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ULTRASCOPE Anamorphic Lenses Hire - Camaleón Rental ™

Rent ULTRASCOPE Anamorphic lens Set

For those who love vintage anamorphic glass, the Arri Ultrascope Anamorphic are a chance you really can't miss. Designed by Jan Jacobsen who worked at Arri in the 50s as an answer to the CinemaScope format developed then by 20th Century Fox, they were used in the shooting of iconic movies such as The Robe or 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. Even compared to modern anamorphics, these lenses are very fast and offer an incredibly wide focal range. And even if, as usual when speaking about anamorphic lenses, fro a strictly technical point of view they give their best at an aperture between T 4.5 and 5.6, when wide open they deliver a fantastic bokeh and add a very special texture to the footage. Do you want to shoot withe the lenses that photographed the legendary "spaghetti westerns"? Call Camaleon Rental!