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Red Camera Rental. Red cameras are one of the most powerful tools in film and video production today. With their high resolution, flexibility and versatility, these cameras have become an industry standard and are extensively utilized by filmmakers and producers worldwide. 


At Camaleón Rental we provide Red cameras for rent, each tailored to meet the unique requirements of every production, alongside audiovisual equipment rental services. We possess the resources necessary to elevate your projects to new heights! We have what you need to take your projects to the next level! 

4k Red Camera

Red 4K cameras are high-end digital movie cameras that capture video images at a resolution of 4K, which is  four times higher than standard HD resolution.

They operate by capturing digital images using a high resolution image sensor, typically of the CMOS type, with a minimum resolution of 4K. This enables the capture of high-definition images. Red 4K video cameras also support recording video in high-quality file formats like RAW and ProRes, providing greater creative control during post-production. 

Prominent features of Red 4K video cameras include the ability to capture high-resolution images in high-quality file formats, a wide dynamic range (HDR), high ISO sensitivity, and superior color depth. Additionally, these cameras are renowned for their customization capability, allowing filmmakers to tailor the camera settings to suit their specific production requirements.

Red Camera 8k 

Moving on to Red 8K cameras, they are also high-end digital movie cameras that excel in capturing video images at an impressive resolution of 8K. This resolution is four times higher than that of 4K and sixteen times higher than standard high-definition (HD) resolution. These cameras are extensively utilized in high-quality film productions such as feature films, commercials and music videos, where optimal image quality is crucial. 

Similar to Red 4K cameras, Red 8K cameras employ high-resolution image sensors to capture images. However, the sensors in Red 8K cameras possess a minimum resolution of 8K, allowing for significantly higher resolution image capture compared to Red 4K cameras. These cameras also support recording video high-quality file formats such as RAW and ProRes, enabling professionals to work with the best possible image data.

Best Red Camera

Did you know that with RED cameras, you no longer have to choose between a regular camera and a movie camera? This technology bridges the gap between both worlds, allowing you to experience the best of both. You can capture moments on video and then extract high-quality still images without losing important details.

The sensors in these cameras have the ability to produce up to 35 million pixels in a single shot, enabling you to capture individual frames in TIFF format with the best possible quality for printing.

If you are passionate about audiovisual production, you are probably familiar with RED movie cameras. Among the top professional cameras available on the market, notable mentions include the RED Dragon, RED Helium, RED Komodo 6K, RED Epic, and RED Raven. Each of these cameras offers unique features and exceptional image quality. At Camaleón Rental, we assist you in selecting the one that best suits your projects!

Red Dragon Camera

With its 6K recording capability, Red Dragon cameras offer impressive image quality that is highly valued in the film industry. They can provide a sharper and more realistic picture compared to many other cameras. Additionally, they are highly versatile, offering a wide range of configuration options to accommodate any type of production. If you are seeking the best image quality, Red Dragon cameras are an excellent choice for high-quality film or video projects.

Featuring an innovative DRAGON sensor that delivers spectacular image quality and 16.5 stops of dynamic range, this camera is capable of achieving an aesthetic very similar to that of 35mm film. It also supports slow-motion recording at 100fps in 6K and up to 300fps in 2K, allowing you to capture incredibly detailed moments. Furthermore, it boasts an extensive dynamic range and the ability to record HDR video in RAW format, with a color depth of up to 18 steps.

And if you appreciate anamorphic images, this camera allows you to record in that format.

Red Helium Camera

The Red Helium 8K from Camaleón Rental is the perfect choice for the most demanding shoots. Its compact, lightweight, and modular design, as well as its strength, make it usable in any assembly system, including drones and underwater setups. With its Super 35 sensor and 8K resolution, the Red Helium 8K delivers exceptional image quality and impressive detail. Additionally, it offers the ability to simultaneously record in two formats, allowing you to choose between REDCODE RAW, Apple ProRes, and Avid file formats.

The camera can capture slow motion up to 300 FPS at 2K and 75 FPS at 8K. Capturing images in 8K resolution enables sharper lines and unprecedented creative flexibility during post-production and VFX work. The R3D format facilitates non-destructive editing while preserving the original image quality and retaining important details. Moreover, thanks to the R3D data structure, storage requirements can be reduced without compromising image quality.

The Red Helium 8K is the ideal option for any audiovisual project that demands the highest quality and durability, even in extreme conditions.

Camera Red Komodo 

This compact camera maintains the characteristic cinematic image quality of the Red brand, thanks to its advanced sensor technology and color science. Its small size allows for easy transport to any location and adaptability to various shooting environments, providing unlimited creative possibilities.

If you are renting the Komodo 6K camera, you should know that it is equipped with a new global shutter 6K S35 sensor, eliminating the need to sacrifice dynamic range while maintaining image quality regardless of the project's requirements. Additionally, its RF-style mount offers great flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of EF and PL lenses. The camera can be powered through the DC IN port or with two Canon BP-style batteries.

The Komodo 6K is the perfect camera for both large-scale film projects, utilizing multiple cameras, and smaller yet dynamic assignments. Its ability to capture every detail with uncompromising quality makes it an essential option for any audiovisual production. Furthermore, the Komodo 6K's advanced technology enables versatile lens mounting, effortless high-speed action capture, unparalleled dynamic range, and the ability to capture highlights without sacrificing dynamic range or overall image quality.

Discover all that the Komodo 6K has to offer with Camaleón Rental!

Red Epic Camera

The Red Epic camera sets the standard for digital cinema. It features a 14-megapixel MYSTERIUM-X sensor that offers impressive 5K resolution and can record at 320 frames per second at 2K resolution. Its compact and modular design makes it compatible with various accessories, and its HDRx technology enables adaptation in challenging lighting conditions by providing up to 18 dynamic range stops. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose different aspect ratios and recording formats to customize your image capture experience according to your needs. The camera's picture speed is remarkable, capable of registering even 120fps at 5K resolution and 300fps at 2K resolution, making it ideal for high-speed movie projects. It utilizes REDMAG 1.8 or RED MINI-MAG recording cards with data transfer rates of up to 300 MB/s. In summary, if you're seeking a high-quality camera with exceptional capabilities for your film projects, the Red Epic from Camaleón Rental is the perfect choice.

Red Raven Camera

Camaleón Rental also offers the opportunity to rent the Red Raven 4.5K camera, which combines portability and flexibility without compromising performance

Equipped with a 9.9-megapixel RED DRAGON CMOS sensor, the Raven camera provides an effective resolution of up to 4608 (h) x 2160 (v) pixels, enabling you to capture highly sensitive images with a wide dynamic range of up to 16.5 stops thanks to HDRX technology. You can record in three different formats, including RAW in R3D, and at high speeds of up to 120fps in 4.5K resolution and 300fps in 2K resolution. The camera can be wirelessly controlled through its integrated Wi-Fi antenna or via Ethernet, RS232, and GPI Trigger cable. For convenient monitoring, the Raven 4.5K offers a variety of options, including Red monitors of different sizes with touchpads and BOMB viewfinders, available in both LCD and OLED. Don't hesitate to rent the RED Raven 4.5K from Camaleón Rental and enjoy the best audiovisual production experience.

Red Raptor Camera 

The V-Raptor is RED's newest film camera, and you can find it at Camaleón Rental. It represents RED's most powerful and advanced recording equipment, featuring a new system and sensor. This cinema camera is part of the new generation of DSMC3 cameras, incorporating an innovative multi-format 8K sensor that allows shooting in either large format or S35 format at 6K, providing the widest range of lenses available for any camera on the market today. What are you waiting for? Rent it on our website and experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the Red Raptor camera.

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Camera Rental

Why is Red Camera so special?

The Red Camera has revolutionized the world of cinema and video since its introduction in 2007. These cameras offer unique image quality and size, along with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. At Camaleón Rental, you can choose which model to rent from our website.

What is included in the rental of the Red camera? Does it come with accessories or do they need to be rented separately?

When you rent a Red camera from Camaleón Rental, the rental includes the selected camera and its manual. Our professional team at Camaleón Rental also provides technical advice to ensure a satisfactory and efficient experience. However, additional services and camera accessories need to be requested and rented separately.

Blackmagic Camera vs Red. Which one should I rent?

It's not a matter of which one is better. Nowadays, Blackmagic has closed the gap by developing its own BRAW, which can compete head-to-head with REDCODE, the main advantage of Red cameras. The image quality, reliability, and robustness of both products are very similar.

What is the cost of renting a Red camera per day or per week?

The prices for renting film cameras, accessories, recording spaces such as plates or studios, and other services can be found on our audiovisual equipment rental website, Camaleón Rental. By requesting a customized quote for your specific needs, you can even potentially receive a small discount and obtain better prices.