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Phantom Veo 640s rental - hire. The PHANTOM VEO 640s camera has a 2.5K sensor and is more versatile than its predecessor; it's very lightweight and offers the fastest workflow ever known in CineMag systems. The Phantom VEO 640s is perfect for film productions or publicity thanks to its S35mm sensor. has the same sensor the Phantom Flex 2.5K has: a 4 megapixel CMOS with a 12-Bit color depth; 25.6mm wide x 16mm tall, 30.2mm diagonal. The rental - hire of the Phantom VEO 640s is available in Camaleon Rental.

  • Sensor: 35mm CMOS 25.6 mm x 16.0 mm
  • Resolution: Up to 2.5K (2560 x 1600 pixels)
  • High speed: 1400 FPS | 2.5K
  • Sensitivity: ISO Monochrome 6,400 D | Color 1,250 D
  • Latitude: 10 STOPS
  • RAM: 72 GB High Speed internal RAM
  • Weight: 2,5 kg


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Phantom Veo 640S rental - hire camera. The rental - hire Phantom VEO 640s "L" model includes everything you need to get a traditional image capture, based on software and movement analysis. The Phantom VEO 640S "S" model includes additional signal availability, camera controls, reinforced connectors, compatibility with C-Fast 2.0 media storage cards, and Ethernet 10Gb/s image data transfer. Both L and S models have 3G HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, and a versatile E / S programable infrastructure.


The rental - hire Phantom VEO 640s camera has the same sensor the Phantom Flex 2.5K has: a 4 megapixel CMOS with a 12-Bit color depth; 25.6mm wide x 16mm tall, 30.2mm diagonal. It has a native 1250D sensitivity, 6400D in monochrome. All Phantom VEO camera models are available in two kinds of configuration: "L" or "S". The new Phantom VEO 640S rental - hire camera offers a notable improvement compared to its predecessor, the Flex 2,5. It allows RAM partitions, facilitating workflow thanks to the ability to download and record at the same time in different partitions.



The VEO 640S camera reaches a 1400 FPS frame rate in Full Format (full resolution - 2560 x 1600), which is a bit over 2.5K. It's possible to get 2800fps in a Full HD resolution (1920x1080), and 5700 FPS in HD (1280x720). The estimated recording length depends on the selected resolution: 8.5 seconds in Full Format at 1400 FPS | 8.8 seconds in Full HD up to 2800 FPS | 9.7 sec. in 1280x720 up to 5700 FPS. VEO rental - hire cameras are made to support rated 30G or 100G without the global electronic internal shutter option, which is standard in any camera model. Internal electronics are totally sealed and protected, offering long-term viability.


The rental - hire camera includes:

  • Phantom Veo camera body                              
  • Electronic VF 
  • 2x VF Cables (long+short)
  • PL or EF mount
  • Top Handle
  • Cheese Plate
  • 15mm Bridge Plate
  • Milano Base Plate
  • V-lock Battery Plate
  • Single card Reader
  • 2x Onboard 220v batteries
  • 4-Way battery charger

Phantom Veo 640s Specifications and Features:
  • Phantom 640s Monitoring: There's an HDSDI port on the backside of the "S" camera models. These output the following signals:
  • 720p 50, 59,97, 60
  • 1080i 25, 29,97, 30
  • 1080p 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30
  • 1080p 23,976, 24, 25, 29,97, 30, 50, 59,97, 60
  • 640s Connectivity:
Standard Ethernet and 10Gb optional Ethernet is available in every VEO camera to control and download information. Both protocols use the same Ethernet port. Signals: Programmable E/S provides the possibility to assign and set different signal parameters, including: F-Sync, Strobe, Event, Pre-trigger, Memgate, Timecode-out, Ready, Aux and Auto-Trigger, Trigger and Timecode-in. The signal ports are attached to the camera's body.
  • Veo 640s Timecode: IRIG in / out, SMPTE and MISP.
  • Veo 640s Multi-Cine: Internal RAM partition in up to 63 segments and fast image capture. With an up to 72gb power that assures zero information loss.
  • 640s Image based Auto-Trigger: The rental - hire camera has an "IBAT" (image based auto-trigger) that activates one or more cameras when movement is detected in frame. This makes capturing unpredictable movements possible without manually having to press the REC button.
  • 640s Power Supply: You can mount a V-lock battery with a side accessory or with XLR adapter cables.
  • Other features:  The camera has an internal electronic shutter and interchangeable EF / PL mounts.
  • Phantom Veo 640s Software: The Phantom Camera Control (PCC) software is used to complete configuration, control, process and download images. It includes a follow, movement and analysis tool.Cameras connect to a selected Ethernet network. The OCC camera controls are a standard in VEOs cameras, and are used with an SDI / HDMI monitor or via the viewfinder. The OCC menu system allows setting, capturing, replay and image storage in a C-Fast 2.0 card.
  • 640s Formats: Phantom's native file format is Cine RAW (.cine). 'Cine' files can easily transcode into other formats with the same software Vision Research offers to control your camera: the PHANTOM CAMERA CONTROLLER (PCC).
  • h.264 mp4
  • Apple ProRes
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • Tiff
  • JPEG
Cine RAW files are also directly compatible with various movement analysis softwares.

  • Frame rates:
  • 2.5K @ 1500 FPS (full frame)
  • 2.5K @ 1666 FPS (2.5K 1.78:1)
  • 2K @ 2510 FPS (2K 1.78:1)
  • 1080 @ 2822 FPS (HD / 1.77:1) HD
  • 1600 @ 1909 FPS (1.20:1) Anamorphic
  • 720P @ 5788 FPS HD
  • 576P @ 8650 FPS
  • 480P @ 10,000 FPS

  • C-Fast 2.0 and Ethernet workflows: VEO-S rental - hire cameras have compatibility with C-Fast 2.0 cards, which makes the camera more versatile. It's also possible to set the camera wirelessly, so it's even easier to handle. Files are first stored in the camera's RAM memory, this way you can replay and choose the images you want to save in the C-fast 2.0 card.- C-Fast 2.0 cards must be formatted in NTFS file system.- Cine RAW files transfer from the RAM memory to C-Fast 2.0 cards at a 90MB/sec. speed.Also, Phantom VEO offers much faster workflows thanks to its Ethernet connection (with a 10Gb per second speed), improving download speeds we've known up to this day.



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