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The Arri Cforce Plus motor is strong enough to move all types of targets quickly, smoothly and precisely. The Cforce Motor has two LBUS connectors. This allows to connect up to three motors consecutively.
In addition, Cforce Plus motors can be used with other types of larger Zoom or Vintage lenses in order to achieve lightweight configurations
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The Arri Cforce plus motor offers several known rod-to-rod mounting options of the CLM-4 motor, which include a Hill support rosette, as well as standard rod support for maximum assembly flexibility. The standard rod clamp includes a hinge for quick mounting when the camera is already set.
Cforce plus connects to the ARRI AMC-1 and UMC-4 motor controllers for camera-independent configurations, although with Alexa Mini it is not necessary. It is fully compatible with Cmotion devices with LBUS connection.
In certain "low battery" configurations, Cforce motors require an additional power supply directly to the motors when controlled by the UMC-4 or ALEXA Mini. It is recommended to use the following cables:
  • K2.0006757 Cable LBUS to D-Tap 1.2 m / 4 feet LPS-7-01
  • K2,0006758 Cable LBUS to D-Tap 0.8m / 2.5ft LPS-7

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