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Red V-Raptor rental. The V-RAPTOR 8K, RED's most powerful and versatile cinema camera to date with 17+ latitude steps and frames per second recording at up to 600 FPS with Raw recording capability. As the flagship of the new DSMC3 generation and equipped with the latest sensor technology, it leads the way in digital image capture. The V-RAPTOR features a multi-format 8K sensor (40.96mm x 21.60mm), enabling 8K large format shooting.

  • V-Raptor sensor: 35.4MP Full-Frame, Rolling Shutter CMOS 40.96 x 21.60 mm
  • Resolution: 8K
  • Formats: REDCODE Raw HQ, MQ & LQ
  • Latitude: 17+ STOPS
  • Frames per second: Max 600 FPS
  • Recording Media: CFexpress
  • Weight: 3.6 KG
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  • Red V-Raptor XL camera rental. The V-RAPTOR surpasses previous sensor technology, offering the ability to capture full sensor 8K at speeds of up to 120 frames per second (or 150 fps at 2.4:1), 6K at an extraordinary 160 fps (or 200 fps at 2.4:1) and a staggering 600 frames per second in 2K (2.4:1). Even at these incredible speeds, it maintains a dynamic range of over 17 stops. Based on its predecessor, the MONSTRO 8K VV sensor, this unique in-camera feature allows seamless switching between large format and S35 lenses at the touch of a button, delivering stunning images at resolutions above 4K every time.
  • To enhance the user experience, the V-RAPTOR uses updated REDCODE RAW settings, offering High Quality (HQ), Medium Quality (MQ) and Low Quality (LQ) options, simplifying format choices and optimising them for various shooting scenarios and needs. It enables the capture of images in 16-bit RAW format. This provides extensive colour and detail information for advanced creative control in post-production.
  • The V-RAPTOR XL is the latest addition to RED's V-RAPTOR line of cameras. It is differentiated by its XL camera body, which houses the same multi-format 8K VV + 6K S35 sensor found in the standard V-RAPTOR. The V-RAPTOR XL's sensor allows users to switch between 8K and Super 35 6K resolutions, offering great flexibility in the choice of recording formats. It boasts the highest recorded dynamic range and exceptional shadow performance among all RED cameras. The V-RAPTOR sensor is notable for its scanning time twice as fast as any previous RED camera. This enables the capture of high-speed sequences, reaching up to 600 fps at 2K.


  • Red V-Raptor XL features. The V-RAPTOR brings several significant changes and improvements to the RED camera range such as multi-format capability, RF lens mount, dual 12G-SDI outputs, phase detection autofocus, compact Micro-V batteries, CFexpress card capture, interface, DSMC3 ecosystem, integrated ND system and the RED Control application:
  • Multi-format capability: The V-RAPTOR offers multi-format capture, including 8K VistaVision, 6K Super35, 4K, 3K Super16 and anamorphic options, making it highly versatile for a variety of shooting scenarios.
  • RF Lens Mount: Features an RF lens mount compatible with various lens adapters and includes a locking ring for added security when using heavier lenses.
  • Interface: In response to user feedback, RED has added a user interface on the right side, allowing 1st and 2nd ACs to easily access camera controls directly on the camera. The right-side LCD interface offers physical buttons for control, reducing the chances of accidental selections common with touch screens. Users can customise the interface to their preferences and display available resolutions and frame rates with their chosen format.
  • Dual 12G-SDI outputs: The camera features dual 12G-SDI outputs, allowing mirrored feeds to two displays or individual feeds with various overlays. It also supports significantly higher frame rates in 16-bit REDCODE RAW and 1080p streaming.
  • Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF): The full-frame sensor enables phase detection auto focus, especially beneficial for operators capturing fast or unpredictable action scenes.
  • Compact Micro-V batteries: The V-RAPTOR uses Micro-V mount batteries, which are smaller and fit the camera's compact design. RED Micro-V batteries offer approximately one hour of power, with fast charging times.
  • CFexpress card capture: The camera records to CFexpress 2.0 Type B cards, providing compatibility with widely available media, with the RED / Angelbird 660GB card currently approved by RED.
  • DSMC3 Ecosystem: The DSMC3 form factor includes enhancements such as a larger fan system with two intake valves, which improves thermal heat exchange (TEC) to extend the operating range. It is important to note that DSMC3 cameras are not compatible with DSMC2 accessories. The V-RAPTOR XL incorporates an advanced cooling system designed to optimise camera performance and minimise potential problems during recording with dedicated fans that perform the functions of reducing the temperature of ancillary components and cooling camera components. The fans help regulate and stabilise the sensor temperature during extended recording sessions. The benefits of this advanced cooling system are Noise reduction and improved reliability.
  • Integrated ND system: The V-RAPTOR camera offers motorised transparent filters and ND (Neutral Density) filters from 2 to 7 steps in 1/3, 1/4 and 1 step increments. These ND filters provide precise control over exposure and are particularly useful when shooting in very bright conditions or when you want to achieve specific creative effects related to shutter speed and aperture. You can control these internal ND filters with push buttons on the side or via the mobile app.
  • Wireless control via the RED Control app: Alternatively, you can control ND filters wirelessly via the RED Control app for iOS/Android. This feature enhances remote control capabilities, making it easier to fine-tune exposure settings from a distance. This can be especially useful for lone operators or when the camera is in a difficult-to-reach location. You can conveniently access and control the V-RAPTOR XL via the RED Control app. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and allows you to access the camera remotely. You can connect to the camera via Wi-Fi or via the USB-C and Ethernet interfaces. This allows you to adjust settings, monitor your shots and make changes in real time from your mobile device or computer, adding flexibility and convenience to your workflow.

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