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Rental Sony Fx3. With a compact design for solo shoots, for travel shoots or for use as an ideal B-camera, the FX3 from Sony is part of the Cinema Line series of cameras. It is the new portable Cinema Line camera Sony with many improvements over its predecessor Sony Alpha. The FX3 has all the imaging attributes you would expect from this class, but features a new lightweight, portable form with a streamlined profile and a "cage-free" design that offers the ability to attach a variety of accessories directly to the camera body.

  • Sensor Sony FX3: Exmor R CMOS
  • Video recording: DCI 4K at 200p
  • Dynamic range: 15 stops
  • Mount: E from Sony
  • Weight: 715g
  • FPS: Up to 240 fps at FH
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  • Camera Rental Sony FX3.It is a powerful video cameraDesigned to offer a professional level performance in a compact and lightweight format. Whether you are filming a documentary, a short film or a corporate video, the Sony FX3 is a video camera excellent choice that will help you capture stunning footage with ease.
  • The chambers Sony FX3 is equipped with a full frame 10.2 MP camera that delivers excellent low-light performance and beautiful, cinematic images. It is capable of record 4K video to a 120 frames per second, which gives you the flexibility to create slow motion sequences that capture every detail. The camera also supports 16-bit RAW output, which provides a superior image quality y flexibility in post-production.


  • Features Sony FX3. One of the most important characteristics highlights of the FX3 is its integrated electronic variable ND filter, which allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the lens without changing aperture or shutter speed. This function is especially useful when shooting on bright outdoor locations, as it allows you to maintain a shallow depth of field and achieve a cinematic look without the need to use filter holders, this new feature is a selling point in shooting setups with small crews.

  • The Film cameras FX3 has also been designed with professional filmmakers in mind, featuring XLR inputs for high-quality audio recording, a dedicated control dial for adjusting focus and a detachable top handle that offers additional mounting options for accessories. The camera is compatible with a wide range of E-mount lenses, giving you the flexibility to choose the best lens for your shooting needs.

  • With its advanced features and impressive performance, the FX3 from Sony is an excellent choice for filmmakers and videographers who demand the best. Whether you're shooting a feature film or corporate video, the FX3 will help you capture stunning footage that will make your project stand out.


  • Sensor of the Sony FX3.The camera Sony FX3 features a 35mm full frame (Full Frame) Exmor R CMOS sensor, which is an outstanding feature of this model. This sensor has been designed to offer high sensitivity and low noise, enabling clear and detailed images even in low light situations.
  • The full-frame sensor has a larger physical size compared to smaller sensors, allowing it to capture more light and detail in each frame. This results in sharper, more detailed images, especially in difficult lighting conditions, which makes the Sony FX3 is an excellent choice for shooting situations indoors, at night or in challenging lighting environments.
  • The 35 mm full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor of the Sony FX3 offers exceptional performance in terms of light sensitivity and image quality, making it a powerful tool for a variety of film and video applications. The FX3 features a full-frame sensor, which offers superior image quality and better low-light performance compared to cameras with smaller sensors.


  • Video resolution of the Sony FX3.The camera Sony Range FX3 Sony CineLine is capable of recording video in various resolutions and frame rates. It offers the ability to record in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second, allowing you to capture smooth, high quality images even in fast action or sports scenes.
  • In addition, the Sony FX3 video camera can record in Full HD at up to 240 frames per second, providing the option of impressive and detailed slow motion effects. This feature is ideal for adding visual impact to your productions and highlighting key moments in your videos.
  • With its 12.1MP 24x36 sensor (10.2MP for video), the Sony FX3 delivers exceptional quality in motion image capture, ensuring sharp, detailed reproduction of every frame.
  • In addition, the ability to record internally in Long Gop 4:2:2 in 10-bit ensures high quality colour and detail in the footage, providing greater flexibility in post-production to adjust and edit the video material.
  • The Sony FX3 offers a wide range of video recording options, from 4K at 120 fps to Full HD at 240 fps, combined with exceptional image quality and advanced internal recording capabilities, making it a powerful tool for videographers and filmmakers looking to capture moving images with the highest quality and versatility. This camera is capable of recording 4K footage at up to 120 frames per second, allowing for smooth slow motion playback and creative flexibility in post-production.


    • Colour profiles of the Sony FX3. The camera Sony FX3 features a variety of colour profiles designed to meet the needs of different types of users. It includes the S-Cinetone colour profile, which delivers a cinematic image straight from the camera, without the need for post-production. This allows users to achieve professional results quickly and easily.
    • In addition to the S-Cinetone profile, the Sony FX3 also supports colour profiles such as S-Log3 and S-Gamut3 for those who prefer deeper colour grading in post-production. These profiles offer greater flexibility in colour grading and allow users to adjust the image according to their creative preferences.
    • The camera operates on a Dual ISO 800/12,800 Cine EI-compatible basis, ensuring exceptional image quality in a wide range of lighting conditions. This, combined with the ability to record in the S-Log3 or S-Gamut3.Cine colour space, allows users to capture images with a wide dynamic range and accurate colour reproduction.
      • The Sony FX3 fits perfectly with the other CineLine sensors, making it an ideal choice for film and professional video production projects.


      • Auto-focus of the Sony FX3.The Sony FX3 is equipped with an advanced autofocus system that provides fast and accurate focusing during video recording. This system includes functions such as real-time tracking and Eye AF, which are especially useful for maintaining focus on moving subjects.
      • With real-time tracking, the camera can automatically identify and track subjects in the frame, allowing for smooth, focus-free recording. This feature is ideal for situations where the subject is constantly moving, such as filming sporting events or documentaries.
      • Eye AF, on the other hand, automatically detects and focuses on subjects' eyes, ensuring they are always sharp and in focus. This is especially useful in portraits or situations where the subject is looking directly at the camera.
      • Taken together, these autofocus functions make the Sony FX3 is a powerful tool for videographers and filmmakers looking for reliable, high-quality performance in their video productions



      • Design of the Sony FX3.Inspired by the Mirrorless hybrid cameras, the Sony FX3 features a design that shares similarities with the Alpha 7SIII, including the same battery format (NPFZ-100) and the ability to use CF express cards for slow motion or V90 SD cards for standard recording. This familiar design brings comfort and convenience to users already familiar with the Alpha series ecosystem.
      • The body of the Sony FX3 is designed to be rugged and resistant to dust and moisture, making it suitable for use in a variety of environmental conditions. In addition, it integrates an effective heat dissipation system that allows for extended recording without worrying about overheating, which is especially important during extended recording sessions or in hot environments.
      • The Sony FX3 features a robust, lightweight magnesium alloy body with strategically placed mounting points around the perimeter.Top mounts: The FX3 offers three 1/4"-20 sockets on the top, providing flexibility for attaching accessories such as articulated arms or cold shoe mounts. However, space on the left side may be limited, especially if you are using the MI handle.
      • There is a 1/4"-20 tap located on each side of the camera. However, the tap above the HDMI port may obstruct the HDMI output, limiting its practicality. The tap on the left side may block the hand grip, which could be a consideration depending on your shooting setup. The bottom of the FX3 features a 1/4"-20 tap for mounting on tripods or attaching a quick release plate. This provides stability when using the camera on a tripod.
      • Sony promotes the FX3 as having a cage-free design due to the ample mounting points around the body. While these mounting points offer versatility, some users may choose to use a cage for additional accessory attachment options. When the MI grip is attached, three additional mounting points are available on top of the camera. This further expands the accessory mounting possibilities. Although the Sony FX3 offers multiple mounting options for attaching accessories and rigging configurations, users may need to be aware of the following potential limitations
      • One of the main differences with the Alpha 7SIII is that the Alpha 7SIII's Sony FX3 is especially well ventilated, allowing for long continuous shooting without the risk of overheating. It also features multiple Kodak grip points strategically placed on its body, making it easy to handle and allowing it to be used in a variety of specific configurations, providing versatility and convenience for users in different shooting situations. To ensure the camera stays cool during extended shooting sessions, Sony has implemented an internal fan system, which helps to dissipate heat and avoid overheating problems.


      • Audio of the Sony FX3.The Sony FX3 offers versatile audio capabilities that make it ideal for a variety of productions. Unlike other larger cinema cameras, the FX3 features built-in audio controls, allowing you to easily adjust audio levels directly from the camera.
      • In addition to the integrated controls, the Sony FX3 also offers options for external microphones, providing a complete solution for productions that require capturing quality audio directly into the camera. This is especially useful for videographers and filmmakers who want to simplify their workflow and avoid the need for separate audio recording devices.
      • With the ability to connect external microphones, users can take advantage of a wide range of audio options to suit their specific needs, whether they are filming interviews, dialogue scenes or complex sound environments.
      • The Sony FX3 offers a complete solution for capturing quality audio directly in-camera, making it a versatile and convenient tool for a variety of film and video productions.


      • Manageability of the Sony FX3.The Sony FX3 has been designed to offer excellent manoeuvrability, making it ideal for a variety of film and video applications. Its shape and size make it perfect for mounting on gimbals, drones or being handheld more easily than larger cinema cameras. This feature makes it an attractive option for professionals and advanced amateurs looking for cinematic features in a more affordable and portable package.
      • Being smaller and lighter than its competitors, such as the Black Magic Pro 6k and Black Magic Pro 6k, the Canon C70, the Sony FX3 is easy to handle with a stabiliser such as a Ronin RS 3 Or a Zhiyun Crane 2 or 3s. This provides additional stability to shots, allowing users to capture smooth and fluid images even in moving situations.
      • In addition, like their counterparts from Sony, the FX3 has an excellent autofocus system, especially when mounted with a lens Sony Gmaster. This allows it to detect looks, faces, movement in the frame and many other features, making it easy to capture sharp, well-focused images in a variety of situations.
      • The Sony FX3 offers a unique combination of cinema features in a compact, portable package, making it an attractive option for a wide range of users who want to elevate the quality of their film or video work. Sony has managed to pack high-end features into a compact and lightweight body, making it highly portable and suitable for use in a variety of shooting scenarios.
      • Also, the Sony FX3 offers a compelling combination of performance, portability and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for filmmakers who need a compact yet powerful camera for their projects. Whether used as a main cinema camera or as a secondary camera.
      • On the other hand, the Sony FX3 shares similarities with the a7S III in terms of menu structure and LCD screen, which brings both advantages and limitations. Although the FX3's menu structure in video mode mirrors that of the a7S III, some users may find it comprehensive but slightly complex. Although it is an improvement over the previous menus of the a7S III, some users may find it comprehensive but slightly complex Sony, if the FX6 has a more simple and clean interface, some users may prefer a simpler and cleaner interface, similar to the menu structure of the FX6. However, accommodating the wide range of settings while integrating photo settings can be a challenge. Even so, maintaining familiarity with other cameras in the FX6 line-up can be a challenge Sony is beneficial for users transitioning between models.


      • Connectivity of the Sony FX3.The Sony FX3 offers a wide range of connectivity options to meet the needs of professional users. The camera is equipped with multiple output ports, including HDMI, which allows connection to external recorders for 4:2:2 16-bit recording, providing superior image quality and greater flexibility in post-production.
      • In addition to the HDMI port, the Sony FX3 features a USB-C bus and a multi-bus that provide connection options for additional accessories such as external monitors, storage drives or remote control devices. These ports allow users to expand the camera's capabilities and customise its configuration to their specific production needs.
      • The camera also features a microphone input and a 3.5 mm mini-jack headphone output, facilitating high-quality audio recording and monitoring during recording. In addition, the detachable top handle of the Sony FX3 has 2 XLR3 audio inputs, providing a convenient option for the connection of professional microphones and other audio devices.
      • The FX3 features a fully articulated LCD screen, similar to that of the a7S III. This design allows versatile positioning, including selfie mode, but can be obstructed by attached cables such as HDMI, USB, or audio inputs. While convenient for certain shooting scenarios, users may find it less practical when using external peripherals that block the view of the screen. This is a common problem for cameras with flip-down displays when using a variety of I/O options.

      • Although the Sony FX3 benefits from shared components and familiarity with other models such as the a7S III, users should be aware of potential limitations such as menu complexity and obstruction of the LCD view when using external connections. These considerations may affect the usability of the camera in different situations.

      • The Sony FX3 offers versatile connectivity that allows users to take full advantage of its cinematic capabilities, providing connection options for a wide variety of accessories and external devices.


      • Camera rental Sony Fx3 Cinema line. The chambers Sony Fx3 are part of the last line of chambersSony Cinema Line. Can be combined with the top camera models Sony Fx9 and Sony Fx6 as it shares the colour profiles as well as the common 4k resolution.


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      Manual Rápido Cámara Sony FX3

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