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Steadicam D202a Rental D202a Movcam Knight  Steadicam . It is...

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STEADICAM HIRE - RENTAL | Camaleon Rental ™




  • Imagine being able to capture the essence of every camera movement without a bit of shakiness! That's exactly what is possible to achieve with a Steadicam camera stabilizer! A technological miracle that has completely revolutionized the world of cinema and professional video production! When you think about shooting one of those super smooth cinematic shots, where every turn and every step of the operator floats like in a cinematic dream.
  • The Steadicam stabilizer is not just an audiovisual product, it is a legend. A brand that stamped its name in the heart of the film industry as the synonym for "stabilized shots", although there are currently other players in the field of stabilization. This ingenious invention works with an almost magical balance, using a shiver-defying counterweight system and an isolastic joint that appears to dance around the operator. It's pure poetry in motion!
  • And here's the best part: It doesn't matter if you're an enthusiastic newbie or a film veteran, there's a Steadicam or stabilization system waiting to transform your work. From equipment that can be hobbyist friendly to sophisticated industry beasts that can handle heavy film cameras and video cameras weighing up to over 30kg.
  • Steadicam operators are like movie Olympians, with gravity-defying skills and technique that requires rigorous training over years of filming. A good steadicam operator will achieve perfect, fluid and elegant images.
  • We live in a golden moment for the creation of audiovisual content where the limit is, literally, as far as your imagination goes. Rent your stabilizer and conquer the world of cinematography with perfectly stable shots. Lights, camera, stability!


  • The Steadicam camera stabilizer was introduced to the motion picture industry in 1975 by steadicam operator Garrett Brown. After finishing the first prototype, Brown shot a ten-minute reel of the revolutionary moves this new device could offer. Both Stanley Kubrick and John G. Avildsen saw this tape.
  • The Steadicam was first manufactured by the Cinema Corporation, which later branched out into a second steadicam line for DV cameras.
  • The Steadicam camera stabilizer was first employed in Woody Guthrie's Best Picture nominated biographical feature Bound for Glory (1976) debuting with a Steadicam shot that compounded the stabilizer's innovation. Cinematographer Haskell Wexler discussed with Garrett Brown starting the shot on a flatbed crane and finishing by driving the camera across the set on foot. This technically impossible shot at the time generated considerable interest in how it had been achieved. Impressing the Academy and earning Wexler the Oscar for Best Cinematography that year.
  • Later the stabilizer became a standard. Being used in many races and chases in Marathon Man or Bound for Glory. Garrett Brown was the Steadicam operator on these projects.
  • Further pushing the innovations of steadicam operator Garrett Brown on the set of The Shining 1980, director Stanley Kubrick asked the operator to shoot the camera close to the ground. This prompted the invention of the Low mode to mount the top of the camera to the bottom of the inverted steadicam pole, expanding the range of motion and offering creative angles of the system that previously couldn't go much lower than the operator's waist.
  • Steady cam was also used during the filming of Return of the Jedi in 1983. Stabilizer was used by adding two gyroscopes for additional stabilization when filming the speeder bike chase. Garrett Brown personally operated the shot, walking through a redwood forest, with the camera rolling at less than one frame per second. Projected at 24 frames per second, it gave the impression of flying through the air at high speed.
  • We have several Steady cam stabilizers available for rent. Full camera stabilizers. Steady cam fully equipped with the best accessories that allow you to work with the greatest comfort. Transvideo Raimbow HD7 Super Brightness monitors for the most extreme sunny conditions shooting outdoors, Teradek Bolt 750, 1000, 2000 and 3000 HD radio links to eliminate the need for wiring to the steering combo, transmitting with zero delay up to 900 meters or focus controls wireless like Arri WCU4, capable of memorizing the paths of the lenses previously so as not to lose a second in filming.
  • We have several Steady cam equipment available for rent. Full camera stabilizers. Steady cam fully equipped with the best accessories that allow you to work with the greatest comfort.
  • Super Brightness Monitors Transvideo Raimbow HD7 for the most extreme conditions of sun rolling outdoors, Radio links HD Teradek 300, 600, 1000, 2000 and 3000 to eliminate the need for wiring to the steering combo transmitting with zero delay up to 900 meters or controls focus as Arri WCU4 able to memorize the lens paths beforehand so as not to lose a second while shooting.
  • Camera Stabilizer Rental 
  • We have several full Stabilizer equipment as well as high qualified Steadicam operators with years of experience in commercial shootings, feature films, short movies, sports and tv shows. We also offer full crew with a focus puller and Steadicam assistant. Equipment available without crew as well.


  • Stabilizers hire - rental:
  • Steadicam PRO
  • Steady cam Mov Cam PRO Max
  • Steady cam Mov Cam 202a
  • Movi 15
  • Movi 10
  • DJI Ronin 
  • Monitors hire - rental:
  • Transvideo Raimbow HD7
  • Tvlogic 5,6"
  • Pix E5
  • Wireless Follow Focus hire - Rental:
  • Arri HI 5
  • Arri WCU-4
  • Scorpio 3 Motors
  • Bartech
  • Video Transmission hire - Rental: 
  • Paralinx Tomahawk
  • Teradek Bolt 300
  • Teradek Bolt 600.
  • Also avaliable complete camera package rental. With camera, lenses & Accs: Arri Alexa XT Plus 4:3, Alexa Mini, Amira Premium, Red Weapon. Master Prime, Zooms Angenieux, Fujinon, Cooke s4, Cooke Anamorphic.