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FX6 rental/hire camera: The new Sony Fx6 is a compact rental/hire camera with a 4K cinema resolution. It has an EXMOR Full-Frame CMOS sensor, two types of ISO base (800 and 12800), a more than a 15stop High Dynamic range, and internal 4K/ 120p 4:2:2 10 bit recording. It's also able to record RAW files externally. FX6 camera rental/hire in Camaleon Rental.

  • 4K Full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Video Recording in DCI 4K at 120p
  • 15 stops of Dynamic Range
  • Sony E mount
  • 4:2:2 10 bits
  • Variable ND filters
  • Fast and hybrid Autofocus

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In Camaleon Rental, we offer the rental/hire of the new Sony FX6 camera, which comes with added updates and improvements from its predecessor, the PXW-FS5. It has a 10.2MP Full-frame and a backlit Exmor R CMOS sensor. It offers an impressive light capture capacity, a high reading speed, and a dynamic range of more than 15 stops. It also has great sensitivity and low-noise images. The Sony FX6 rental/hire camera's BIONZ XR image processor engine regulates the sensor's high reading speed.

With a native 800ISO sensibility, the rental/hire FX6 camera offers a perfect dynamic range for documentaries filmed in or outdoors. The 128000ISO was made for difficult low-light filming situations. The FX6 camera offers over 15 dynamic range stops for greater creative freedom, a never-made before feature to facilitate color gradation and post-production. The Sony FX6 has a more modern structure, faster high-quality images, and a better camera interface response.

FX6 rental/hire camera with fast hybrid auto-focus

The Fx6 hire camera uses a wide range AF with a follow and face detection sensor to capture subjects neatly throughout the whole frame (the AF focuses 89% of the frame, and has a face detector of 672 points). The hybrid AF offers an accurate focus even with low depth of field high-frequency images (120p, 4K: GFHD).

Real-Time Eye AF and Face Detection

Real-time Eye AF and face detection give neat and stable focus, perfect for interviews and events. Very useful in situations where the people in it, are the most important part of the story. Real-time processing allows great focus on the subject's eyes, even when looking up and down; this way the user can just concentrate on filming. 

Focused 4K 120 fps in every frame

The Sony FX6 camera uses high-frequency image shots to transform normal action into an elegant movement visual party. The FX6 captures up to 120 fps with a 4K resolution (QFHD). The slow and quick motions (S&Q) in the FX6 give total frequency control (from frame 1 to 120) of the captured image, which allows an accurate movement narrative. The camera also has a super slow-motion option that gives a five times greater image (24fps output).

Auto Focus with E-mount lenses

A fluid experience with a great AF response on Sony E-mount lenses and premium lens performance for any film use. With an E-mount lens activator for a faster and more precise AF to facilitate creative efforts.


FX6 electronic variable neutral density filters

The Sony FX6 camera has integrated electronic neutral density filters (ND). As opposed to conventional ND filters, the FX6 electronic ND filters can be controlled online or automatically; the available ND filter range goes from 1/4 to 1/128.  This is ideal for changing environments, there's no need to change filters when lighting varies or if depth of field grows/shrinks.

Capture the impossible with the higher ISO sensitivity of PXW FX6 ILME Cinema line

Capture quality images in near-total darkness thanks to an extended USO range up to 409600. The full-frame sensor of the sony PWX FX6 camera, combined with the innovative light-gathering capabilities of sony's new camera, ensures unlimited capture possibilities unthinkable with previous versions of recording equipment.

Great bokeh and full-frame creativity PXW FX6 Cinema Line

Shoot beautiful 4K images with the creative freedom afforded by the new Sony FX6 Cinema Line full-frame sensor. Capture every detail of the scene with minimal depth of field and stunning bokeh with an authentic cinematic look.


Cinematic colour science with S-Cinetone™ - Cinetone recording with FX6 SONY

S-Cinetone color has been developed for Sony's acclaimed FX9 camera and is the default option for the little sister Sony PXW-FX6.

Cinetone recording. Being precisely calibrated to meet the requirements of today's content creators, Cinetone recording mode delivers rich color and true-to-life skin tones, producing fresh, vivid images directly in-camera without the need for color grading. Maintaining sufficient latitude for post-production.

Sony PXW FX6's large pixels offer high sensitivity and low noise - FX6 SONY

The full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS sensor is 10.2 MP. The Sony FX6 sensor offers incredible light capture and a dynamic range of over 15 stops. Producing incredible images with wide sensitivity and lower noise than its predecessors.

Powerful BIONZ XR™ image processor - SONY FX6

The Sony FX6 camera's BIONZ XR image processor adapts to high-speed sensor readout with its enormous power delivering high-quality images faster and improving the responsiveness of the Sony PXW FX6 camera interface.



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Manual Sony Fx6

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