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KINO FLO SELECT 30 RENTAL Kino Flo Select 30 rental. Rental...

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KINO FLO SELECT 20 DMX RENTAL  The Kino Flo LED Select 20 led...

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All Select led panels available on rental



  • Kino Flo designs and manufactures lighting for film and television production. The company is known for developing LED panels based on a color technology that guarantees unmatched color quality, for the illumination of close-ups or large study spaces. In 1995, Kino Flo won the award for technical achievement from the Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences.
  • For developing lighting systems based on tungsten tubes. Its beginnings were focused mainly on fluorescence. Kino Flo rental.
  • The company's tradition of providing filmmakers with advanced lighting tools to shape their images continues, with an expanding line of LED luminaires, from small portable panels to large sets.
  • They are currently pioneers in Led technology and compete with Arri in the first level.
  • The latest LED lighting technologies from Kino Flo far outweigh the performance, are less heavy, can be powered by batteries and have more features than fluorescence. They can be dimerized from 1-100%, They offer Green-Magenta correction and Temperature of 2700º-6500º with 4 memories.
  • The latest range of Select 20 and Select 30 lighting panels can offer the full range of rainbow colors.
  • These are some led lighting panels that you can rent at Camaleón Rental: rental of Select 20 led panels and rental of select 30 led panels.

Rent Kino Flo Select 30 led panels:

  • Kino Flo Select 30DMX LED panels were presented to the film and advertising market in mid-2016. The ballast of the electronic select 150 LED panels is attached to the back of the Kino Flo Select 30, but can be disassembled and also you can control the different lighting modes remotely with a DMX cable or via wireless connection, with the possibility of modifying any of the channels.
  • The Kino Flo 30 led panels designed with a light weight, around 5Kg, to which we would have to add the 2Kg of the ballast if we want to use trailers. The lighting panels can be attached to a honeycomb to reduce the intensity. It is an ideal lighting panel for any type of production because it is versatile, light and simple.
  • They have characteristics that make them the perfect tool for productions, both in studio and outdoors, since it is also possible to feed them with batteries (rental of compatible batteries in Camaleon). Kino Flo rental.
  • Power: 24V Batteries | AC 100V - 240V
  • Color Temperature Range: 2500K | 9900K
  • Wireless DMX and DMX control (Lumen Radio)
  • Dimmer: 1% | 100%
  • CRI: 95%
  • 4 Additional Channels: Angle HUE | Green - Magenta | Saturation | Gels
  • Weight: 7Kg
  • The rental of the Kino Flo 30 led panels contain:
  • 1 30 panel.
  • 1 150 DMX ballast.
  • 1 DMX Cable 8 Meters.
  • 1 double battery adapter.
  • 2 Vlock batteries + Charger.
  • 1 Flight Case
  • 1 Grid (Honeycomb).
  • 1 Century Tripod.
  • 1 sandbag.
  • Necessary distribution

Rent Kino Flo Select 20 led panels

  • Kino Flo Select 20 led panels are the smallest model of the Kino flo Select LED 30 panels. Despite having smaller dimensions, it has the same features. It hares the select 105 DMX electronic ballast, which allows it to be powered by AC 100VAC - 240VAC or 24V batteries, (rental of compatible batteries in Camaleon). The 6 different channels available on the Kino Flo select 20 panels to manage. With this ballast it can be connected by DMX cable, which allows us to control it remotely either by DMX cable or by wireless DMX.
  • The Kino Flo select 20 LED lighting panels achieve a color rendering index of 95%. The lumens they provide are somewhat smaller than the kino flo 30 DMX panels. The panels include a honeycomb panel grid to reduce lighting. Thanks to its light weight of 6.5Kg adding panel and ballast, it makes it an ideal LED panel for productions where speed and versatility are required. Kino Flo rental.
  • Power: 24V Batteries | AC 100V - 240V
  • Color Temperature Range: 2500K | 9900K
  • DMX control | Wireless DMX (Lumen Radio)
  • Dimmer: 1% | 100%
  • CRI: 95%
  • 4 additional channels: Angle HUE | Green - Magenta | Saturation | Gels
  • Weight: 6.5Kg

The rental of the Kino Flo Select 20 led lighting panels contain:

  • 1 20 led panel
  • 1 150 DMX ballast
  • 1 DMX Cable 8 Meters
  • 1 double battery adapter
  • 2 Vlock batteries + Charger
  • 1 Flight Case
  • 1 Grid (Honeycomb)
  • 1 Century Tripod
  • 1 Sandbag
  • Necessary distribution

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