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Steadicam D202a Rental

D202a Movcam Knight  Steadicam . It is a stabilizer for cameras up to 16kg in weight, its Sled supports video composite. Although it can also be used for other projects, it is recommended for the production of television programs. D202a Movcam Knight rental in Camaleon Rental.
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D202a Knight Steadicam

D202A MOVCAM Knight Steadicam. The d202a Movcam Knight steadicam gets perfect balances with television cameras. It is equipped with the standard parts used in the Pro-S Series. It includes Double Arm, Sled and Adjustable Vest. D202a Movcam Knight rental in Camaleon Rental.

MovCam Steadicam arm:

The D202A MovCam Knight steadicam arm uses a 2-group dual spring structure. It is lightweight, stable and offers a wide range of settings. It is compatible with professional camera equipment. The maximum load capacity range is 16 kg.
The arm is constructed mainly of aluminum. Each junction point is inserted with dustproof bearings. It is easy and flexible to operate. The unique shockproof design reduces the impact between the operator's elbow and the arm. Silent and smooth operation is guaranteed.
The vest connection with D202A MovCam Knight steadicam arm is reversible, which is convenient for left-handed users. D202a Movcam Knight rental in Camaleon Rental.

Steadicam MovCam sled:

The sled of the D202A MovCam Knight steadicam is modular and of compact and highly functional construction. It consists of a mounting stage, a gimbal, a lower module, a monitor kit and an elastic tube.
The mounting plate and gimbal are made of aluminum alloy. The structure is precise, reliable and convenient. The adjustment does not require tools.
The lower module and the monitor kit are upgradeable. It is easy and fast to configure the equipment in its operating state. More functional equipment such as video, camera, Gyro system, etc. can be added to the sled of the D202A MovCam Knight steadicam. In both normal shooting and low mode, the lower module and the monitor kit can work perfectly. The lower module has two battery pads, which offer long recordings.
The sled of the D202A MovCam Knight steadicam uses reinforced aluminum alloy. The length of the tube is 460-720 mm. The quick-release clamp without necessity of tools allows quick, easy and convenient operation. D202a Movcam Knight rental in Camaleon Rental.

D202A MovCam Knight Steadicam Vest:

The vest of the D202A MovCam Knight steadicam is a combination of the professional knowledge of the designers and their dedication and diligence to work: the ergonomic cut, the highly ventilated fabric and the free fit for a perfect fit. The uniqueness of this vest lies in its sincere care for the user.
In structure, Movcam is the first to use an air duct to evaporate sweat quickly. The choice of ultralight ventilation fabric is another feature. Both design of the air duct and the fabric guarantee user comfort. Another feature of this vest is that, scientifically and ingeniously, it assigns the pressure evenly to several parts of the user's body instead of in a single part, which greatly reduces the pressure on the user's spine and, Consequently, it guarantees easy and gentle breathing. In addition, the adjustable chest protector can be better suited to users of different sizes.
The vest of the MovCam Knight D202A steadicam has the support structure of the vest using lightweight aluminum alloy reinforced with matt surface. The bridge can be adjusted vertically. The arm connector can be adjusted to suit both right and left handed users. D202a Movcam Knight rental in Camaleon Rental.

Technical specs of D202A MovCam Knight Steadicam:

Vest: Standard

Typical maximum camera weight: 16 kg

Arm: Duel Springs of double arm
  • Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Pole
  • Ultra precision assembly stage and gimbal system
  • junction box (12v / 24v power supply)
  • V-Mount or Gold Mount battery mounting system (3 pieces)
  • Coupling support
  • Aluminum road box
  • A set of Allen keys
  • Camera power cable
  • Two BNC video cables
  • 3/8 "and 1/4" camera mounting screws

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D202a Movcam Knight rental in Camaleon Rental.



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