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Red Komodo X Rental. The Red Komodo X camera, with its high resolution 8k sensor, compact size and 16.5+ stops dynamic range excels at capturing stunning images characterised by exceptional clarity and detail even in Raw. Whether you're shooting landscapes, portraits or fast-paced action, this camera consistently delivers vivid colours and impressive tonal range, ensuring your precious moments are preserved.

  • Sensor: Komodo X™ 19.9MP Super35
  • Sensor size: 27.03 x 14.26mm (diagonal 30.56mm)
  • Dynamic range: 16.5+ steps
  • Mount: RF - PL
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Dimensions: 129.37 x 101.26 x 95.26mm
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  • RED Komodo-X Camera Rental. The Red Komodo X is equipped with the most advanced video features. It supports a wide range of resolutions and frame rates, including an astonishing 8K, allowing you to capture stunning footage with unprecedented precision. In addition, the camera's dynamic range ensures excellent exposure control, and its advanced autofocus system demonstrates remarkable subject tracking accuracy, making it an ideal choice for both scripted and spontaneous shooting scenarios.
  • The RED Komodo-X is nothing less than a revolutionary paradigm shift. This digital cinema camera is a true powerhouse that delivers stunning image quality thanks to its CMOS sensor equipped with global shutter technology. This innovation eliminates the dreaded rolling shutter artefacts, resulting in images with an impressive 16 stops of dynamic range.
  • What really sets this camera apart is its extraordinary flexibility. It effortlessly handles multiple resolutions and frame rates, offering stunning 6K at 40fps, crisp 4K at 60fps and silky 2K at an impressive 120fps. The easy-to-use touchscreen adds a layer of convenience to your shooting experience, while the Canon RF lens mount ensures adaptability to a wide range of lenses. And with the inclusion of CFast 2.0, you can count on ultra-fast data transfer speeds.
  • In addition, the Red Komodo X allows you to shoot in RAW, giving you unprecedented flexibility during post-production. The RED Komodo-X is a true gem for filmmakers and content creators looking to push the boundaries of their craft.

Red Komodo X Features

  • Red Komodo X features. The RED Komodo-X sets a new standard in digital cinema cameras, offering a range of advanced specifications and features such as global shutter, high speed at full resolution, RF-mount with PL, built-in touchscreen, expandable I/O matrix and IP connectivity.
  • New generation Global Shutter sensor: The Komodo-X incorporates a revamped sensor architecture that improves colour accuracy and brings out intricate details even in shadow areas. This CMOS sensor, equipped with Global Shutter technology, ensures images with a remarkable 16-stop dynamic range, effectively eliminating any trace of rolling shutter artefacts.
  • 6K at 80 fps and 4K at 120 fps: The RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO-X 6K ST Edition features a completely redesigned Super 35 (S35) sensor that improves its architectural configuration, resulting in exceptional image quality and colour science. This sensor also features improved shadow detail. Thanks to its newly redesigned sensor, the RED Komodo-X ST can capture ultra-high resolution video, achieving impressive 6K at 80 fps and crisp 4K at 120 fps. It also supports ProRes 422 HQ, ensuring exceptional image quality.
  • Built-in touchscreen: The camera features a full-featured built-in LCD screen, offering full control and real-time image preview, even in its most compact configuration. While the built-in 2.9-inch LCD screen is suitable for image preview and basic control settings, this cinema camera combines perfectly with the separately available 7-inch DSMC3 LCD touchscreen for precise monitoring and comprehensive control of settings, eliminating cable clutter. Audio options have also been enhanced, with a locking, phantom-powered 5-pin connector that can be used with a 3.5mm adapter or dual XLR adapter to accommodate multiple microphones.
  • Canon RF mount compatible: The Komodo-X ST's rugged, locking RF mount provides flexibility in lens selection and is compatible with Canon RF lenses. The KOMODO-X 6K maintains the compact form factor of its predecessors, ensuring compatibility with DSMC3 accessories and features. However, it also welcomes the upcoming PRO I/O Module for additional power options and compatibility with full-size Gold and V-Mount batteries.In addition, it incorporates a full-size 6-pin 11-17VDC power input and comes equipped with a robust, locking Canon RF lens mount, allowing the use of a wide range of RF-mount lenses. If you are an ARRI-PL enthusiast, don't worry, just use the RED RF to PL adapter.
  • Expandable I/O matrix: The Komodo-X offers a wide range of advanced input/output (I/O) options to meet professional monitoring, cabling and power needs. This includes a full-size 1B DC-in connector, professional-grade audio via a secure 5-pin connector, native USB Type-C connectivity and 12G SDI for up to 4K 60p output. This robust I/O suite ensures seamless integration into professional workflows.
  • IP connectivity: KOMODO-X 6K streamlines IP workflows, including virtual production and live streaming, thanks to its USB-C interface and built-in Wi-Fi functionality. Control is simple via the RED Control or Control Pro applications, eliminating the need for a separate remote control. To unlock 6K streaming capabilities, we recommend adding a RED Connect licence, which enables direct IP streaming from the camera.
  • The RED Komodo-X appears as the evolution of the well-regarded Komodo series, marked by a thorough sensor overhaul and refined body design. This camera is equipped with a robust RF locking mount and a professional Micro V-lock battery interface, complemented by a set of new assignable touch buttons for enhanced user comfort and control.
  • With the remarkable ability to achieve 80 fps in 6K and 120 fps in 4K, the camera's prowess is further amplified by its compatibility with fast CFexpress Type B cards. This allows maximum flexibility in post-production, particularly when working with RAW images, offering significant advantages in colour grading and visual effects processing. The inclusion of a 9-pin EXT port simplifies timecode synchronisation with other devices, ensuring perfect coordination and efficiency during shoots.
  • In terms of production readiness, the RED Komodo-X offers advanced monitoring options, including support for the DSMC3 touchscreen LCD, an integrated USB Type-C port and newly engineered audio hardware including a locking +48V audio jack with an enhanced preamp. Please note that the DSMC3 LCD touchscreen monitor is not included with the camera.
  • In addition, the Komodo-X extends its remote capabilities with features such as RED Connect, which enables remote operation of the camera via wireless connectivity using the free RED Control app, available for iOS and Android devices.

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