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The Kino Select 30 DMX LED panel is versatile and offer unique features. The select led panel is the perfect tool for almost any kind of production, indoors or outdoors. They can be powered by batteries. Select 30 DMX LED Panel Rental

  • Power supply: Batteries 24V | AC 100-240V
  • Color temperature range: 2500K | 9900K
  • DMX control, wireless DMX (Lumen Radio)
  • Dimmer: 1% | 100% 
  • CRI: 95%
  • 4 additional channels: HUE angle | Green - Magenta | Saturation | Color presets
  • Weight: 7Kg

Alquiler Iluminación LED Kino Select 30DMX | Camaleon Rental

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Select 30 Rental


The Select 30 DMX LED panel was released in June 2016 and it has gathered excellent reviews from videography and cinematography professionals since then. The electronic ballast can be coupled to the back of the device to achieve a more compact and confortable form factor, but it can be unmounted in order to control the Select 30 DMX led panel remotely, either using a DMX cable or wirelessly (Lumen Radio). Kino Flo 30 DMX LED Panel Rental.


This select LED panel offers a wide temperature range (from 2700K to 6500K before the update and up to 9900K after the update). There are 4 presets with the most used color temperatures to ease light sources matching (2700K, 3200K, 5000K and 6500K); however, they are fully customizables.


The select led panel features a dimmer that allows for light intensity modification (from 1% to 100%) without neither changing the selected color temperature nor producing flickers. Besides, there's a magenta/green tint tuner in order to perfectly match the light beam with the spectral curves of the camera's sensor.


With the latest update, the Select 30 DMX led panel adds 3 new channels which can be selected at the color menu. The first one of these new channels adds more than 100 color presets with different shades and intensities, emulating the classic diffusion filters. We can find filters like 20K, cloudy sky, blue sky, sodium vapor, warm or cold white, ocre and golden among others.

Regarding the two remaining channels we will find a hue tuner and a saturation controller. With these options we will be able to set any HUE angle in a 360º range and any level of saturation once the color is chosen. Furthermore, changing any of these channels will not lead to flickering artifacts.


Regarding photometrics, it offers 7250 lux at 0.5 meters, 445 lux at 2.5m y 117 lux at 5 meters and a CRI of 95%.


In addition to all these features the Kino Flo Select 30 DMX led panel is completely silent when working and weights just 5Kg by itself, 7Kg if coupled with the also quite lightweight ballast. All in all, the select led panel is a perfect solution for almost any kind of production due to its compact form factor, its versatility and its powerfull yet easy to use menu. Select 30 DMX LED Panel Rental.

Kino Flo Select 30 led panel Technical Specs:

  • Consumption: 150W
  • AC voltage range: 100VAC - 240VAC
  • Battery voltage range: 24VDC
  • Control: DMX | Wireless DMX (lumen radio)
  • Dimmer capacity: 1% | 100%
  • Color Temperature Range: 2700K | 6500K
  • Color Temperature Range with Update: 2500K | 9900K
  • Max Lux: 7250lux
  • Appliance weight: 7Kg
  • Weight with carrying case: 21Kg
  • Screen dimensions: 117 x 28 x 42cm
  • 3 additional channels: Angle HUE | Saturation | Rainbow
  • Color correction Green- Magenta


The hire of the Kino Flo 30 led panel contains:

  • 1 Kino Flo LED display 30
  • 1 DMX 150 LED Ballast
  • 1 DMX Cable 8 Meters
  • 1 double battery adapter
  • 2 Vlock batteries + Charger
  • 1 Flight Case
  • 1 Grid (Honeycomb)
  • 1 Century Tripod
  • 1 Sandbag
  • Distribution needed

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By on 08 Feb 2017 (SELECT 30 DMX) :

Buen rendimiento pantallas Kino Select led 30

Estas pantallas led Kino select 30 son muy recomendables. Las he utilizado en varios rodajes, ofrecen gran intensidad a larga distancia. Correción HUE precisa, además aportan un gran rendimiento y son cómodas de operar por poder alimentarse a baterías. Os volveré a alquilar estas pantallas de Led select 30 sin ninguna duda.