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Film studios for rental in Spain

Hire film and TV studios in Spain

Camaleón Cinema Services presents a wide array of Film and TV studios in Spain, boasting an impressive variety to cater to your diverse production needs. Our filming studios for rental are meticulously designed, encompassing thousands of soundproofed and conditioned meters dedicated to delivering top-tier productions. With locations spread across the Iberian Peninsula, we offer unparalleled convenience and accessibility.
We take immense pride in offer for rental and managing professional studios that perfectly adapt to every requirement. Whether it's the size, location, or the availability of additional amenities like on-site dining and wardrobe services, we strive to meet all your demands. Our comprehensive production services accompany every step of your creative journey, ensuring a seamless and successful production process. Expect the latest advancements in technical equipment, backed by collaborations with numerous esteemed companies, skilled professionals, freelancers, and institutions, ensuring a well-rounded and holistic approach to your projects.

Below, I will outline some of the exceptional studios we currently have available for rental throughout Spain.

Film studios for rental - 1150 m² Spain

Not one, but two expansive film studios in Spain for rental, each spanning an impressive 1150 m². With identical dimensions of 36 meters in length, 31 meters in width, and 9.20 meters in height, the possibilities for unleashing your creative vision are boundless. These studios for rental are thoughtfully designed to provide an ideal environment for your productions, ensuring a seamless and immersive filmmaking experience.

Equipped with cutting-edge hot and cold air conditioning systems, our studios for rental in Spain offer a comfortable climate regardless of the season, ensuring optimal conditions for your cast and crew.

To foster a focused and uninterrupted creative process, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that both the studio perimeters and access doors have been meticulously soundproofed, eliminating any potential noise pollution from external sources.

As if these impressive features weren't enough, our facility for rental boasts an additional 2,400 m² of auxiliary rooms thoughtfully designed to cater to your production's every need. These rooms include spacious dressing areas complete with professional make-up and hairdressing stations, as well as a catering area. Moreover, we have dedicated spaces designed for smooth production logistics, with easy truck access to the studio gates, streamlining the transportation of equipment and materials.

At our facility for rental in Spain, your security and convenience are of utmost importance. We provide private parking for added ease and efficiency, and our team of vigilant 24-hour private security personnel ensures a safe and secure environment for your production at all times.

Film studios for rental - 1800 m² Spain

Another of our big studios in Madrid, Spain, boasts an expansive 1800 m² space with a soaring height of 12 meters, offering endless possibilities to breathe life into your projects. The generous dimensions of 50 x 36 meters provide a versatile canvas for the creation of unique and captivating scenes that will leave a lasting impact.

To maintain an optimal working environment, the studio for rental in Spain is fully air-conditioned, providing year-round comfort and enabling your team to focus on the creative process. As we understand the importance of safety and security, rest assured that our 24-hour surveillance offers peace of mind and protection for both your material and human crew. Simplifying your production logistics, we offer direct truck access to the set doors. Efficiency is at the heart of this studio's design, accentuated by the presence of two industrial forklifts.

Facilitating the seamless mobilization and assembly of scenery and heavy equipment. Our first-class facilities for rental in Spain further enhance the experience, featuring a well-equipped hair salon, dressing rooms, and spacious accommodations for the cast to prepare and perform at their best.

Film studios for rental - 760 m² and 625 m² Spain

Our exceptional offering of two interconnected movie studios in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain. One of the studios boasts a generous 760 m² space, stretching 35 meters in length, 21 meters in width, and soaring to an impressive height of 9 meters. The second studio for rental, equally captivating, spans 625 m² with dimensions of 29 meters in length, 21 meters in width, and 4.75 meters in height. These studios for rental in Spain offer a dynamic and versatile setting for your creative endeavors.

Elevating the filmmaking experience, both studios share an expansive dining room that can comfortably accommodate up to 100 people. We prioritize the comfort and well-being of your entire crew, ensuring a pleasant and nourishing experience during long shooting days.

To simplify logistics, our studio situated in Spain provides ample parking space, ensuring the seamless accommodation of multiple vehicles in a secure and well-organized environment. Your peace of mind is paramount, as our 24-hour security guarantees a protected atmosphere, allowing your team to focus solely on creative development without any external distractions.

Efficiency and convenience are integral to our studio's design. With truck access directly to the studio doors, the loading and unloading of equipment and materials become quick and effortless, saving valuable time and streamlining production processes.

In addition to the main studio spaces that this facility for rental has, you'll have access to a range of ancillary facilities specifically designed to complement your production needs. From well-appointed wardrobe and makeup rooms to a fully equipped hair salon, we spare no effort to provide maximum comfort and efficiency for your team.

Film studios for rental - 1000 m² Spain

Discover our expansive film studio available for rental in Madrid, Spain, offering an impressive 1000 m² of creative space. With a soaring height of 10.20 meters and dimensions of 50 x 19 meters, this studio fore rental in Spain provides a spacious and versatile setting for your productions.

Powering your ambitious projects is our exceptional electrical capacity of 3,000 KW, ensuring a reliable and robust energy supply for even the most large-scale productions. Prioritizing your comfort and well-being, the film studio for rental in Spain is fully air-conditioned, maintaining an optimal environment for your creative endeavors. To provide peace of mind, 24-hour security is in place, ensuring a safe and protected setting for your production.

With your team's satisfaction and efficiency in mind, our film studio in Spain offers both a cafeteria and a dining room, thoughtfully accommodating up to 300 people for delightful meals and rejuvenating breaks.

Efficiency in logistics is enhanced with the presence of two industrial forklifts, easing the movement of equipment and streamlining your production process. Furthermore, our studio for rental in Spain provides well-equipped hairdressing rooms, dressing rooms, and spacious accommodations, ensuring your cast and crew have everything they need to perform at their best.

To further expedite your set preparations, our studio in Spain grants easy access for trucks directly to the studio door, optimizing your valuable time and enhancing your overall production experience.

Film studios for rental - 1100 m² Spain

Welcome to another of our vast and impressive film studios in Madrid, Spain, a space designed to both surprise and delight with its remarkable design and functionality. Spanning an expansive 1100 m², this studio stands ready to elevate your productions to new heights. With a height of 9.20 meters and dimensions of 36 x 30 meters, it offers a generous and versatile canvas for the creation of stunning film sets that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Powering your ambitious projects is an electrical capacity of 500 KW, providing the necessary energy supply to execute productions with seamless efficiency and high-tech equipment.

The film studio for rental in Spain is thoughtfully equipped with powerful air conditioning systems, allowing you to acclimate the environment regardless of the season in Spain. Furthermore, we prioritize your security and peace of mind, with 24-hour surveillance ensuring a safe and protected environment for your crew and valuable equipment throughout the production process.

Streamlining logistics, the film studio in Spain boasts two industrial freight elevators, expediting the preparation and production processes, enabling your team to focus on the creative vision.

In addition to functionality, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. The studio features well-appointed hairdressing rooms, dressing rooms, and spacious accommodations, ensuring both actors and crew have everything they need for optimal comfort and preparation before each shoot.

Film studios for rental - 550 m² Spain

This is not one of our biggest studios for rental in Spain but, featuring a generous 550 m² of floor space with perfectly balanced dimensions, it can be the place that you are looking for. Stretching 25 meters in length, 22 meters in width, and standing tall at an imposing height of 10.20 meters, this studio offers a captivating canvas for your creative endeavors.

Unparalleled comfort and performance are assured, as this exquisite set for rental in Spain is fully air-conditioned and soundproofed, ensuring a distraction-free environment for your productions. The 4.25-meter soundproofed access doors further enhance the seamless flow of entry and exit, preserving the utmost sound quality in every shot.

Embracing efficiency and technical excellence, the studio is equipped with a dedicated dimmer room and boasts an electrical power capacity of 3,000 kW. 

Safety and load-bearing capacity are emphasized in this shooting space for rental in Spain, as each truss is meticulously designed to support up to 5,000 kg of point load. Rest assured, the studio's structure provides a solid and secure foundation for all your production needs.

Indulge in the ultimate comfort and well-being at our studio for rental in Spain, where your needs are paramount. Our thoughtful amenities include a spacious cafeteria and dining room with a capacity for 300 people.

We understand the importance of seamless production logistics, and that's why we've equipped our studio for renal inn Spain with two industrial forklifts. These invaluable tools enable you to efficiently move equipment and scenery, ensuring a smooth and streamlined production process.

To enhance your experience further, we offer top-notch hairdressing, wardrobe, and dressing room facilities. Our dedicated spaces cater to the needs of actors and crew, ensuring they are fully equipped and ready to shine in every shot.

For more information about our film studios in Spain, available for rental, kindly refer to the details provided at the top of this page.

When looking for a rental, which film studios to consider in Spain?

When searching for film studios available for rental in Spain, it is vital to consider various aspects to find the perfect space for your project. We will provide you with some essential factors to take into account:

Technical equipment: Ensure that the film studios offer the necessary services you require, such as post-production facilities, video camera rental, sound equipment, lighting rental, and a roster of available technicians. Having access to this equipment will facilitate the development of your project and guarantee high-quality results.

Location: Consider the geographical placement of the film studios within Spain. Look for studios that are close to other relevant points of interest for your project and offer easy accessibility for your crew and actors. A strategically located studio can streamline production logistics.

It is crucial that the selected film studios for rental in Spain align with the specific needs of your project. While some studios in Spain may seem ideal, if they do not meet the particular requirements of your production, it is best to explore other options.

Frequently asked questions about rental of film studios in Spain

What are the benefits of renting film studios in Spain?

In recent years, the film and TV industry in Spain has experienced significant growth, leading to the emergence of numerous well-equipped film studios for rental for professional productions. These studios not only provide top-notch facilities but also offer seamless integration with other points of interest.

Camaleón Cinema Services, in addition to studios, also offers comprehensive equipment rental services for filming, making it a convenient one-stop solution. Whether you need a video camera, accessories, technical equipment, sound gear, lighting rental, among other essentials, Camaleón Cinema Services has it all covered. This allows filmmakers and production teams to access everything they need in a single place, streamlining the production process and ensuring high-quality results.