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Alquiler Zoom ZEISS COMPACT ZOOM 15-30mm T2.9 - Camaleon Rental
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ZEISS CZ 15-30mm

Zeiss Compact Zoom 15-30mm T2.9 rental/hire. The 15-30mm T2.9 has a 2x zoom and a constant T2.9 iris aperture in all its range. Designed to use with other Compact Zoom lenses and with Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 T2.1 lenses, the 15-30mm compact zoom has high sharpness and contrast. This rental/hire lens' focus, iris and zoom gear rings are perfect to support FF and zoom wireless or manual control motors. The 15-30mm T2.9 has a circular type iris to achieve natural out-of-focus reflections.

  • Focal range: 15-30mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.9
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 300º
  • Sensor coverage: Full Frame
  • Minimum focus distance: 0,55 mm
  • Weight: 2.6Kg
  • Length: 198 mm

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ZEISS Compact Zoom 15-30mm T2.9 rental/hire. This Compact Zoom T2.9 is PL mounted, and its focus values are measured in feet. It's a 15-30mm T2.9 short wide angle lens, commonly used in film productions with Full-Frame and M4/3 sensor type cameras. Perfect for digital film projects, the Compact zoom 15-30mm allows a 4K resolution and has the same colors other ZEISS lenses have, this way you could combine all kind of Zeiss lenses in your film shooting. The Compact 15-30mm has built-in mechanical settings, in a film lens style housing, that minimizes focus loss when moving the zoom's gear ring.


The rental/hire Zeiss Compact 15-30mm T2.9 has sturdy zoom, focus and iris rings to comfortably use wireless or manual zoom and focus controls/motors. The 15-30mm has a circular type iris to provide natural out-of-focus reflections and feet-measured, easy to read, focus marks.


Lens Housing

The T*XP anti-reflection housing and the internal light traps in these lenses reduce sparkles to offer a sharp and contrast-full image.

Focus ring rotation

The Compact Zoom 15-30mm rental/hire lens has an almost 300° angle focus ring rotation to offer precise focus pulling.


Compatible colors with Master Prime, Ultra Prime, Compact Prime and other CZ-2 lenses.

Full Frame coverage

The 15-30mm lenses cover Full Frame sensors, this allows their use with a wide variety of formats: from 4/3 to Full Frame.

Interchangeable lens mount

It's possible to change the original mount the lens came with, you can install a Sony E, a Canon EF, a Nikon F or a MFT mount.



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