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Teradek Bolt 4K 750LT rental. This new Teradek product transmits 4K signal with a range of 228 meters (750 feet). Both receiver and transmitter have a screen that allows you to navigate through the menus. This detail provides convenience since you can have a much more intuitive interaction with the transmitter settings, unlike traditional transmitters. The 750LT is the most affordable product in the 4K range since it not only offers the shortest range, but the 4K transmission only operates through the HDMI ports, since it does not allow it through the SDI ports as it is not 12g.

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Teradek Bolt 4K 750LT rental. Bet on the wireless transmission of 4K video. The manufacture of any product not capable of transmitting 4K resolutions, is left behind. This represents an important paradigm shift since the acquisition of traditional radio links falls into oblivion, and the compatibility of these with the new 4K transmitters does not exist. In other words, sidekicks are also losing value as 4k wireless transmission is implemented, as these wildcard receivers are no longer an option. However, receivers on the 4K line are compatible with any 4k transmitter. In this way, a Bolt 4K 750LT receiver is compatible with any Teradek 4K transmitter.

Bolt 4K 750LT signal transmission and reception are reliable at 13x 40MHz frequencies, with updated hardware and less image splitting than previous Bolt generations. Faster reconnection times, automatic signal quality change, and a more robust frequency hopping algorithm. An additional 5 GHz RF link is available on the 750LT for high traffic locations with excessive interference from other wireless devices. 750LT rental at Camaleon Rental.

The Bolt 4K 750LT in rental, transmits and receives images up to 4Kp30 via HDMI at line-of-sight distance of up to 750 feet (228m) with no image lag (> 0.001 seconds). The Bolt 4k 750LT in rental, supports Rec 2020 HDR in a 4:2:2 10-bit color gamut. It sends and receives Log-enabled camera signals with wide dynamic range to monitor and achieve balanced lighting and low-light regions with a accurate color reproduction. It is possible to transmit metadata, time codes, and start / stop indicators from most camera manufacturers. 750LT rental at Camaleon Rental.

Thanks to the new mobile application for 4K radio links, any TX / RX 750LT device can be paired remotely, manually designating specific 5 GHz channels and monitoring interference with the 5 GHz spectrum analyzer and analysis tools. wireless health. Up to 6 RX receivers can be connected to any TX 750LT transmitter to allow multiple viewing points, thus providing universal cross-compatibility between all Bolt 4K devices. 750LT sends and receives signals between any series of Bolt 4K devices to expand workflow requirements. 750LT rental at Camaleon Rental.

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