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ZEISS LENSES HIRE - RENTAL | Camaleón Rental ™



Zeiss Lenses Hire - Rental

Zeiss rental/hire Lenses: Way before starting a collaboration with ARRI's German manufacturers, Carl Zeiss was already a leader brand in the high-end film and photography lens world. Legendary lens packages made in Western Germany have arrived to our days in great shape, actually, their distinctive image softness and fairly-open iris blend wonderfully with the extreme definition of some modern camera sensors. Not to mention the fact that after almost 60 years from the day they were first made, they are still one of the fastest lenses around. Their Super Speed lenses offer a 1.4 iris aperture: the 'Ultra Speed' set goes up to 1.3, and even the "slower" set offers an amazing T2.1 in all its focal range. Recently, Zeiss has kept on adding new products to his PL mount film lenses line up, such as the Compact Prime, the CP2 sets (T2.1 and T1.5 in the Ultra Speed version respectively) and the new CZ zooms. In Camaleón Rental, we offer one of the most extended range of Zeiss lenses you can get. Give us a call!


Master Prime T1.3 Hire Spain Portugal Morocco

The A. Zeiss Master Prime T1.3 are spherical high-speed lenses. One day, 'Roger Deakins' was giving a lecture in London and someone sitting in the public asked why he always chose to shoot with A. Zeiss Master Primes, he replied: "They are fast, light and have an excellent definition, so there is really no other possible choice." These lenses won the scientific and engineering first-prize award given by the "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science".

  • Basic set: 18-25-32-50-75-100mm
  • Extra Focal: 12-14-21-27-40-65-135-150mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T1.3
  • Front diameter: 114mm | 134mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 280º
  • Sensor Coverage: Super 35
  • No geometric distortion
  • Weight: 2.2Kg | 4kg


alquiler- radiance - pais vascoSupreme Radiance T1.5. These lenses offer warmer images than the "Supreme Primes", but both can perfectly be combined in the same video thanks to the fact that the two lens sets have the same iris max. aperture, a smooth focus ring, high-speed and a sturdy built.

The Full Frame "Radiance" lenses have a new housing that provides bluish flares with sharp but warmer and more organic skin tones than the "Standard Supreme Primes". Image sharpness and look can be controlled, thanks to this new housing, by maintaining contrast and light transmission; this upgrade avoids light transmission loss that usually happens with lenses that don't have a special housing.

  • Lens kit: 21, 25, 29, 35, 50, 85 and 100mm
  • Mount: PL (LDS) / LPL / EF 
  • Aperture: from T22 to T1.5
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Sensor coverage: 46.3mm (Full Frame)
  • Weight: 1.22kg - 1.7kg



The environment of large format equipment is growing rapidly with cameras such as Alexa LF, Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice or RED Monstro VV with 6K and 8K sensors. This is the case of the German manufacturer Zeiss, which offers a 46.2 mm image circle with its ZEISS PRIME SUPREME optic set, they are high-end lenses developed and built for large format sensors. With a constant aperture of T1.5 that allows a smooth fall of focus it stands out mainly for its ergonomics, quality and reliability.

  • Basic set: 25, 29, 35, 50, 85 and 100mm
  • Available lenses 2019: 21, 65, 135 and 150mm
  • Available lenses 2020: 15, 18 and 200mm
  • Mount: PL (LDS) / LPL / EF
  • Aperture: T1.5 / T22
  • Front Diameter: 110mm
  • Sensor coverage: 46.2mm
  • Weight: 1.22 | 2.3



These ZEISS rental/hire lenses were manufactured in 1999. These lenses took over Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 MKI, MKII and MKIII's place, which had been used for 20 years in many film productions.

The ARRI German House designed these lenses with updates to improve some of the defaults previous lenses had: sharpness, contrast and spheric or chromatic aberrations high apertures had. The new ARRI Z. Ultra Prime T1.9 rental/hire lenses have perfect color and performance. They provide high sharpness and are very similar in image and features to the Master Prime lens set, but with a T1.3 aperture.

  • Focal range: 12mm | 180mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T1.9
  • Front diameter: 95mm | 114mm | 156mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 270º
  • Image coverage: S35mm | 5K
  • Weight: 0.7kg | 1.2 kg



The Zeiss Super Speed MKIII T1.3 lenses are the result of a decade of experience the German brands Zeiss and Arri have had. The MKIII lenses are very similar to the previous series, but with important improvements.

The MKIII have high-speed, great sharpness and contrast. These lenses set a standard in the industry for following lens versions, like the "Ultra Prime" or the "Master Prime"; these last two and the MKIII have the same 7-blade iris and focus ring system as the MKII.

Way before the MKIII, in the mid 70's, the same manufacturers had a first lens set version (the MKI). At first, these lenses had a bayonet-type mount, which was changed for a PL mount a bit later. The main and most characteristic feature of these lenses is the triangle-shaped iris, and its effects become visible at T2.8 or above. The main flaw of this lens set's first version was the lack of rotation in the focus ring, which was around 180º. This was improved in the next versions, the MKII & MKIII, that have a 270º focus ring rotation.

  • Focal range: 18mm - 85mm
  • Extra lens: 65mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Max. iris: T1.3
  • Front diameter: 80mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 270º
  • Image coverage: S35mm | 5k
  • Weight: 0.7kg | 1.2 kg



The Zeiss Super Speed ​​MKII T1.3 lenses give their best best optical performance when iris values go above T2.8, where images with more contrast and sharpness are achieved. When the iris' aperture value is below T1.3, images will tend to have sparkles, veils and less sharpness. If we had to compare them to other rental/hire lenses, we could say they are very similar to the Master Prime T1.3 lenses. 

  • Focal Range set: 18mm | 85mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Max. Aperture: T1.3
  • Focus ring rotation: 270º
  • Front Diameter: 80mm
  • Sensor Coverage: Super 35 | 5k
  • Weight: 0.79Kg | 1.13Kg


Zeiss B Speed ​​T1.4 rental. The first set of Super Speed ​​lenses was the MKI series, it was composed of five focal points. Objectives with a constant T / 1.4 aperture throughout the game. Factories during the mid-1970s. Zeiss revolutionized the world of cinema lenses by allowing cinematographers of the moment to shoot with minimal amounts of light. This first set was manufactured with bayonet mount, although later PL was used. Subsequently, the 135mm T2 lens was also added to the lens series.

The B Speed ​​MKI series consists of five focal points ranging from 18mm to 85mm. The whole game has a front diameter of 80mm and a T1.4 opening. The weight of all the lenses is between 0.8kg and 1.3kg.

  • Focal Range game: 18mm | 85mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T1.4 | T22
  • Focus rotation: 270º
  • Front Diameter: 80mm
  • Sensor Coverage: Super 35
  • Weight: 0.8kg | 1.3kg
  • Rehoused by PSTechnik


These Zeiss Speed ​​S16 lenses are of Zeiss quality but covering the surface of an S16 sensor.There are a number of aspects to highlight in this set of lenses. They are not all the same length and do not have standard 80mm fronts. The 9.5mm and 12mm ones in the set have the front without filter threads.They have a 6-leaf hexagonal iris, although mk2s have a triangular iris. A gearless, compressed focus scale. There are aftermarket gears you can get.

  • Set of 5 lenses: 9.5 / 12/16/25 / 50mm
  • Frame: PL
  • Coverage: 16mm
  • Pinion: 0.8mm
  • Front diameter: 80mm
  • Opening: T1.3
  • Minimum focus: 20cm | 25cm | 70cm
  • Weight: 0.63kg | 0.9kg



This set of rental/hire lenses has 12 primes to choose from to cover any film shooting need: from a 14mm wide angle lens to a 180mm telephoto.

The Zeiss 2.1 Standard speed rental/hire lenses were launched in 1983, the same year the Super Speed ​​T1.3 rental/hire lenses were made. These Zeiss House lenses were specially designed for ARRI's manufacturers (who's name was 'ArriFlex' at that time), to fit their 35mm cameras.

  • PL mount.
  • Aperture: T 2.1
  • 80mm front diameter
  • Rotation approach 270º.
  • Minimum geometric distortion in 14mm and 16mm.
  • Sensor: Super 35 Softness and Low Contrast
  • Weight: 0.56Kg | 1.35Kg


Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 T2.1 lenses are characterized by their high sharpness and contrast, as well as the coverage of large Full Frame and 4k sensors. Except the 18mm lens, it only covers APS-H. They offer correct colors but flash trends of previous models have been suppressed.
The launch of this lens set was dedicated to cover a special demand for DSLR cameras with medium and low budgets. It offers great quality at more affordable price.
Both its focus ring and iris ring are manual and the mount is passive. There is no camera communication. They are available with several mounts (PL, EF, F, E and MFT), the most used are the EF. Its focus ring system is precise, turning 300º throughout the entire game.
This Set is made up of 6 lenses, ranging from 15mm to 135mm, with a constant aperture throughout the entire T2.1 set, except for the 15mm that has T2.9.
  • Basic set: 15-25-35-50-85mm
  • Extra lenses: 21-100-135mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.1 | T22
  • Focus rotation: 270º | 300º
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Sensor Coverage: Full Frame | 4k
  • Weight: 0.9 kg | 1.6 kg



The New technologies are transforming traditional filmmaking. The new Zeiss eXtended data is a huge /i technoligical advance to control the geometrical accuracy of the image in real time, giving a great assistance to the shooting and the postproduction time.Lens settings are digitally captured on every frame, avoiding the need to manually record the lens settings for every shot.

  • Set Focal range: 15 mm | 135 mm
  • Mount: PL with LDS
  • Aperture: T2.1 / 2.9
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Sensor coverage: Full Frame | 4k
  • Weight: 0.77 kg | 1.15 kg 
  • XD Technologie (eXtended Data)



This Compact Zoom T2.9 is PL mounted, and its focus values are measured in feet. It's a 15-30mm T2.9 short wide angle lens, commonly used in film productions with Full-Frame and M4/3 sensor type cameras. Perfect for digital film projects, the Compact zoom 15-30mm allows a 4K resolution and has the same colors other ZEISS lenses have, this way you could combine all kind of Zeiss lenses in your film shooting. The Compact 15-30mm has built-in mechanical settings, in a film lens style housing, that minimizes focus loss when moving the zoom's gear ring.

  • Focal range: 15-30mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.9
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 300º
  • Sensor coverage: Full Frame
  • Minimum focus distance: 0,55 mm
  • Weight: 2.6Kg
  • Length: 198 mm



Zeiss 28-80mm T2.9 Compact Zoom CZ.2 with PL mount is a standard zoom lens that is optimized for film production. The lens offers full-frame coverage (36 x 24mm) and does not show any change in focus in the zoom range. The cinema-style housing features calibrated focus scales and industry-standard gears for focus, iris, and zoom. At 7.72 "long and weighing 5.5 lbs., The 28-80mm is relatively compact and lightweight, making it ideal for handheld and Steadicam applications. The lens features a built-in lens mount post, threaded from 3/8 "for use with available lens mounts.

The ZEISS CZ.2 Cine Zoom Lens is as versatile as it is powerful, incorporating functions never before seen in a cinema-style zoom lens. It is a compact, lightweight lens and offers 36 x 24mm full-frame sensor coverage. With three 15-30, 28-80mm and 70-200mm zoom lenses, they provide a wide range of creative options and are an ideal match for ARRI / ZEISS Ultra Prime and Master Prime lenses.

  • Focal Range: 28-80mm
  • Iris range: T2.9 - 22
  • Minimum focus distance: 83cm
  • Horizontal angle of view: Full Frame (1: 1.5, 36 x 24mm) 25-66
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Length: 19.6cm
  • Weight: 2,5kg



The size and weight of the Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200 lens make the lens perfect for handwork, Steadicam, and projects in small or confined spaces.

The Zoom lens is ideal for high-quality movies, feature film productions, and documentaries. With its excellent color combination, it is an optimal addition to Master Prime, Ultra Prime and Compact Prime.

The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200mm T / 2.9 lens includes all the characteristics of a cinema-style lens. Extra long focus shot, constant 2.9 T-aperture throughout the zoom range, and easy-to-read markings. But the main difference from a normal photographic zoom lens is a phenomenon called "focus shift." When zooming in on an object with a photo zoom lens, you should always adjust the focus. As soon as the image frame changes, the position of the sharp focus plane will also change. In still photography this is not a problem. But on film it is a big problem because its details may be out of focus.

  • Focal Distance: 70-200mm
  • Maximum aperture: T2.9
  • Diameter: 95mm
  • Interchangeable mount
  • 2x duplicator available
  • Sensor coverage: Full frame
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Length: 25cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg



Arri Zeiss LWZ-1 15.5-45mm zoom lens rental. It is the only compact zoom lens that combines exceptional optical image quality, inherited from the Master Primes, with smooth mechanics and a light weight of 2 kg (4.4 lb) of radical spherical and aspherical lens elements, exotic glass materials. and T * XP anti-reflective coating that ensure a sharp, high-resolution image that covers the entire Super 35 frame and matches perfectly with other ARRI / Zeiss lenses.

Arri Zeiss LWZ-1 15.5-45mm is the only zoom lens in its class that does not sacrifice optical or mechanical quality for compact size and light weight. Forms a high-resolution, high-contrast image with almost no chromatic aberration or geometric distortion throughout the zoom range, at all focus settings. The Arri Zeiss LWZ-1 15.5-45mm lens covers the entire frame of the Super 35 throughout the entire zoom range, while displaying minimal breathing. The creation of such a lens was only possible through the use of new innovative technologies.

  • Focal length range: 15.5 - 45mm
  • Aperture: T2.6 - T22
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.45m
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Horizontal Angle of View: at 15.5mm: 90.2 ° at 45mm: 40.0 °
  • Lens Coating: T * XP
  • Coverage: Full Super 35
  • Length: 209mm
  • Weight: about 2 kg / 4.4 lbs


Zeiss Variable Primes lenses were manufactured in 1996, offering excellent quality in sharpness, contrast, distortion-free and vignetting, even when compared to fixed focal length lenses. With only three lenses a range of focal lengths between 16-105 is covered. The lens changes are reduced by half. Leaving more time for the composition of the frame.

This short-distance zoom lens game has fast speeds throughout its focal range and a constant T2.2 aperture. These optics are very suitable for the focus adjustment, since their marks are very generous and the focus ring offers greater rotation. Its mayor advantage compared to other lenses is its weight, which varies from 4.3 to 5.6 kg. Having a front diameter of 150 mm, 6x6 filters should be used. 

  • Set Focal Range: 16mm | 105mm 
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.2 | T22
  • Front Diameter: 150mm
  • Sensor Coverage: super 35
  • Weight: 4.3 kg to 5.6 kg