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Teleprompters rental
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Advantages and uses of Teleprompter rental

Teleprompters, also known as "autocues," are a valuable reading tool that utilizes a viewer or screen to display pre-written text. They can be attached to a camera or positioned in front of a speaker, streamlining the delivery of a speech.
These teleprompters are commonly found in television programs, news broadcasts, and various audiovisual productions. Nowadays, they are also extensively used in diverse events and political speeches. Their primary purpose remains consistent in all these scenarios - enabling speakers to express and communicate their ideas with greater ease.
A notable innovation in teleprompters is the Eyedirect system, which not only functions as a teleprompter but also allows the speaker to maintain eye contact with the interviewer while simultaneously looking directly into the camera.

Advantages of Teleprompter rental

Having teleprompters available at an in-person or online event can be a plus for the speakers and give them an extra boost of confidence when it's time to take the stage. Having everything they need to say right in front and center gives them calm and helps overcome stage fright. The advantages of using teleprompters are many:

  • Teleprompters enable speakers to maintain eye contact with the audience while reading their script simultaneously.
  • There's no need to memorize the entire speech or rely on notes that would divert the speaker's attention from the audience.
  • It enhances the speaker's non-verbal communication and reinforces the emotions conveyed in the speech.
  • Despite reading from a screen, there's still room for spontaneity and improvisation.
  • Teleprompters remain discreet to the audience, not affecting their experience, but instead allowing for a smoother and more professional presentation.

Eyedirect Mark II available for rental

The EyeDirect Mark II for rental is one of the latest teleprompters and provides a versatile solution for maintaining eye contact with interview subjects or on-camera talent. Unlike traditional teleprompters that display lines of text to read, this device introduces a unique approach, allowing the subject to view various perspectives or images while keeping their gaze directly on the camera.
The Mark II rental is compatible with DSLR or mirrorless cameras, full-size camcorders, or digital cinema cameras equipped with large lenses. To enable the traditional teleprompter readout function, iPads or tablets up to 7 x 10" and 3/8" thick can be utilized. Its 50/50 beam splitter ensures that actors can see the text without it appearing in the camera image.

The EyeDirect Mark II, available for rental, revolutionizes teleprompters by providing a flexible and practical solution for maintaining eye contact and enhancing communication between the subject and the camera during interviews and video shoots. By utilizing an iPad or tablet, the Mark II allows presenters to have direct eye contact with the camera while simultaneously seeing the interviewer's face behind it. This unique feature fosters a more natural and engaging on-camera interaction.

Moreover, the Mark II's design permits the seamless insertion of images or headlines into the subject's line of sight without requiring them to divert their gaze from the camera. This feature enhances the presenter's ability to deliver a smooth and captivating performance.

In summary, the EyeDirect Mark II rental represents a significant leap forward in the world of teleprompters, providing an innovative and efficient tool for achieving genuine eye contact and compelling communication on-screen.

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