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The RED RAVEN 4.5K Camera is capable of recording in REDCODE RAW at 4.5K up to 120 fps and at 2K up to 240fps with its Red Dragon 9.9 Megapixel CMOS camera sensor. It offers a dynamic range of 16.5 stops thanks to HDRX technology. RED has endeavored to simplify workflows, allowing the recording of Apple ProRes 422 HQ at 2K @ 60 and DNxHD at 8-bit up to 60fps.
  • Sensor: DRAGON 9.9 Megapixel CMOS 23.0 mm x 10.8 mm
  • Resolution: 4.5K
  • Latitude: 16.5 stops
  • Formats: R3D, ProRes y DNxHD
  • EF Mount
  • Sensibility: 800 ISO
  • High Speed: up to 300fps
  • Weight: 1.5Kg

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RAVEN 4.5K camera

The Raven 4.5K camera is the most lightweight camera from RED and packs flexibility and portability without giving up on high performance and capabilities. It is able to record either in R3D, ProRes or DNxHD, and it can capture two simultaneous clips: one in R3D format and the other one in ProRes or DNxHD. Besides, it can reach up to 300fps at 2K resolution. Raven camera rental in Camaleon Rental.



The Raven camera is equipped with a RED Dragon CMOS sensor with 9.9mpxl with 23mm width and 10.8mm heigth, offering a 25.5mm diagonal. The sensor provides with 4608x2160 effective pixels without giving up on a great sensibility and a wide dynamic range that, combined with its HDRX feature, it offers 16.5 stops.

Recording formats

The Raven camera is designed to shoot high speed productions without compromising the final result of the file . The R3D format delivers a RAW file that enhances the best post-production possibilities. With this, it is possible to shoot 4.5K@120fps or 2K@300fps (shooting 2.4:1 ~2048 x 864 aspect ratio).

R3D & workflow

The RED Raven camera offers 16-bit RAW files per pixel. Each capture in Redcode RAW is compressed on RED MINI-MAG cards by saving the RGB color parameters as reference metadata -compression that RED defines as revolutionary for its "non-destructive editing capabilities". In this way, this format allows you to record less heavy files in order to increase the recording times. This range of understanding can be set between 2: 1 and 22: 1, depending on the resolution you choose and the needs of the production.
If you want to edit files in R3D format, RED offers REDCINE-X PRO software. Through this program, it is possible to convert R3D files to other formats and modify their parameters. Raven camera rental in Camaleon Rental.

Apple ProRes and Avid Codec

The RED Raven camera offers dual recording in two formats: one file is recorded in R3D and another is recorded either in Apple ProRes or in Avid (DNxHD). Apple ProRes format recording is only available in resolutions up to 2K (2048 x 1080) at capture rates of up to 60fps, being able to choose between different codecs (422 HQ, 422 and 422 LT). In Avid file format, it allows to capture FullHD @ 60p (1920 x 1080) in DNxHD LB at 8 bits. Raven camera rental in Camaleon Rental.

DSMC2 Connections and Wireless Connections

The second generation of RED camera to which RED RAVEN 4.5K camera belongs. The Raven camera has been designed in a modular way, thus being compatible with peripheral modules that connect to the body without cables.
The Raven camera can be controlled by Redlink thanks to its integrated WiFi antenna. The Raven camera can also be connected via Ethernet, RS232 and GPI Trigger cable with the DSMC2 "expander" module, which also incorporates 3G-SDI (HD-SDI) and HDMI outputs up to 1080p RGB 4: 2: 2, SMPTE Timecode port, auxiliary metadata connection HANC and 24-bit and 48kHz audio output.
In addition, RED provides us a large number of our monitoring options: the RED monitors are 4.7 ", 5.0", 7.0 "and 9.0" inches and all of them have a touch panel. On the other hand, RED also has view finders, called BOMB, both LCDS and OLED.

Physical characteristics and conditions of Raven camera:

The RAVEN camera is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. It is agile and portable, and it does not exceed 1.5 kg of weight. It is ideal for stabilizers and drones. The construction of the Raven camera guarantees its operation at extreme conditions, between 0º and 40ºC with wetness between 0% and 80%. Raven camera rental in Camaleon Rental.


The Raven camera includes

  • Raven Camera Body
  • EF mount
  • 5.0 ''Touchscreen monitor
  • Bomb EVF
  • Side handle
  • DSMC2 modules
  • Battery plate Pro X
  • Bridge plate / RED  Baseplate + Bars 19mm
  • General plate
  • RED integrated stationary
  • 3X Cards (2) 128GB SSD and (1) 256GB
  • MINI MAG reader
  • 4x V-Lock Batteries
  • 4-channel charger

Technical specs of the Raven camera  - General characteristics:

  • Sensor: 23.0 mm x 10.8 mm (Diagonal: 25.5mm)
  • Resolution: 4.5k
  • Formats: RECODE RAW | Apple ProRes | DNxHD
  • Sensitivity: 640/800 ISO
  • High Speed: 300 fps
  • Mount: EF
  • Weight: 1.6Kg

Raven camera - recording Media:

  • RED Mini-Mag 120 Gb
  • RED Mini-Mag 240 Gb
  • RED Mini-Mag 480 Gb
  • RED Mini-Mag 512 Gb
  • RED Mini-Mag 960 Gb

Raven camera formats | Resolution REDCODE RAW:

  • 4.5K | 2.1: 1, 2.4: 1
  • 4K | Full Format (4608 x 2160), 2: 1, 2.4: 1, 16: 9 (HD)
  • 3.5K | Full Format (3584 x 1876), 2: 1, 2.4: 1, 16: 9 (HD)
  • 3K | Full Format (3072 x 1620), 2: 1, 2.4: 1, 16: 9 (HD), 3: 2
  • 2.5K | Full Format (2560 x 1340), 2.1, 2.4: 1, 16: 9 (HD), 3: 2
  • 2K | Full Format (2048x1080), 2: 1, 2.4: 1, 16: 9 (HD), 3: 2

Raven camera resolution | SPF:

  • 4.5K Full Format (4608 x 2160) at 120fps | 4.5K 2.4: 1 (4608 x 1944) at 120fps
  • 4K Full Format (4096 x 2160) at 120fps | 4K 2.4: 1 (4096 x 1728) at 150fps
  • 3K Full Format (3072 x 1620) at 150fps | 3K 2.4: 1 (3072 x 1296) at 200fps
  • 2K Full Format (2048 x 1080) at 240fps | 2K 2.4: 1 (2048 x 864) at 300fps


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