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The new Sony FS7 has a dynamic range of 14 stops, Super 35mm CMOS sensor and a native ISO of 2000. It records 60fps in 4K (slow motion up to 180fps). This camera is able to record ProRes 422 with XQD cards. It has ergonomic design and includes internal ND filters.

  • Sensor: Super 35mm
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Hi-speed: up to 180 fps
  • Sensitivity: ISO 2000
  • Latitude: 14 stops / 8 stops
  • Mount: E / EF / PL

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SONY FS7 Rental

The Pxw FS7 camera is synonymous of versatility. 4k and HD recording in XAVC-I, XAVC-L formats on card. With the XDCA module, you can shoot Apple ProRes 422 internally (1920x1080) or RAW 2k and 4K with external recorders. Its E mount offers all kinds of adapters for interchangeable lenses, allowing the use of cinema lenses tin order to provide Cinematographic images.


The Sony FS7 is a documentary style camera, with shoulder mount comfort without rigs. It weighs only 2.25kg and has a reduced size. It has a solid structural magnesium construction, resulting up to three times lighter than aluminum. The FS7 incorporates an expandable arm that ends in a handle that allows to control the functions of camera that are necessary for the recording. Zoom control, rec button and menu control. Zoom, Start/Stop and Assign controls are carefully located on the sculpted, telescoping smart grip. Sony supplies a proper viewfinder that's perfectly offset to the left with a huge range of fore-aft adjustment.


The Sony fs7 a tremendously versatile camera. It records 4k and HD in formats XAVC-I, XAVC-L on card. With the XDCA module it offers the possibility of shooting in Apple ProRes 422 internally (1920x1080) or RAW 2k and 4K with external recorders. Its E-mount Sony  offers all type of adapters for interchangeable lenses, this allows to use cinema lenses that in combination with this Sensor offers great cinematic images. 


Mount Flexibility

With the Sony Fs7 there are a lot of advantages.  An important one is its mount and the compatibility it offers with Sony´s lenses and lenses of others suppliers.The FS7’s E-Mount can take Cinema lenses and SLR lenses with an adaptor, as well as Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses.So whether buying new lenses, or making use of lenses you’ve already purchased, the FS7 will give you great freedom to find the look you want.


Handheld design

There was a clear objetive at the time of designing the ergonomics of the SONY Fs7, its handheld design needed to remain comfortable even over the course of long shoots, to support hour after hour of recording—without changing memory cards. Furthermore this camera provides the latest in resolution, exposure latitude, and colour reproduction. With this camera SONY manages to deliver it all in one affordable and practical package with success.

Sony’s remarkable smart grip

It is a highly adjustable control centre located on a pivoting, telescoping arm. The smart grip includes Zoom, Start/Stop and a range of Assign controls, including a dial you can use to adjust Iris. So you can operate the camera without taking your hand off the grip. The shape is comfortable hour after hour. And the angle of the grip can be adjusted at the press of a button.

4K Super 35 Sensor

We all know that the size does matters when we are talking about sensors. With the Super 35 sensor of the Sony you could defocused backgrounds and deliver bokehs. The use of the shallow depth of field for directing the atention of the viewers is a resource you could easy use with this sensor.This is something easier with a longer sensor, like the fact that a bigger sensor equates to better low-light sensitivity and lower image noise or that the field of view is wider for any given focal length lens.

High Frame Rates up to 180 fps

The FS7 provides continuous recording at Full HD at frame rates of up to 180 fps. When you play back at 23.98p, you’ll enjoy extraordinary Super Slow Motion of up to 7.5x. Compared to burst mode, the continuous recording of the FS7 reduces mistimed shots and extra takes. This camera also provides Slow & Quick motion from 1 fps to 180 fps, in 1 fps increments. This enables time lapse effects to make the clouds race by or flowers bloom before your eyes. And for even higher frame rates, you can attach the XDCA-FS7 extension unit and connect an outboard recorder, both sold separately, for 2K RAW recording at up to 240 fps. This creates 10x Super Slow Motion when played at 23.98p.

NDs integrated

A built-in Neutral Density (ND) filter wheel includes positions for Clear, 1/4 (2 Stops), 1/16 (4 Stops), and 1/64 (6 Stops).

Multi- interface

The FS7 takes advantage of Sony’s flexible Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe, which provides power, signal connections and coordinated on/off switching to compatible Sony accessories. For example, you can connect and control Sony wireless microphone systems such as the UWP-D11 or UWP-D12 or attach the HVL-LBPC light.
4-Channel Audio Inputs and Recording

The FS7offers 4-channel audio input. In situations such as interviews, this function enables the simultaneous use of an external microphone for recording ambient sounds, the built-in microphone for voice recordings by the operator, and two optional UWP Series wireless microphones for voice of interviewer and interviewee. In addition, by the use of an optional XLR adapter “XLR-K2M” or ”XLR-K1M” which provides additional 2 XLR inputs, possible applications are further expanded.


The Sony FS7 camera offers the possibility of recording with the compressed colored CUSTOM MODE signal or recording with a logarithmic curve, for example the S-log3 or S-Log2 and display a LUT through the sdi outputs or the CINEMA EI MODE LCD. Any of these curves, even having to compress the latitude for television broadcasting, adjust the targets, leaving them 90% lower to have more flexibility in the highs lights between 91 and 110%. Recorded images appear underexposed and with lack contrast. But in counterpart we will have many stops to go up or down in high and low lights. To control the exposure we use the waveforms that measures the signal.If that signal comes with an applied LUT, the measured values will be in relation to this LUT. Each LUT has its exposure levels to follow, but generally the average gray should be around 41%.


The PXW FS7 camera rental includes:

  • Viewfinder EVF + Eyepiece Sony.
  • Handle / Stationary.
  • 4 64Gb Cards + Reader 3.0.
  • Tilta Vmount adapter.
  • Cage / Rig Tilta.
  • BP at 15mm
  • Power supply
  • 15mm bars

Available Accessories for PXW FS7 camera rental:

  • Extra 128Gb Cards rental
  • XDCA module rental
  • Metabone E-PL adapter rental
  • Metabone E-EF adapter rental
  • Cartoni Focus HD tripod rental
  • Oconnor 2560 Fluid Head rental
  • Tvlogic 5.6 "monitor rental
  • Pixel Recorders Monitor rental
  • 17 "and 18" Tvlogic Monitor rental for director
  • Ronford Baker Slider rental
  • E-mount lense rental

Sony FS7 | Information | Blog | Test


  • It records in 4K in internal memory (4096 x 2160) standard XAVC Intra cinema format at 24p.
  • Flexible spot autofocus allows you to select the area of ​​focus.
  • Improvement in scopes: It is now possible to use a waveform monitor to view the logarithmic signal or with an applied LUT.
  • It improves the ability to set the “S&Q motion” function to an assignable button.
  • The "auto knee" in "Custom" mode has been improved.



Recommended lenses for PXW FS7 rental:

The FS7 camera has an E mount. There are both PL and EF adapters that allow the use of Cinema lenses. Although EF adapters have the advantage of being active, they transmit data to the camera. They are less recommended for their lower precision with focus marks. PL adapters are more accurate and reliable but do not have camera communication.
Depending on the shooting needs, we can offer you a variety of solutions and configurations of both fixed and variable focal lenses for this camera. Zoom light and with Servo motors of different ranges for documentaries or television productions, and fixed lens suitcases for fiction and advertising projects.
  • 28-135mm f4 Zoom lens rental
  • Canon 24-70mm F2.8 lens rental
  • Canon 70-200mm F2.8 USM II lens rental
  • Zeiss Standard Prime T2.1 lens rental
  • Canon CN-E Set lens rental
  • Fujinon Cabrio Premier 20-120mm lens rental
  • Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mM  lens rental
  • Angenieux Optimo Style lens rental

Pxw FS7 Camera Package rental:

These are some of the camera configurations with professional accessories and lenses that we can offer you with the FS7 rental.
  • FS7 + Zeiss Standard Prime T2.1 rental
  • FS7 + Zeiss Super Speed ​​T1.3 MkI & MKII rental
  • FS7 + Cooke S4i T2 rental
  • FS7 + Fujinon Cine Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 rental
  • FS7 + Angenieux Optimo Style 16-30mm and 30-76mm T2.6 rental
  • Fs7 + 28-135mm F4 rental

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By on 08 Mar 2017 (SONY PXW-FS7) :

sony fs7

cámara versátil, ideal para documentales, aunque no hay que descartarla para ficción . una de mi cámaras pequeña favoritas .

By on 16 Feb 2017 (SONY PXW-FS7) :

Best all purpose affordable camera

4k (not uhd) great native ISO, slow motion up to 150 fps, one of the most versatile cameras around

By on 10 Feb 2017 (SONY PXW-FS7) :

Versatilidad, Resolución 4k , sensibilidad y alto rango dinámico

La Cámara Sony Pxw - Fs7 ha revolucionado el mercado, convertiéndose en un estandard para producciones de presupuesto medio. Rueda hasta 180fps en HD y puede utilizarse con ópticas montura E, EF y PL formato S35.

By on 08 Feb 2017 (SONY PXW-FS7) :

Rodaje con Sony Fs7

Mis experiencias con Sony Fs7 han sido genial, conté con el Blog de Camaleón sobre esta cámara y todo me ha salido sin ruido y con el look que estábamos buscando.