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VIDEO CAMERA HIRE - RENTAL | Camaleón Rental ™

Professional Movie Camera hire in Spain and Portugal

  • Rental of Professional Video cameras. Video cameras or, also known as camcorders, are devices that capture images and transform them into electrical signals or video signals, also called television signals. At Camaleón Rental we offer you a wide range of video camera rentals prepared to take your recordings to the highest level.
  • Professional video cameras have evolved incredibly in recent years. Designed to meet the demanding standards of cinema operators, videographers and video production professionals. The new video cameras offer increasingly advanced features and superior image quality compared to previous generation video cameras. Among a multitude of new features and functions, the new video cameras offer:
  • High Quality Image Sensors: Professional video cameras have image sensors of larger size and quality to record sharp images, with excellent color reproduction and a more cinematic look. Some cameras on the market also allow the use of different sensor sizes, adapting to each type of project and helping cinematographers achieve the most appropriate aesthetics for each type of television, documentary or film project.
  • High Resolution Recording: Many professional cameras are capable of recording in high resolutions, 4K, 6K and 8K, providing fine details in the image. The new professional video cameras also allow you to select various types of resolutions, making them much more versatile and valid for a greater number of audiovisual projects.
  • High-speed recording: Most professional video cameras also implement the possibility of recording images at high speed. Some Sony cameras such as Sony Fx9 and Sony Fx6 reach up to 180 fps and 240 fps respectively.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (HDR): The Wide Dynamic Range of today's video cameras allows you to capture details in both the brightest and darkest image areas of a scene, capturing more balanced and realistic images. Some Sony or Canon cameras have up to 15 stops of latitude, a range of stops only previously seen in digital cinematography with higher-priced cameras.
  • Higher sensitivity: The sensitivity of a video camera is its ability to capture images in low light. A camera with higher sensitivity (also called high ISO) allows you to shoot clearer images in minimal lighting conditions. Video cameras with high sensitivity perform better in low light situations. Some of today's camcorder models also allow switching between several native ISO sensitivities. This feature has been inherited from film cameras, the first cameras to implement it were the Panasonic Varicam 35 and Sony Venice 1.
  • Advanced Manual Control: Professional video cameras feature complete manual control over exposure, focus, shutter speed, aperture, color profiles, color temperature and other settings, giving video camera operators complete control over the picture.
  • Advanced Focus Systems: Video camera autofocus systems are more precise and faster, and some cameras even offer continuous autofocus during video recording. Specific models of Sony cameras perform this operation extremely efficiently as long as it is used with Sony lenses and they have an active mount.
  • Professional Connectivity: The new video cameras have XLR ports to connect professional microphones, high-quality HDMI and HD-SDI outputs, slots for fast memory cards and other connectivity features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to facilitate integration with other professional equipment.
  • Robust Design: Professional cameras usually have more robust and resistant constructions, suitable for use in extreme heat, cold and humidity conditions.
  • Professional Recording Formats: Professional video cameras allow you to record in high-quality codecs such as ProRes or CineRAW, which offer greater flexibility in post-production.
  • The most well-known brands that make professional video cameras are RED Digital Cinema, Arri, Blackmagic Design, Sony, Canon and Panasonic.
  • Choosing a camera is the first step of an audiovisual project. It is important to select a video camera that suits your specific needs and the type of production you are doing. Also, keep in mind that professional equipment is usually expensive, so it is crucial to evaluate your needs and available budget before making a decision. At Camaleón Rental we will be happy to advise you and share our extensive audiovisual experience.


Video cameras or, also known as camcorders, are devices that capture images and transform them into electrical signals or video signals, also called television signals. At Camaleon Rental, we offer to our customers a wide range of video camera rentals prepared to carry out your recordings at the highest level. 

Are you looking for a movie camera hire? You are at the right place, you should have a look!

The Best Digital Video Camera to Rent


There are different types of video cameras on the market, from portable video cameras, also called ENG cameras (Electronic News Gathering), studio cameras or camera chains, to action video cameras. You should keep reading to learn more about these incredible movie cameras.

Cinema cameras or ENG cameras work independently of any installation and have an integrated signal recording system. All recording, exposure or sound operations are carried out by the camera operator itself.

Studio cameras are integrated into the video production system. Professional video camera chains are part of mobile units or set installations and do not usually record on the camcorder, but on the mobile unit or camera control. Both exposure and color control is also remotely controlled from the camera control.

And, although the camera video chains have improved in every way in recent years, it has been the ENG cameras that have made a true revolution in the audiovisual market.

However, to evaluate the big change in trend in ENG-type video cameras, we have to go back to the 80s. All global audiovisual production used magnetic recording media, at that time called “Betacam SP”. In that decade there was a change in that recording media, the cinema cameras. The first key point, the digital recording media.

In 1993 Sony launched Betacam Digital. Although this system of professional video cameras came to replace the Betacam SP video cameras, they have coexisted until very recently due to the large investments that it was supposed for televisions.

In 2005 Canon announced the new Canon 5D video camera with full frame sensor and memory card recording. This was cheap and with a result that stood out from the other cinema cameras at that time, due to the look it offered compared to what was usual on video, the 2/3 inch.

In 2007, Red announced the first digital cinematography camera, the sensor size revolution in cinematography cameras and video cameras. Up until now, this had a totally different trajectory. Television and digital video cameras had smaller sensors. The standard was 2/3” inch, even in some feature films that were shot at that time, the mythical Sony F900 was used for digital video.

It was an unexpected change that was extremely successful. Firstly, because it was a similar format in terms of size and look. Second, because the evolution to a larger sensor meant the possibility of capturing images with less noise and a bigger dynamic range than smaller sensors.

In recent years, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic have revolutionized the camcorder market with sophisticated models of cinematic equipment. This was summed up in great features at very low prices, compared to previous generations of video cameras. In short, greater sensitivity, dynamic range, variety of recording formats and resolution.

Hybrid video recording equipment has been developed between television, video, and film recording equipment. Cameras that have been used for news, television programs, advertising or even for the broadcast of multi-camera events in which CCU camera control is dispensable.

Now that you know more about them, we present the best digital video cameras. Discover them at Camaleon Rental.

360 video camera rental

If you're looking for a way to capture your most memorable moments in 360 degrees, you've come to the right place.

We have a wide variety of 360 video cameras, also known as spherical cameras, that allows you to capture everything around you in high quality. Do you need to record a concert, a wedding or a sporting event?

Our 360 video cameras are easy to use and equipped with the latest technology, ensuring impressive image and sound quality. In addition, we offer competitive prices and a variety of rental options to suit your needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to capture your most special moments in 360 degrees with our 360 video cameras. Rent today and make your memories last forever!

4K Video Camera Rental

We can say that the cinema cameras which have 4k resolution are still the standard, and it seems that it will be like this for quite some time. This is because there is the imminent possibility that Europe will ban 8k TVs. One example of this type of camera is the Arri Alexa 35 camera with 4.6k resolution (which are usually a standard in the film industry and series of platforms).

In summary, the resolution standard is 4k for most cameras, although there are projects that, due to recording requirements, are carried out in higher resolutions. As, for example, in action scenes and difficult shots that may require reframing or in video projections that require high resolutions.

HD Video Camera Rental

Among our extensive catalogue of Cameras for rent, we offer recording equipment capable of recording professional video in 12k, 8k, 6k, 4k, 2k and HD resolutions. One of the minimum characteristics that your video camera should have is a Full HD (1080p) resolution. Brands such as Canon or Sony, are one of the best purchases you could make. Recording movies with these cameras results in exceptional image quality, with which you will get a wide range of colours, an excellent dynamic range and a high sensitivity, perfect for complex camera movements.

Sony Video Cameras

Sony is a brand known worldwide for the manufacture of electronic devices and, among them, it is dedicated to video cameras for films and television. In recent years, Sony and Video cameras have been among the most widely used in front-line projects for cinematography and television productions. Sony Venice 6K for Cinema: Sony Burano, Sony Fx9, Sony Fx6 or Sony fx3 for video. 

The latest release at the end of 2022 of its new cinema camera has been the Sony Venice 2 8k. With higher resolution, sensitivity and latitude than its predecessor. And in Camaleon Rental we have Sony cameras for rent to make your productions much better!

Canon Cinema Cameras

Canon, as we have already mentioned, is a brand that has revolutionized the sector in recent years. And because at Camaleon we like to be at the forefront, you have availability to rent the latest Canon cameras.

Digital Cinema Camera

The digital cinema camera uses the speciality of cinema that uses digital technology to record or project images. Generally, the images that you obtain have much higher resolution. One example of this kind of camera is the Arri Alexa. Digital cinema is recorded using a digital representation of the brightness and color in each pixel of the image. The result of the film can be distributed on DVD, HDD or satellite (in order to broadcast it on TV). ( Arri Alexa 35Arri Alexa Mini LF )

Digital cinema cameras are designed for domestic use and also, for some low-budget independent productions.


What camera should I hire for a professional filmmaking?

If you are looking for a camera in order to film a movie, you should take a look at our cinema camera rental. Like never before, camera manufacturers are tuning in and adapting to the needs of the film market. That means companies like ARRI, RED, Blackmagic, SonyCanon and Panasonic are releasing some of their best models to date and packing them with features and improvements.

The first thing is to assess the needs of your project and which camera is the one that best suits your specific shooting. By weight or size, if camera stabilizers or cranes are going to be used, for sensitivity, recording format, resolution, sensor size, type of lens mount or compatibility with the chosen lenses.

Then, you will know which is the best movie camera hire!

An example of a camera suitable for recording a movie is the Arri Alexa. Digital cinema is recorded using a digital representation of the brightness and color in each pixel of the image. The result of the film can be distributed on DVD, HDD or satellite (in order to broadcast it on TV). 

Besides, working with professional digital cameras allows greater creative possibilities for video directors. Facilitates the work of directors of photography, operators, and camera technicians. In addition to guaranteeing reliable and professional results in productions with the highest technical demands on producers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cinematic Camera Hire

Where to rent a video camera?

Are you looking to rent a video camera? Camaleon Rental is the perfect solution for you! We are your trusted store for video camera rental, offering a wide variety of options to suit your needs. Firstly, you should think about what you are going to record with your video camera, since it is not the same to record a sporting event, a documentary, or a movie, you will need different cameras for each situation.

What is the difference between a camcorder and a video camera?

The main difference between a camcorder and a video camera is that a camcorder is considered as a portable video camera that records both images and sounds. On the other hand, a video camera is usually called to cameras which are specialized in recording videos and films, and it commonly has more performances that provide better results. Although they actually technically mean the same thing, they are often used differently because of these connotations.

Do I need a 4K video camera?

Are you wondering if you require a 4K video camera for your projects? At Camaleon Rental, we can help you make an informed decision on the best video camera for you. You should know that if you are going to make a professional movie, hiring a 4K video camera is the best option for many reasons. This produces a clearer image and, they will typically have a wider field of view, meaning you will be able to view more than one area with a single camera. if you need any advice, do not hesitate to ask our customer service team!

Which is better 4K or HD video camera?

There is no camera which is better than the other, but it depends on the needs you want to cover and the type of project you want to carry out. If your projects are more casual, and you do not need as high image quality, an HD video camera will be perfect for your needs and goals. However, a 4K video camera offers four times the resolution of a standard HD video camera, although it requires more storage and more advanced equipment to process your videos. You decided which is most suitable for your project!