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FILMING - SHOOTING SERVICES SPAIN | Camaleón Cinema Services ™



  • Film & Tv Services in Spain, Portugal & Morocco.  At Camaleón Rental we bring each audiovisual production phase together under one roof, putting at our client's disposal any necessary service to carry out their project. We have a large crew of technicians and producers committed to Camaleón willing to give the best service. We offer services throughout Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Canary and Balearic Islands.
  • Commercials, Films, Video, Television, Films, Documentaries & Media content.


  • Filming services Madrid, Malaga & Seville. Our local producers have 20 years of experience in international services and film productions. They will advise you on your project: Tax benefits, equipment renting, shooting permits, casting, locations, accommodation, insurances, etc.

  • Film Camera - Lighting & Grip services
  • Film camera, lighting & grip Services. Aerial filming, Steadicam Service, Grip, lighting services, transport, Video assist, DIT & Color grading on set. We can also provide you with top-notch technicians to help you throughout your shooting: operators, focus pullers, 2nd assistants, DIT, video assistants, Gaffer and sparks, Key grip, Remote head operators, Steadicam operators, gimbal operators, sound recordist, Phantom camera operators, etc.


  • Broadcast Services Spain
  • Broadcast Services Spain. We also offer broadcast services for tv projects, concerts and sports with OBS units. 4K solutions with 2/3 and S35mm options. Expert crew with long experience and high standard facilities for your broadcast production services all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco.


  • Postproduction Services Film & TV
  • Postproduction Services film & tv. At the last stage of the project, we offer great equipment and professionals with experience in color and assembly, feature films, documentaries, advertising and television. We have 2K and 4K editing and assembly rooms, 18TB local RAID storage and 50" reference monitors to check and view.
  • A color studio with 'DaVinci Resolve' and 'SGO Mistika' 2K in real-time and  4K rendered, communicated by a RAID system. 46TB Projection of 150" thanks to Christie Solaria 2K 3D projector. Graphics, motion graphics, 3D rooms and a team of unrivalled professionals with long experience in the sector, with great talent and creativity that will enhance your project's potential.


  • Technical Service
  • Technical Services. Lens collimation: We have collimating and technical specialists. There is a lens collimation room in our central facility. We collimate your lenses and deliver via express shipping, arriving in 24h if you are in Madrid, and 48h for the rest of Spain. We also offer a standard service with a 2-3 business days delivery.