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Rental of Bartech mod-M28VP Wireless focus controller. It is a totally reliable and easy work tool to use . It has Heden ZB / SLD FMG-6 motors or the new M-One motor, more modular with accessories, that allows comfortable mounting of several receiver and parallel motor units.
The transmission frequency can vary between 8 channels, with 900 MHz of data transmission. You can also adjust the strength of the motors.
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The Bartech wireless focus controller includes: The BarTech Focus Device was created in 1999 to fill the need for an affordable, powerful, accurate wireless follow focus system. Since its introduction, over 1,500 systems have been sold in more than fifty countries around the world.
The BFD exceeds the performance of the old standards (Seitz, WRC-4) at a fraction of the price. Its compatibility with existing motors (Heden, ZB/SLD, FMG-6) allows the use of readily available used equipment as well as the new M-One motor. Its modular approach and interchangeable components allow you to start simple and build your way up to a full-featured system while providing backups in case of equipment failure.
It features a 900 MHz Data Transmission in 8 selectable sub-channels, a Rotary-style control module that can lock to other units for multi-channel operation, Interchangeable Single-Channel Receiver/Amplifier module, 12-bit Resolution, One-Pass manual Lens calibration, control modules powered by an Inexpensive 9V battery, that can achieve 18h of operation, Direct Potentiometer Input to Receiver/Amp for Servo-type operation, or Direct Connect Transmitter to Receiver (Hard Wire), Automatic Standby battery saver mode & low battery indicator and automatic motor shut down.

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