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¿What is a Runner?

It is an imprecise category in the production team. In some cases the Production Assistant is equated and their functions are confused, in other cases this category is used to specify that its primary function is driving vehicles, whether for transport of equipment or goods or people. Sometimes, according to the needs of the audiovisual production their services are needed to complement the Auxiliares team. The hierarchical rank will be the one that each Producer wants assign to them, without acquiring a special meaning or giving him more or less rank than a Production Assistant. Their personal and professional characteristics are the same as those of any Assistant, but with certain peculiarities: the ability to listen and communicate will be fundamental, because they will have to be in direct contact with the Production team, as well as with the actors and actresses, for the transfers that must be made, or with the technical team for the transportation of the material entrusted to them, and the knowledge of languages ​​will be specially valued. In many cases they are public relations, because they must meet the requirements of the professionals they are transporting and they become the external image of the Producer. In some occasions the production of the audiovisual work has been negatively assessed by the lack of empathy or social correctness of the Runners in their contact with the management and artistic team or the lack of care and diligence in the equipment and material they transport.

What does a "CAMALEON CINEMA SERVICES" Runner offer?

We seek people with proven experience in driving all types of vehicles, characterized by their cordiality and affable treatment in personal relationships who know languages ​​and also possess the qualities we seek to be part of the Assistant team: attitude and aptitude in the performance of his functions, initiative and to know how to work in a team.

After carrying out an exhaustive selection process we can offer an adequate staff for each production, we consider the figure of the Runner of special relevance for its possible personal contact with the Production team and also with the artistic and technical team of the audiovisual production, that's why we have English-Spanish bilingual professionals and according to the idiomatic peculiarities of each production we offer Runner that can cover all the possibilities for its correct understanding with the people that have to move, and that are diligent and methodical when the transfer of material concerned. We offer a human team that adapts to other functions that can be commissioned within the complex process of creating an audiovisual work that assume their responsibility in the difficult and delicate situations of social and personal relationships that can be found. A Runner is the image of the company in many occasions, and we take it into account when choosing the professionals for a category so diffuse and at the same time so complex because of the specialty of its main function, which for CAMALEON is the transfer of people and transport of goods, but without forgetting that he can and should take charge of other tasks that can be entrusted to him by the rest of the production staff, by the artistic team (Directors, Directors, actors and actresses ...) or by the technical team.

We offer highly qualified professionals, but also distinguished by social and personal treatment, this are the values ​​we seek in the Runners to be the hallmarks of our team, and uniquely in a category that we value especially.