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At Camaleon Rental we offer global shooting solutions. When it comes to high speed shooting, meaning with frame rates higher than 100 fps, it is paramount to rely on both gear and crew that can meet the requirements of such a demanding kind of shooting. We offer for his the Phantom 4K camera, the top end of the line up of an iconic brand when it comes to high speed shooting and high quality slow motion, together with the marvelous Cooke S4i set, available with a wide range of focal lengths, which aside of its characteristic texture features a greatly useful lens data systems, that includes lens datas to the footage to help the post-production, not to mention that it makes way easier the use of wireless control systems such as the Arri WCU4. In the same kit we also include accessories from the best brands of the market such as a complete legs and fluid head O'Connor 2575D, on board and director monitors by TV Logic, Bright Tangerine Misfits mattebox and Arri FF4 follow focus. We also offer full packages including camera kit with crew and transportation, specialized directors of photography, camera operators, focus pullers, 2nd ACs, Phantom technician and camera van.
Also available special high speed flicker free HMI lights with ballast up to 1000Hz and specialized gaffers and sparks.


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Manual Phantom Flex 4k

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