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  • Sunnyxiao was created by a team of creative engineers, technicians and designers with 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. Specializing in quality LED lights, Sunnyxiao is a quality oriented LED panel lighting company that puts quality first.
  • Sunnyxiao is a professional manufacturer of lighting panels and a fast growing lighting technology company. Sunnyxiao products are currently sold in shops and service centres in India, Belarus, Germany, UK, Canada and Mexico.
  • With the growth of the film and television industry, Sunnyxiao continues to set the standard for lighting panels to meet the needs of film and video producers. It aims to produce high quality cinema lighting for artists and professionals, without losing sight of our original intention.
  • As one of the most professional lighting manufacturers, Sunnyxiao Sunlite's full spectrum sunlight simulation system can perfectly simulate natural sunlight, providing a uniform and reliable simulation of solar radiation, and is widely used in aerospace equipment, automotive and rail transport vehicle environments.
  • The patented polyhedral reflection technology effectively improves the uniformity of illumination.
  • Professional LED light panels feature variable metric distances and reflectors of different materials and advanced surface treatments to produce multiple light distribution curves suitable for different test scenarios.
  • Filmlight's line of film studio projectors use high-efficiency metal halide lamps with high efficiency, high brightness, high colour rendering and long illumination distances to illuminate high-speed sequences such as large vehicle collision scenes and hovercrafts.
  • Thanks to the integrated magnesium alloy and aluminium construction, the professional lighting design of the Filmlite series is 30% lighter than existing products.
  • Sunnyxiao Caster series of portable soft panel LED lighting consists of four types: Sunnyxiao Caster soft panel LED light products are compact, portable LED panel lights that use advanced optical design and LED layout to provide an attractive and efficient looking LED lighting solution at a unique price point.
  • As a leading LED panel light manufacturer in China, Sunnyxiao has developed an APP for remote control, which offers flexibility in lighting small to medium sized studio spaces. Intensity, colour temperature and plus-minus green can be controlled individually.


  • This range of LED Sunnyxiao Caster cinema panels for rent is half the size and power of the C02P LED cinema panels and offers a wide range of features and brilliant functionality. Superfild slimline also improves mobility, making it suitable for applications that require frequent mobility of the LED panels. Rental of Sunnyxiao Caster LED panels.
  • Max Power: 220w
  • CRI: Medium>95, TLCI medium>95
  • Colour temperature: CCT 2700K-10000K
  • Aperture: 340x315mm / 13.4x12.4'' / 13.4x12.4''.
  • Weight: 7.6kg


  • The Sunnyxiao Caster C02P LED panels for rent are the standard model of the "Sunnyxiao Caster" series of LED cinema luminaires in the catalogue, which is compact, extremely bright and lightweight for ease of use. Its housing also makes it suitable for difficult indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, various features such as stepless dimming control, continuously variable CCT, multi-colour modes and various effects place these Sunnyxiao Caster LED panels for rent well within the product category. Sunnyxiao Caster LED panels for rent.
  • Max power: 450w
  • CRI: medium>95, TLCI medium>95
  • Temperature: CCT 2700K-10000K
  • Aperture: 655x315mm / 25.8x12.4'' / 25.8x12.4''.
  • Weight: 12.5kg


  • In terms of size, power and brightness, the C12P LED panel cinema projector, compared to the imposing figure and mobility of the C02P, is ideally suited to work in large venues where soft and dimmable lighting is required. In terms of functionality, the C12P cinema production projector for rent has everything the C02P has to offer, including continuous dimming, continuously variable CCT, various colour modes and effects and multiple control options. Sunnyxiao Caster LED panel rental.
  • Max power: 1500w
  • CRI: medium>95, TLCI medium>95
  • Temperature: CCT 2700K-10000K
  • Aperture: 1290x920mm / 50.7x36.2'' / 50.7x36.2''.
  • Weight: 57kg