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VIDEO CAMERA HIRE - RENTAL | Camaleón Rental ™

Profesional Video Camera Hire Madrid, Spain


The best Digital Video Camera to Rent

  • Video cameras Rental - Hire. Video cameras or camcorder are devices that capture images and convert them into electrical signals or video signals, also known as a television signal. There are two types of video cameras: Portable Video Cameras, also called ENG Cameras, and Studio Cameras or Camera Chains.

  • The studio cameras are integrated into the production system. The camera Chains are part of mobile units or set installations and do not usually record on the Camcorder. If not in the Mobile unit or camera control. Both exposure and color control is also controlled remotely from the camera control.
  • Video camcorder or ENG cameras work independently of any installation and have an integrated signal recording system. All recording configuration than exposure or sound operations are carried out by the camera operator himself.
  • Although the chains of video cameras have improved in every way in recent years, it has been the ENG video cameras that have marked a true revolution in the audiovisual market. To assess the great change in trend in ENG-type video cameras we have to go back to the 80s. All global audiovisual production used magnetic recording media, at that time Betacam sp. In that decade there was a change in the recording support of video cameras. The first key point, the recording support to Digital.
  • In 1993 Sony launched Betacam Digital Camcorder., although this system of video cameras had come to supplant the Betacam SP video cameras, they have coexisted until very recently due to the large investments they entailed for televisions.
  • In 2005 Canon announces the Canon 5D camera with full frame sensor and memory card recording. Economical and with a result that stood out a lot at that time due to the look it offered compared to what was usual on video, the 2/3 Inch.
  • In 2007 Red announces the first digital cinematography camera, revolutionizing sensor size in cinematography and video cameras. Until now, digital video had a totally different trajectory. Television and digital video cameras had smaller sensors. The standard was 2/3" inch, even some feature films that were shot in digital video at that time used the mythical Sony F900. It was an unexpected change that triumphed resoundingly. First of all because it was a format similar to the film in size and look Secondly, because the evolution to a larger sensor meant the possibility of capturing images with less noise and greater dynamic range than smaller sensors.
  • In recent years, Canon, Sony and Panasonic have revolutionized the video camera market with sophisticated models of recording equipment. Great features at very low prices compared to previous generations of video cameras. Greater sensitivity, Dynamic range, variety of recording formats and resolution. In short, better features at much more affordable prices.
  • At Camaleón we are well aware of the advantages of each recording medium. If you tell us about your project, we will be happy to advise you on the video recording equipment that is best for you.


What Video Camera services do we offer ?

  • At Camaleón we are well aware of the advantages of each video recording equipment. If you tell us about your project, we will be happy to advise you on the video cameras that are best for rent.
  • From our company Camaleón Cinema Services we offer a multitude of services with professional video cameras. Global rental solutions with video cameras for television programs, Video camera chains with CCU, premium multi-camera services with film recording equipment for Big events, Eng video camcorder rental or Action camera.

What Camera Should i hire for a Professional Filmaking ?

  • The first thing is to assess the needs of your project and which camera is the one that best suits your specific shooting. By weight or size, if camera stabilizers or cranes are going to be used, for sensitivity, recording format, resolution, sensor size, type of lens mount or compatibility with the chosen lenses.
  • In the new era of digital cameras there is a model of video camera for each type of production and you must take advantage.
  • Working with professional digital cameras allows greater creative possibilities for video directors. Facilitates the work of directors of photography, operators and camera technicians. In addition to guaranteeing reliable and professional results in productions with the highest technical demands on producers.
  • Among our extensive catalog of Cameras for rent, we offer recording equipment capable of recording professional video in 12k, 8k, 6k, 4k, 2k and HD resolutions. Video recording equipment that can record both in S35 and Full Frame sensor size with a single configuration change in the Camera menu, high-speed recording up to 180 fps, Recording equipment that allows synchronization between several camera units without the need of external modules, multipro - Tracking sound inputs and enhanced audio, ultra-high sensitivities and, on some Sony models, switchable dual camera sensitivity, sensors with wide dynamic ranges of up to 15 stops, among many other features.

Sony Video Cameras - Camcorder

  • Among the video cameras that have more functions and are working better are Sony Fx9 and Sony Fx6 video cameras. These two Sony Video cameras are undoubtedly the most used throughout 2022 in the production segment of television, corporate, video clips and small commercial programs. Although in the case of the Sony Fx9 it is more expensive than its predecessor, the Sony Fs7. The new model of video cameras offers significant improvements in every way, all Cine Alta technologies have been applied to the latest generation of Sony video cameras.

Canon Video Cameras - Camcorder

  • Another of our innovations are Canon cameras for rent. Among the latest additions to our catalog of video cameras are the Canon EOS C300 Mark III cameras. The Canon C300 Mark III Video Camera with S35 Sensor can record 120p up to 4K, has a high dynamic range and offers great image quality in low light.

¿ Which camcorder should I choose according to resolution?

  • In recent years the Video cameras resolution offer has evolved rapidly. Although camera houses such as a network had been working on 8K resolution for years. Sony has also launched this year the Sony Venice 2 digital video camera that reaches up to 8k resolution (high-end camera) or 6K with the Sony FX9 camcorder line.
  • Blackmagic 12k Ursa Mini with S35 sensor has been the highest resolution camcorder on the market so far, 12k resolution. It is a camera that has not worked very well. Because although it offered this resolution, there were no substantial improvements in other camera aspects such as sensitivity, latitude or color compared to its predecessor Blackmagic Mini G2.
  • We can say that 4k Resolution is still the standard and it seems that it will be like this for quite some time for several reasons: The imminent possibility that Europe will ban 8k TVs, the launch of the Arri Alexa 35 camera with 4.6k resolution (which are usually a standard in the film industry and series of platforms) and the high storage costs that generate resolutions higher than 4k will make it difficult to change from the standard to a higher resolution in a short period of time.
  • Although the standard is 4k Resolution, there are projects that, due to the requirements of recording in higher resolutions. For example: In action scenes and difficult shots that may require reframing or in video projections that require high resolutions.
  • All camcorders of the new digital age can record in various resolutions, offering operators the possibility of selection depending on the needs of each project.