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Rental underwater/ water tank studios in Madrid

Underwater studios for rental in Madrid (with water tank)

At Camaleón Cinema Services Rental, we offer exclusive studios rental in Madrid that include a water tank specifically designed for film and TV productions, catering to your unique requirements. Our studios with water tank provide a versatile and spacious stage, perfect for bringing any production to life. Embrace the creative possibilities and seamless filming experience with our well-equipped facilities in Madrid.

We take immense pride in providing top-tier studios with water tank in Madrid and sets for rental that prioritize maximum comfort and convenience for our productions. Our studios with water tank are equipped with robust electrical capacity, supported by reliable generators, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted power supply to meet all your technical requirements. We offer well-appointed dressing rooms to ensure that artists can prepare in utmost comfort before their scenes, while our offices provide an ideal and efficient working space for all crew members.

In addition, our studios and sets with water tank in Madrid for rental, feature versatile multi-purpose rooms, thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse range of production needs. We understand the importance of the technical team's well-being, which is why we have dedicated spaces for make-up, hairdressing, and wardrobe rooms, ensuring their comfort and efficiency during the production process. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and comfort at our state-of-the-art studio facilities, tailored to enhance your filming experience in Madrid.

Our utmost goal is to create a warm and efficient environment where productions feel right at home and have all their needs met with ease. Our studios and sets with water tank, renowned for their versatility, make them the perfect locations to execute any audiovisual project, available for rental, in Madrid. With a wide array of facilities at your disposal, you'll find everything you require to bring your creative vision to life.

Our highly skilled team stands ready to provide comprehensive support, ensuring the success of every shoot. Whether it's film productions or television programs, our studios and sets with water tank offer endless possibilities to transform even the most ambitious concepts into reality without having to leave the vibrant city of Madrid. Embrace the boundless creative and technical potential our studios offer as you embark on your next thrilling audiovisual venture.

In addition to our extensive studios and sets facilities available for rental in Madrid, we are proud to offer a complete inventory of state-of-the-art professional audiovisual equipment. We have an extensive range of film and video cameras, lighting equipment and grip elements available for hire. Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive filming service, giving you not only the ideal shooting space, but also the equipment you need to successfully carry out your audiovisual production. With this variety of technical options at your disposal, we are prepared to meet all the technical demands of your project, guaranteeing exceptional results.

Rent Water Tank studio in Madrid

Explore one of our exclusive studios with water tank in Madrid available for rental, boasting a remarkable water tank, meticulously designed to cater to all your audiovisual production requirements. With an expansive 980 m2 of filming space, this generously-sized set offers a versatile and flexible area, perfect for bringing any film or television project to life. Spanning an impressive 37 meters in length and 26 meters in width, it provides an ideal canvas for intricate set designs and captivating large-scale scenes.

What sets this studio, available for rental, apart is its extraordinary water tank, measuring an impressive 17 meters wide, 7 meters high, and 3.5 meters deep. This distinctive feature presents endless possibilities for water scenes and special effects, eliminating the need to search for external locations and streamlining the creative process. Embrace the freedom to unleash your imagination and make a splash with your next audiovisual masterpiece in this exceptional studio, with water tank, for rental in Madrid.

At our studios with water tank for rental in Madrid, we prioritize comfort and efficiency, making sure to provide ample space and essential amenities for your production. Our studio, with a water tank, available for rental in Madrid, inclusive of offices, spans a total of 990 m2, offering a comprehensive and integrated production environment that streamlines logistics and enhances team coordination.

In addition to the remarkable water tank, let's not overlook the significance of our office spaces and facilities. On the ground floor, you'll find 216 m2 of meticulously designed workspaces, ensuring an optimal environment for the production and management teams to carry out their tasks effectively. Moreover, on the first floor, our studio with a water tank in Madrid, available for rental, offers an additional 110 m2 dedicated to fulfilling all administrative and process-related needs, allowing for seamless project execution and smooth operations.

Embrace the convenience and functionality of our studios with water tank, tailored to enhance your production experience in Madrid. With thoughtfully planned office spaces and a plethora of facilities at your disposal, you can focus on unleashing your creative vision while we take care of the rest.

To put it simply this studio with water tank, available for rental, is a game-changer. Offering an impressive filming area that streamlines your production process, with the added advantage of a water tank and outstanding facilities, your audiovisual project will be met with comfort and equipped with everything necessary to achieve success.

Just like all our studios, available for rental, this one in Madrid with its remarkable water tank, is of the highest caliber and meticulously designed to provide ultimate comfort and convenience for productions. Boasting a robust electrical capacity supported by 400 Kvas Generator Sets, you can rest assured that there will be an uninterrupted power supply to meet all your technical requirements.

Embrace the ease and efficiency that our studio with water tank, available for rental, offers as it ensures a smooth and successful production experience. With top-notch amenities and thoughtful design, your creative vision will have the perfect space to flourish in Madrid.
The studio, available for rental, in Madrid with a water tank offers six dressing rooms and four offices on the first floor, ensuring artists and the production team have comfortable and efficient spaces. On the ground floor, there are two versatile multi-purpose rooms and an elegant VIP Lounge for special guests. This studio with water tank, also includes dedicated areas for make-up, hairdressing, and wardrobe, along with a catering room for 60 people. With efficient 145 kcal air conditioning and a direct alarm connection to the police, your comfort and security are prioritized throughout your production.

Which underwater/ water tank studios to rent in Madrid

When considering the rental of studios and sets with water tank in Madrid, it is crucial to take certain criteria into account to make an informed decision and find the perfect space for your project. Here are some aspects to consider:

Water tank of the studios: In this case, this is your top priority. You should make sure the dimensions are the ones that you need. It is essential to work with studios familiar with Film and TV productions, as water-related aspects can be complex and require the support of all involved in the project.

Size and dimensions of the studios with water tank: Evaluate the available studios and sets for rental, with water tank, in Madrid based on your specific needs. Consider factors such as whether you require space for processing actors, if catering will be on-site or elsewhere in Madrid, and the location of offices if they are needed.

Technical equipment of the studios with water tank: Verify that the rental includes the necessary equipment to meet your specific filming requirements, such as lighting rental, sound equipment, film cameras, grip tools, backdrops, and more. Additionally, inquire about the availability of technical support to ensure a smooth and efficient production process. Having the right technical equipment and support in place is vital to achieving your desired results and ensuring a successful project.

Location of the studios with water tank: When searching for studios or sets for rental with water tank in Madrid, the location is a critical factor to consider. You should look for studios and sets with water tank that are strategically situated within Madrid, enabling seamless logistics and easy movement of equipment and actors during production. Proximity to specific points of interest for filming also opens up unique opportunities to find authentic and suitable locations that align with your creative vision. At our studio, we prioritize providing a convenient and accessible location, ensuring the success of your project in terms of both logistical efficiency and artistic quality.

Additional services offered by the studios with water tank: When considering the rental of sets and water tank studios in Madrid, inquire about the availability of additional services. This could include equipment rental, technical staff support, catering, and parking facilities. Prioritize your project's specific needs and choose the option that best aligns with your requirements.

Keep in mind that each audiovisual project is unique and deserves a tailored approach. Thoroughly assess your production's specific needs and seek sets or studios with water tank in Madrid that perfectly suit them. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you throughout this process, addressing any further inquiries and providing you with the necessary information for a well-informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting water tank Studios in Madrid

What are the benefits of renting water tank studios in Madrid?

Renting water tank studios for Film and Television in Madrid with Camaleón Cinema Services rental offers a wide range of benefits. We highlight the availability of audiovisual equipment rental, which includes a varied catalog of professional video cameras and high quality lighting rental.

Madrid is a city of worldwide relevance and an epicenter in Europe. Its audiovisual industry has experienced steady growth over the years. As an iconic city, Madrid offers multiple facilities for the organization of projects, especially regarding international flights, thanks to the strategic location of Barajas airport, one of the busiest in the world.