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Zeiss Lenses Hire 

Zeiss rental/hire Lenses: Way before starting a collaboration with ARRI's German manufacturers, Carl Zeiss was already a leader brand in the high-end film and photography lens world. Legendary lens packages made in Western Germany have arrived to our days in great shape, actually, their distinctive image softness and fairly-open iris blend wonderfully with the extreme definition of some modern camera sensors. Not to mention the fact that after almost 60 years from the day they were first made, they are still one of the fastest lenses around. Their Super Speed lenses offer a 1.4 iris aperture: the 'Ultra Speed' set goes up to 1.3, and even the "slower" set offers an amazing T2.1 in all its focal range. Recently, Zeiss has kept on adding new products to his PL mount film lenses line up, such as the Compact Prime, the CP2 sets (T2.1 and T1.5 in the Ultra Speed version respectively) and the new CZ zooms. In Camaleón Rental, we offer one of the most extended range of Zeiss lenses you can get. Give us a call!




These last years, Zeiss has launched new lenses with full-frame sensor coverage in two different optical ranges:
ZEISS CP.3 lenses, that offer the perfect combination of high image quality and reliable usability. They show the clear and sharp features ZEISS is known for, along with an interchangeable mounting system and full-frame coverage.
The ZEISS CP.3 XD version features an innovative lens data technology to accelerate and simplify the workflow in production and post-production.
The Supreme prime set is composed of 13 lenses. All of them cover a complete frame and even larger sensors with an image circle of 46.2mm. Supreme Prime lenses are compatible colourwise with any Zeiss family lens, and most of them reach T1.5 stops.
In CAMALEON RENTAL we have one of the largest varieties of Zeiss lenses, vintage and new, that you can get. Call us!