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TVLOGIC 7 Monitor Rental

Tv logic 7 "LVM-074W monitor rental for camera. It has a 7" high resolution backlit LDC panel 1024 x 600. The LVM-074 camera monitor is mounted in a 600 gram housing. It has a waveform and vectorscope. Among other functions it converts HDMI to HDSDI.
  • Size: 7 "(154x90 mm).
  • Resolution: 1024x600mm.
  • Viewing angle: 178º.
  • Contrast ratio: 900: 1.
  • Luminance: 350 cd / m2.
  • DC Voltage: 24 v.
  • Weight: 7.025 Kg.
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Tvlogic 7 "LVM-074W hire


The LvM-074W Tv-logic Monitor features a 7 "LED backlit LCD panel with a high resolution of 1024x600, housed in a lightweight magnesium alloy case weighing 600 grams) but durable.
A perfect monitor for use with the latest compact film cameras, the LVM-074W monitor incorporates a wide range of professional features such as: Waveform / Vectorscope, built-in HDMI to HD-SDI conversion output, horizontal and vertical image flipping , Focus assistance, Audio level meter and more.

Featured modes Monitor TVLOGIC LVM-074W:

Display with audio level meter: It shows the level of the built-in sound signal along with the video signal input through the terminal, such as SDI or HDMI.

Blue mode only / Mono: The red and green channels are not used and only the blue or monochrome channel is used to display the screen. This function is used to adjust the color tones of the screen using the SMPTE color bar.
Focus Assist Mode: Assigns a color to the pixels in the image boundaries to inform the user to achieve the best focus. With this function, the user can easily differentiate the focused area from the unfocused area, especially when shooting with shallow depth of field.
H / V Delay Mode: Allows you to check the suppression area and synchronize signals showing the horizontal and vertical intervals in the center of the screen.
H / V Flip Mode: Allows the displayed image to flip horizontally or vertically. This feature provides flexible mounting options for camera operators.
Luma Zone Control (Y ') Mode: Displays the Luma (Y') level of the color input image. The Y 'of each pixel was analyzed and changed to a certain color or zebra pattern according to the Index on the right side of the screen.
Marker: Displays various types of aspect ratios on the screen. A wide range of markers and safety areas are available with line color selection and curtain transparency. A user bookmark is available if any of the standard bookmarks meets your requirements.
Maximum brightness mode on / off: Displays the brightness increases from normal brightness to maximum brightness for a crisp and bright image when shooting outdoors.
Range error mode: Analyzes the Luma (Y ') and chroma information of the input signal (C') and if the input signal exceeds the designated minimum value and the maximum value, the pixel will flash. This function is to help the user easily find any unwanted level of signals and for better exposure settings.
Scanning modes: Controls the image size. Overscan: Additional area around the four edges of the image that the viewer cannot see reliably. Underscan: Restricts the image size so that the monitor shows everything the camera is seeing. 1: 1 pixel: Displays the resolution of the original image without scaling to match a certain resolution or aspect ratio.
Waveform / vector range mode: Waveform Y: shows the Luma (Y '), Cb, Cr component of the waveform input signal. Vector range: shows the color components 'B-Y' and 'R-Y' of the input signals on the XY axis.ç
Focus Mode: Magnifies the input signal from 0% to 90%.
1: 1 pixel mapping modes for SD / HD: Displays the resolution of the original image without scaling to match a certain resolution or aspect ratio.
3G-SDI Level A / B: Supports 3G / SDI input Level A / B.


Technical Features Monitor TVLOGIC LVM-074W:

  • 7 ”resolution at 1024 x 600 (16: 9)
  • White LED backlight
  • Matte finish panel
  • HDMI to SDI conversion output
  • Active HDMI to HDMI connection
  • SDI to SDI Active Loop Through

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