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The DJI Ronin 2 stabilizer is best suited to be used manually or mounted on a drone, Steadicam, vehicle support and more. This Ronin 2 motorized stabilizer can support 13.6 kg, and be used with film cameras such as ARRI ALEXA Mini, Red DMC2 or Sony FS7.

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The versatile DJI Ronin 2 stabilizer is best suited to use manually or assembled in various ways, including a drone, Steadicam, vehicle support and more. This motorized stabilizer with a load capacity of 13.6 kg, can be used from DSLR to film cameras such as ARRI ALEXA Mini or Sony FS7.
The Ronin 2 improves the design of its predecessor Ronin M, better engines with more torque allow it to withstand greater weight, more fluid movements, resisting strong winds and G forces when riding in a car and moving smoothly in flight.
With engines up to eight times more powerful than the previous versions, the Ronin 2 can withstand constant speeds of up to 120 km/h. With rotary encoders in the motors, it maintains the same accuracy of 0.02º.
The Ronin 2 stabilizer incorporates a DC-out where accessories such as the DJI Focus and wireless video systems can be powered through the Ronin 2.
The Ronin 2 stabilizer has a removable handle and thanks to its new design allows the ronin 2 to stand on its own and the bottom can be disassembled when we need it.
The Ronin 2 stabilizer stands out for the simplicity of assembly and easier control. From the montage of camera and balanced, the feeding of accessories and the transport, all designed to facilitate and speed up the shooting.
A touch screen has been integrated into the Ronin 2 to control its configuration and adjustment, accelerating the configuration.
The stabilizer has a support application, it opens a range of possibilities such as CamAnchor, Timelapse and Panoramic, an easier and more intuitive control system in the Ronin 2.
The power systems in the Ronin 2 are capable of powering the motors, the installed camera and their accessories. By using two dual batteries, which allows you to change them without turning off the device, saving maximum running time.
Ronin 2 have been built to give maximum reliability. Lightweight and sturdy built with carbon fiber makes it work in extreme weather conditions. Until the design of the engine with splash-proof, the solutions given to the wiring and the redundancies.

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