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Sony F55 hire: The Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K has a Super 35mm sensor with 8.9MP that allow shooting in 4K, 2K and HD resolutions. The F55 camera is one of the first digital cameras with "global shutter", which eliminates the rolling shutter distortions from the past. Sony designed the F55 camera to be a versatile and modular system.

  • Sensor: Super 35mm 4K 4096 x 2160 CMOS
  • Resolution: Up to 4k
  • Formats: RAW | XAVC 422 | MPEG
  • Sensitivity: ISO 1250
  • Latitude: 14 steps
  • High Speed: Up to 240 fps
  • Mount: FZ to EF or PL
  • Weight: 2.2Kg


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The Sony F55 hire - rental camera is one of the first digital film cameras with "global shutter", which completely eliminates tilt movements and other shutter distortions (such as flash bands). The Sony F55's shutter angle has a 4.2º to 360º range. The Sony F55 hire camera has a latitude of 14 stops and the ability to work from the most pronounced shadows to the highest lights. This latitude provides a wide sensitivity, reducing noise in black parts of the frame. The Sony F55 has a CMOS S35 sensor of 11.6 total megapixels, almost nine million effective pixels. Its sensor can capture 4K resolutions according to the DCI standard (4096 x 2160), and it has a size of 24mm x 12.7mm, reaching a diagonal of 27.1mm. Sony F55 camera hire in Camaleon Hire.


The Sony camera F55 is designed to use PL and FZ mount lenses with it. Using a PL mount adapter, you can mount high-end film lenses such as Angénieux, Carl Zeiss, Cooke, Fujifilm or Leica on the F55. The FZ mount is designed to carry prime lenses with common adaptors, such as Canon EF lenses, Canon FD, Nikon DX, Nikon G, Leica M, and even 2/3" B4 broadcast lenses.
The F55 hire camera accepts the new PL mount lenses developed by Sony; these new lenses are specifically designed for 4K recordings to minimize geometric distortion and crop. Their 9-blade iris guarantees beautiful bokeh. The focus ring rotates 240°. The basic kit has the following primes: 20, 25, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm. These lenses have the same T2.0 aperture, same external diameter, matte box diameter, and the same "follow focus" mechanism system location the old Sony PL lenses had. All of them have the same size, except the 135mm prime. F55 camera rental - hire in Camaleon Hire.



The F55 video camera has a storage system for high speed recording. This hire camera model could use a DVF-EL100 OLED viewfinder for a correct interpretation of the colors; this VF is compatible with the new long-life olivine (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. The optional F55 shoulder support (CBK-55BK) provides greater ergonomics and flexibility of use than previous models. This camera allows recording in multiple formats: MPEG-2 HD422, MPEG4 SStP, XAVC 2K / HD, XAVC QFHD / 4K and RAW 2K / 4K 16 bits. It is possible to record RAW 2K / 4K on both internal SxS PRO memory cards thanks to the V-Log AXS-R7 module. Capable of doubling the recording speed in 4K RAW - 60 fps, reaching 120 fps. In RAW 2K, the recording speeds up to 240 fps. It also includes two slots of high-speed AXSM memory cards. It improves workflow due to its ability to record on Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD, increasing compatibility with editing programs such as FCPX and Avid. The camera offers 4K real-time outputs to a compatible monitor thanks to 3G-SDI technology. It also has HDMI and USB in/outputs. You can attach extra modules with XLR audio connectors, Genlock and timecode. F55 Camera rental - hire in Camaleon Hire.



In addition to the AXS-R7 module, it has a new X-OCN capture format with two recording modes: X-OCN ST (standard), and X-OCN LT that can record 2.3 times more footage. Both modes save the metadata.

Sony has designed the F55 hire camera as an exceptionally versatile and modular camera system, weighing only 2.2kg. The F55 has a 130x125x191cm size and offers the possibility of being operated in extreme conditions; withstanding active temperatures between 0ºC and 40ºC. F55 camera rental/hire in Camaleon Hire.
The F55 includes:
  • DVF-EL100 viewfinder
  • PMW-F3 PL adapter
  • Vlock AXS R-7 module
  • 2x AXSM 512Gb Cards
  • AXS-CR1 reader
  • AC power adapter
  • 4X vlock 220 Swit Batteries
  • 1x 4-channel charger
  • XLR Audio Input
  • Sony Top Handle
  • 19mm Bridgeplate
  • Sliding plate
  • 19mm bars

General characteristics:
  • Sensor: Super 35mm 4K 4096 x 2160 CMOS
  • Resolution: Up to 4k
  • Formats: RAW | XAVC 422 | MPEG
  • Sensitivity: ISO 1250
  • Latitude: 14 steps
  • High Speed: Up to 240 fps
  • Mount: FZ to EF or PL
  • Weight: 2.2Kg

F55 Recording media:
  • SXS Pro Plus Cards | 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
  • AXS-512S24 | 512GB (2.4Gbps)
  • AXS-A512S24 Series A | 512GB (2.4Gbps)
  • AXS-A256S24 Series A | 256GB (2.4Gbps)
  • AXS-A1TS24 Series A | 1TB (2.4Gbps)
  • AXS-A1TS48 Series A | 1TB (4.8Gbps)
Camera rental:
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Rental of available accessories:
  • Oconnor 2575D or 1030D tripod rental
  • Arri FF4 focus knob rental
  • Arri or Tangerine matte box rental
  • Tiffen or Schneider filter rental
  • Tvlogic 5.6 monitor rental
  • Tvlogic 17 '' monitor rental
  • Pix E-5 Recorder rental
  • Teradek Bolt rental
  • Magliner rental
  • Dit Station rental

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Manual Sony F55

Manual Sony F55

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