" structure, a recent art piece shaped as huge mushrooms placed in "Encarnacion" square. Seville has many city parks with cared-for gardens and varied vegetation. The best known are: the "Reales Alcazares" gardens, "Alamillo" park, the "Delicias" park and the "Maria Luisa" park in "Plaza de España" square: an open space of unique beauty that was built for the Iberoamerican Exhibition of 1929. It has been a filming stage for some popular films like "Lawrence Arabia" or "Star Wars Episode II".
  • Furthermore, Seville has many cultural spaces where a large part of the artistic life is developed. The "Maestranza" Theater, the "Rocio Jurado" Auditorium, the "Lope de Vega" Theater and Seville's Central Theater are some of the best known. Moreover, Seville has the only Spanish inland harbor due to the "Guadalquivir" river, which is navigable from "Sanlucar de Barrameda" (in the Atlantic Ocean) to Seville. With this scenery, imagine the infinite filming options you have for your feature film shooting, your corporate and commercial videos, short films, etc.


  • Seville has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are dry and hot, winters are a little rainy but 50% of the total rainfalls happen during this period. The annual average temperature is around 19º C, January is usually the coldest month and July the hottest. In the city there is an annual average of 2918 hours of sun, 3 frost days and 51 rainy days.

 Seville Infrastructures 

  • Thanks to Expo 1992, Seville improved its infrastructures being the first Spanish city connected with Madrid through high speed trains.
  • The Seville - "San Pablo" airport is 5km away from the city. With more than 5.000.000 passengers in 2017, this airport has connections with the main European and Spanish cities.
  • Seville’s harbour has, since 2010, a new 32m wide and 8,5m deep floodgate for vessels, allowing around 4.000.000 tons of cargo transport per year.
  • By road, Seville is connected to the main Spanish and Portuguese cities through a great highway network.
  • In terms of public transport, the city of Seville has a large network of intercity busses that connect Seville with its metropolitan area, 42 lines of city buses, 1 tramway line, and 1 metro line with 22 stops.
  • Moreover, Seville has a great accommodation and gastronomic infrastructure due to the growth of tourism.
  • In Camaleon Cinema Services, we give our customers a total film experience in Seville and Andalusia. Ask us, we are ready to assist you with your feature film, corporate or commercial video shooting, short films, etc...