Remoto de Foco Cinegears Express Plus


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The Cinegears Wireless focus knob can deliver a reliable signal up to 100 meters. It is an optimal and easily configurable system both automatic and manual. The latter one is interesting for working with lenses that have no limits.
Its most interesting feature is the incorporation of the receiver into the motor. It became a comfortable tool for camera stabilizers as DJI Ronin, Sliders, Movi or Steadicam
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cinegeras/controller/focusThese Focus 2.0 motors have a 38mm steel gear. The new update allows less energy to be required and providing the same capacity. Motors with flexibility Slam, allowing fast and wide focus, with soft priority option. It is protected against power surges.
The batteries have a range up to 48 hours of continuous use. Its motors are obligated to strict performance tests for noise, torque and design. They close laterally on 19mm and 15mm bar systems, avoiding the need to remove the matte box and other accessories from the bars.
The Cinegears Extreme wireless motor has a maximum torque peak of 1.7Nm. Its maximum speed is 2.8 revolutions per second. Small in size with dimensions of 13.25 x 3 x 5cm and a weight of 382g. It is designed with aluminum alloy and steel. Its control is due to a chip of up to 32 bits. And it can be operated at extreme temperatures between 0ºC and 40ºC.
It has two versions of motor force, the standard version for Television lens and Extreme, with more power for Cinema lenses.
Accessories available for Cinegears motor rental:
  • Arri WCU-4.
  • Bartech.
  • Paralinx Tomahawk.
  • Teradek Bolt 300 & 600
Included in Cinegears motor rental:
  • Cinegears remote
  • Extreme motor
  • 0.8mm toothed
  • 15mm bar adapter
  • 19mm Bars Adapter
  • 2x DTap Power Cables
  • 2x Rings for brands
  • Command Strap

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